A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Arches contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

CW: Arches is a horror story that can be an emotionally intense experience for some readers. Themes of drug addiction, mental illness, and abuse are explored, along with descriptions and imagery of violence. Please consider your mental well-being before downloading.

In March 2020, boyfriends Cameron and Devon arrive in the ghost town of Echo to conduct a paranormal investigation. It has been five years since the mass hysteria supposedly left the town completely abandoned. While it does seem empty at first, they realize that something evil still lurks in Echo, evil enough that it has kept the horrors alive. 

Arches is a standalone story that takes place after the events of Echo.

Sprite art and illustrations by Paintfox

Background art by Kardamon

Soundtrack composed by Moe

Coding assistance by Orion

Splash screen and main menu animation by Gumdrop_Studios 

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(695 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, Gay, Psychological Horror
Average sessionA few seconds


Arches-0.8.1-win.zip 572 MB
Arches-0.8.1-mac.zip 555 MB
Arches-0.8.1-linux.tar.bz2 563 MB
Arches 0.8 - Android.apk 584 MB
Arches 0.4.5 - android.apk 291 MB

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Im crying rn


yall do NOT play this is you arent ready to cry (or at least get close to)


even though i haven't finished it, i can tell its gonna be sad 😔  also why is bro on itch 😭😭




You cant just tramatize me and rid me of my sigma like that...


jokes aside i loved this story


Howly, you did a fantastic job. You outdid yourself with this one. You're a fantastic writer. The intimacy between Cameron and Devon was really touching. I love Artie as well! The characters were fun, unique, and you manage to do some intense violent fight scenes. I love seeing how Devon is supportive of Cameron. We need more healthy relationships like theirs. Thank you for this experience. I wish you well on your future endeavors!

Camerom and Devon could have had a better life. They finally redeemed each other and would grow old together though they still had a long way to go. Other Camerons from different timeline might be dead and left Devon alone, I felt really sorry for this and it did make me cry a lot, not only for Cam's death but also for Dev's loneliness and regrets, absolutely Devon is a qualified boyfriend, he deserves better endings. This story is literally touching, love this a lot, wish y'all find someone like Devon, who understand you, love you and always be there for you.


Yay more of the echo story cuz i loved echo and echo route 65 thanks for this ima go download this

My heart raced, I cried, this was a lot, I don't know now to describe it to others, I can recommend Echo to people, but this I dunno, I feel like it shard to prepare people for the ride without giving away the story and its both a loss to not experience it new, but also its a lot to take it and I don't think it fair to force it upon people not prepared.

Cameron <3
I finally learned his story after Echo and it made me cry and care way more than I ever cared about Chase and co.

The story was amazing, and the ending was so heartwarming! I think im gonna hold this close to my heart for a while, amazing work!


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Once again, an Echo Project production that knocks it out of the park.

I'm utterly shattered at how well written and detailed these are. These VNs really make me realize that over the years that I've enjoyed horror and scary games, they pale in comparison that is this. 

Spoilers beyond this point

This story, pulls together everything that the Echo VN is; the good intentions, the closeness, the shock, the grit, the harrowing feeling of what is coming next and finishes it off beautifully.  The bonus in this is the end of their story, the crooked road of recovery. I know, especially in these VNs that a happy ending is rare, in the sense of it being satisfying where it is left.  Despite that, the road to recovery is hard, up-hills are mountains and down-hills are cliffs, none of which stops our two beloved characters from sticking together. I am relieved, to say the least that this story ended, though still saddened by the loss of friendship between Arturo and Cameron. 


I'm left ugly crying at 9:41 PM on a Monday

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Amazing Visual novel with beautiful art and beautiful story

There are a LOT of CG and art here, really make you feels the story so much more

Love all the main characther especially Devon (the bear is very sweet)

5/5 would recommend this to anyone who looking for gay furry romance with a taste of horror in it (yes the horror part is real so please take it as a warning)


So, Arches.

 A "Sequel" to Echo but not really, sure characters appeared in both and they deal with similar things but Arches is it's own beast. Cameron and Devon story and by consequence Artie too is a interesting sequel to what Echo already offered, both of them deal with supernatural entities and substance use, how carelessness even in moments you don't think much could harm you.

Arches don't live into Echo's shadow it tries and succeeds in making it's own dram and it's own version of things, it's more brutal then Echo and I will have to say if you had any kind of past with the themes touched in this VN you will empatize with them way more. Overall I think Arches is a fantastic experience one that is worth is it's time, is not that super long but not short either is enjoyable ride.

