Arches Build 5 - Spiked + Polish Update

If only it was a dream...

We have a bunch of new content with several new illustrations and sprites by Paintfox, new backgrounds by Kardamon (keep in mind these are still WIPs, but gorgeous nonetheless), and we have a new addition to the team with Orion providing coding assistance. He has provided a huge overhaul to the technical side of the VN with multiple tweaks, some of which are listed below.

Anthemics has provided new tracks as well (Zen, Amygdala), and they're gorgeous as usual.

Orion change log

- Pauses and timed pauses implemented

- Defined and implemented new Matrix colors

- Reported typos corrected

- Screen effect added

- Altered CG by Paintfox

- Extended scene by Howly

- Replaced motel_room_night BG with proper variation for build 1

- Fixed all italicized lines (second quotation marks were not italicized)

- Slight tweaks to existing Matrix colors

- All reported typos, grammar errors, and missing punctuation since April 2021 have been corrected

- Corrected looping music issue for "Closet" and "horror" tracks

- Forest BGs have been altered

New additions

- CTC indicator implemented

- Matrix color and masking effects added through all builds

- Short story 1 now available in-game (Written by Howly, Art by Paintfox, VN adaption by Orion)

- Two new alternate Cameron sprites by Paintfox added to build 4

- Altered CG by Paintfox for build 3
- Video effect added to build 4

- Few screen, sprite, and text effects added/tweaked

- Adjusted scene transitions (length, timing, new transitions)

Files 393 MB
Apr 24, 2022 376 MB
Apr 24, 2022
Arches-0.5-linux.tar.bz2 384 MB
Apr 24, 2022
Arches 0.5 - android.apk 291 MB
Apr 24, 2022

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Thanks for update!

For short story, just point and click on Cameron at main screen.


OMG! That damn maniac bear again! 

And I have a question:

The events in the Arches take place after which Echo ending?

And as advanced (but dropped) shroom user, I truly understand Cameron's reflections:)


Thank you! I was wondering how he accepted and now I know how everything went to Echo.


So, one dude I talked with said this was more of an multiverse thing, and that Arches doesnt take place after a ending of Echo we can play through.