Arches Build 4 - Prodrome

What happens when you ignore the signs?

With several new illustration by Paintfox 

Several new background variations and art by Kardamon 

New tracks (still yearning, sagebrush, and Höhlen) by Anthemics

Files 327 MB
Dec 06, 2021 310 MB
Dec 06, 2021
Arches-0.4-linux.tar.bz2 318 MB
Dec 06, 2021
Arches 0.4-release.apk 327 MB
Dec 06, 2021

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I really hope its not *him* , tho it make me wonder, then it means jenna's ending is not canon?


There better not be Brain in this one I swear. That bear legitimately terrifies me.


Android: App will not install unless you uninstall 0.3 first.


The only question I have is, will this end well for these two? 

stop cause now you got me scared lmfaoooo


I hate to say it but the devs for this game have a track record of their VNs having "bad" endings for the characters.

Minus Adastra.

You sure? Last I checked there were 2 outcomes that can come from your choices, the endings are the same though

I choose non-bad endings, I'm sure.

Lol yes, since it is a terror story. I cried a lot playing Echo.