What a wonderful read if a bit too fast paced at the end. A few more details would have been nice.

spoilers ahead

Would have been nice to have the proposal shown, a bit of joy to ease the horrors of the torture. For us its mere hours and fresh. (Vividly so if you are like me and manifest yourself into the MCs shoes) and was it a marriage of necessity or actual love? 

In this situation I could see either. Necessity to ease the panic attacks and the separation anxiety that no doubt would have developed shortly after escape, the pandemic possibly compounding on top of it all.

Or love, in which case would be the rock in which got these two through their toughest trials.

On a side note. I'm sad about the Archie/Cam dynamic falling apart. It sucks losing a long time friend simply because both are too scared to take that first step in properly communicating. One distrusting the echo shadow that never left, the other not being honest about his newfound abilities limits or control.

If cam can control it freely at this point in the story, then the fallen friendship would indeed be his fault, if he cannot, there's a chance at reconciliation.

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=spoilers ahead!=


EDIT: I've been sobbing for the past two hours. Truly a remarkable VN. The characters are a little tooooo relatable. 

This game is aooo fuck goood!!!!!

I don't care what people say, but for me, this is truly a masterpiece. Everything is just so perfect.

I'm lost and trying to connect all the pieces. Gonna be in my head for the next few months. Don't do it for me, ok, I'll do it. I'll figure it out!

It doesnt let me play it. Evertime I open the app it takes a few seconds for it to crash. (´TωT`)

Someone please help I wanna read it.

-Spoilers ahead-

WOWOWOW couple things:


2- The emotional whiplash of thinking everything is ok months later, suddenly Devon is alone and Cam DEAD, to lol just a dream had me FUCKED. UP.  ECHO PROJECT NOT COOL (jk was well written had me believing and in tears for that moment.)

3- HUSBAND!!! legit screamed when I read that.

Lastly, my favourite line:   ...it doesn't matter, it isn't worth figuring out, and that I need to focus on us. -Devon

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Arches fucked me up more than anything else from Echo Project did. Most likely from the story's relevance to me. Honestly? If someone asked me, I would be tempted to say don't play it. It's the best thing Echo Project has written but it's fucked. I had warnings for the other games echo project has but the other games did not hit me as hard as this.

Overall 10/10 story with an almost unbearably realistic ending, considering everything that happened throughout the story and everything is written, the experience the characters felt were real, but everything else? That's for you to decide and the writers certainly did their job to make it seem either way.

(Also i say this is "the best thing produced by echo project" but its easier to perfect something short rather than their longer projects! The team does great.)

I didn't cry, but i will randomly think of this story and the bittersweet arch shaped place it has in my mind.

It would've been "unbearably" realistic  if both of them ended up dying in the mines by Brian, like all of his other victims, which, looks like, seemed to lack the power of friendship and plot armor to save them from their inevitable demise.

Is this story actually finished? I'm halfway through Echo now (Carl and Flynn done, working on Tobias now) and I was intrigued by Flynn's end credits peek at Arches.

Searching about online sa yes it's done but here and some other places says it's not done/ongoing, what's the deal? 😕


Its completely finished. They want to do a typo check and minor dialog edits iirc but its very much in a finished state.

Thanks for the clarification! 😌 I've added it to the cue!

I'm still chugging away at Echo and plan to do Route 65 next (once I figure out how to force it to work on Android, S23 Ultra here), then Arches.

That should keep me occupied for a while 🤣

I know TJ's route might not be cannon but if it were... 😬😬😬


This game made me fully ugly cry, 10/10.

Isn't supposed to have a new update today? 


holy shit just played through it, such a rollercoaster of emotions. great vn overall, art, writing and etc., my only real criticism being the lack of player input/choices, but i'm fine with that. i just wonder how it would be if maybe in some parts you had to make a choice, and depending on it, something really bad happens, kinda like the train part in echo, specifically leo's route. but again, i don't mind the lack of player input and really enjoyed this vn, keep it up guys


About to try this VN out !! it looks good so far !

well, well, well...


Wow... Just wow, that's all I have to say. I cried at least 3 times reading this


its shit like this that makes me realize im not immune to horror, its just that most horror is not this well-written

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maybe playing echo back to back with arches wasn't a good idea...

Also 10/10, shout out howly and everyone else involved in these games :)


Ijust finished reading Adastra, and now have Post-Adastra depression.. great, but now I want a new start for visual novels... is this going to make me cry like Adastra? Or is this bearable... please-


I highly recommend that you play echo, the smoke room and then this game or you probably wouldn't understand

will I cry in Echo or smoke room?


They're both... psychologically terrifying more than anything else, but GREAT reads(if you can handle it) and are a bit funny. BUT THIIIIS VN RIGHT HERE WILL DESTROY YOU PLS READ IT LAST

ps, The smoke room has TOOOOONS of p*rn ;p

TSR is not quite as light as Adastra (and yes, Adastra is the lightest of the series to stomach imo), but is certainly less heavy than Echo and even less heavier than this game lmao. TSR isn't finished yet, but would probably be the next step if you want to make somewhat of a more gradual descent into the deep end that is Echo and Arches. It's also my fave of the series, but that's just me ;p

I caught a massive continuity issue they refer to Lake Emma as a reservoir in arches when Chase refers to it as an ancient natural lake and the Echo Reservoir is a unique location showcased in Jenna's Storyline in Echo when Heather attempts to flood the town 

(2 edits) (+1)

i had a whole long post previously, but i have changed my opinion since replaying jennas route. the river that feeds the lake was augmented by the dam when the town built it upstream, and a reservoir is essentially a dammed river—so it doesnt seem entirely false to use either term for lake emma. i read more about reservoirs than i ever thought i would, but i think no one would be terribly remiss in calling lake emma a reservoir, given that the hyperlinked hydrological website states that 'large artificial impoundments, frequently called reservoirs, are waterbodies typically created by placing a dam across a stream or river.' lake emma comprises whatever water is permitted to pass from the dam further downstream, so even if its not officially a reservoir itself, its damn (heh) close to one.

and if it was simply a mistake on the part of the author, i dont think its relevant enough to be a major concern to the events of the plot

Oh my gooooooood,I can just say  it's the best,it's the best vn.It touched my heart when I read it.I resonate deeply.Oh,It's really tear-jerking.:(

I love it a lot, it's great


Omg its good

Im here to just say good its too good



Where do I even start on this one? I only made this account now to comment here. I just...- God. Wow.

This has been a true masterpiece. Something that will forever stay with me. The writing, the story, the characters, the visuals, the sounds, everything is perfect. Everything is so fucking perfect. . .

I resonate especially well with Cameron, having experienced life in really similar ways to him, and Devon has been the exact character I would imagine being together with. So just from the characters, how real everything felt, the connection I have with them on a personal level, I immediately knew that this would be the Novel of my life. Something to always remember as the best one I've read so far. I had read Adastra, I had also read echo, and everything had effects on me that will last an eternity, however this one in particular... I am speechless. I had always delayed reading it. I guess I just felt like I was not ready, and also waited for the final release, but now that I had gone ahead and did it?...

I don't want to do spoilers, just in case others read my comment, therefore I won't say why, but I can say that I had cried and sobbed, and held the edge of my bed , grasping for air in so many places. It has been a true emotional roller coaster, and the way Howly writes, the sudden jumps in time and places, and things real and not real, it really took me to the edge. I cried out of fear, I cried out of anxiety, and I cried of relief, and of happiness. I cried, but I felt the need to move and know what happens next and just hoped the ending would be happy.  And I can't tell here if it was. But I can tell you that when I saw "The End" I knew I want to come and tell how thankful I am for this. It had taken me to places I never thought possible, and it also helped me understand my very own self more. It also serves as a giant inspiration not to give up making a VN myself. I always felt like it probably won't be noticed or that it won't make people feel anything.

But to someone it might be as life changing and beautiful and thrilling and horrifying and euphoric as this one was to me. I cannot begin to talk about how much thankful I am for everyone involved. I- am at a loss of words. Yeah. I don't know. Just read it, if you haven't. And I am eternally thankful for everyone involved in the making of this. As well as releasing it for free. This is a priceless work of art, deserving to be in a digital museum, archived and taught from generation to generation. I cannot rate it with numbers, nor words, as they would be too small to do so. I just. I don't know.

yeah. Thanks.

An eternal fan,
~ Foxoup

Hanggang ngayun umiiyak parin kiffy ko sa takot , galit at saya.


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What happened to the side story 'Halloween' for arches

I've seen the wiki mention it, but can't find it anywhere, was it taken down?

This is the only image I could find, please help


it's in the game, you can access it if you click on cameron in the menu

thank you

How did I not notice, lol


F&%$ man... I can't keep doing this. ;.;



This was the most Emotional, beautiful, painful, and wholesome vn i think i've read. Personally this  VN hit me right to the heart.. Ive struggled with abuse,  suicide,  and anxiety attacks..   but this story..just really got me to thinking about my life..I had no idea a visual novel could make me feel so grateful, for my boyfriend who's been there by my side through my pain.. All i wanna say to the Echo team is.. Thank You. ^^


Your review nearly made me hit download with you saying it was great, even though you were struggling... until I read the part were you had a bf.. I might just uhh- not download

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Heartrending and beautiful.

My personal favorite story from The Echo Project.

Arches was a very, very cathartic story to me. I cannot stress that fact enough.

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