A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Echo contains themes of an adult nature, including violence, torture, drug usage, and harsh language - you must be 18 or older to play)

CW: Echo can be an emotionally intense experience and may not be for everyone. Please put your mental well-being first and take this into consideration before downloading!

Echo is a horror visual novel about a small, isolated, desert town located somewhere in the southwestern states.

During spring break, Chase, a young otter who grew up in Echo, is back for a
school project aimed at documenting an event in the 1870's that may
have lead to the town's current state. He's joined by five friends,
who grew up with him in Echo, taking the chance to have a little
reunion. Unfortunately, Chase begins to realize that their memories
of Echo may have been a bit rose-tinted. Being back in the town digs
up old and painful memories; secrets that lead to rifts in the group
that have been boiling under the surface for years. On top of that,
Chase begins to realize that Echo itself may have its own secrets.
Odd and unexplained memories that he always blamed on an overactive
childhood imagination may not have been imagined at all.

Finally, an event is triggered that turns these fears into something much more
tangible and dangerous. Chase is now forced into a situation in which
he must help his friends either face, or escape their demons. Either
way, Echo is not keen on letting them go...


Interested in seeing Echo from the perspective of a younger cast of characters in 2008? Make sure to play Echo: Route 65 HERE!

If you enjoy this and would like to support us on Patreon, you can do that HERE!

And finally, for more Echo Project games media, discussion, and fan works, the unofficial Echo Project community discord can be found HERE!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,754 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Coming Of Age, echo, Furry, Gay, Horror, Psychological Horror, Queer, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds


Echo - The Full Visual Novel [PC Build 1.01] 653 MB
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Linux Build 1.01] 640 MB
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Mac Build 1.01] 636 MB
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Android Build 1.01] 691 MB

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This game hits really hard... Second visual novel I play and I think I shouldn't have but I don't regret it, like Adastra this game really changed my way of seeing things and probably fucked me up in other things, thank you Echo Project for making the best visual novels

Echo is the second VN I play after Adastra and is the game that sent me into FVN rabbit hole. I finish this game about a month ago now and it's still on my mind; what a wonderfully written world and character we got here and apparently this game has been in development since 2019 finished in 2021, what and old game. It's a real shame most people will never get to read this becasue of how niche it is but I doubt it will ever be forgotten by the community anyday soon either.

Without spoiler what I say about the game is that it's set out to do what it's want really well. This is a horror game and it's been a while I feel scare going to a bathroom when the light is turn off especially when you play past midnight, You might also learn something about trama love and red flag. At first I was only going to play TJ and Leo route when the brance come up because who have time to play every route right? but then I finish TJ and feel bad for Flynn so I play him next and oh boy, before even half way through I said to my self "Oh no, I'm going to have  to play every route now isn't it." Each route is different and that is not what I expected at all and in each you learn more and more about echo and your friend, a part out of corner in one route but will smack you in the face this route with different context and perpective. My order is TJ>Flynn>Jenna>Carl>Leo I heard you're not suppose to play TJ first from some comment later but you know it happen and I think you should still play whatever character you care about most when that brance come since you will actully care about what happening to chase and that character. And after the first two I'm glad I play Jenna and got happy ending lol.

I think TJ is the best route because TJ is the best boi. Leo, Flynn, Jenna and Carl follow. Not that Carl route is badly written but I connect with him the least despite understand him since his route go to place a bit far from many other main character but I get why this happen. Also having one not very useful side character is not help while in other route the side character is all wonderful. One day I'll be back to play TJ route again and maybe more if I feel like it. The only reget I have is a habit of mine to read too fast sometime and go through a scene before I can feel all the emotion. If you're about to play this game take your time, stop between the line and listen to music and reflect on what you are feeling. There won't be many game with story like this and trust me you don't want to hurry along to the finish line and I can't forget to mention the music, it's simple beautiful and add to overall feeling and tone when you finish this game and come back to listen to a song it's just cathartic.

I do believed the best story is the one that can evoke feeling of love Joy and sorrow at the same time. And that for me make this one of the great game that I ever got a chance of experiencing.


The hardest question to answer

Finished Jenna's route

I really wanted to like this one more, dont get me wrong this is EASILY one of the Top 3 routes (haven't finished Flynn yet tho) but i just never felt like we spend that much time with Jenna. At least not by herself, its here and there sure but with all the other route we often spend more time with the character of said route, so in the end I never really got any sort of feelings for her in anyway. Now with that being  said, everything else about route is some of the best in this novel. The most I have cried easily is this one just cuz of how many kinda of emotions im feeling all at ones, and this novel has done thing i have NEVER seen in any other VN. Sadly, the ending felt a little rushed (both good and especially bad)  which is upsetting cuz it really felt it was going somewhere and then it kinda jut stops.


HOLY SHIT THAT MOVING SHADOW OF OURSELF IS NOT OK! I have never seen this in ANY other FVN and as soon as it started fucking walking, my eyes were full of tears. Not to mention the return of fucking BRIAN prob one of the scariest characters ever, just the thought of him makes me want to cry.  Everything to do with Leo and Brian in this route was top tier and made me cry so many times over, plus all the route 65 stuff was so JUICEY. I didn't exactly get the whole HUM thing to well, but I might just be stupid, i understood it for the most part but I wish they went a little more in depth, tho that might happen on a different route. Also the BODY WE DIG UP!? OMG that was good, the dream of us knowing where the body was as well was really good.

Jenna's route: 9.5/10 so close to 10/10 but there is just something that I dont like as much about it 

I really hope that Leo's route the bad ending has some sort of continueation or atleast a way to be with him while still having a good ending because i didnt like it at all.
i mean dont get me wrong i LOVED the story but its just i hated how bad i felt and i really wish there was a way to save leo somehow 

Spoiler alert, there isn't :c


I found out the hard way...


Does anyone know if The Echo Project titles will ever come to switch?

what do you mean? 


Like, will any of the games be playable on switch one day

Ooooh! Ok ok. I severely dout it, cuz its NSFW and its also a Visual novel which i dont think counts tho i could be wrong 

Finished TJs route

This one felt the most tame (at first) and I was starting to wonder if everyone in this novel is gay lol. We get cut TJ hitting at maybe liking us though never fully saying it to our face, which is prob why this one worked so goddamn well for me. Lots of stuff about Sydney, I fell like the most we are gonna get and spending more times with all our friends which I liked!


Holy fucking shit this one made me cry, that ending is not fucking ok. Through the novel I was almost certain we were the killer all along but I also thought; "NOOO they wouldn't make the MAIN CHARATER do something like that!?" should have remembered that this is FUCKINGN ECHO. The fact we don't even TRY to hear Flynn out or let him talk just lets us know what kind of person we really are, and we saw glimpses of it through out the novel. But seeing it and confirming it is something else. Also how are we so FUCKED UP to do that shit to TJ! THE BABYYY. I Actually hate Chase SO MUCH and I will be smiling next time I get a death screen cuz we FUCKING DESERVE IT! 

TJs route: 10/10 this might be my favorite 

For some reason it crashes on Android. When I press new game it crashes. Anyone know how to fix this?


Hey, unfortunately, this is a compatibility issue. I've had this same problem before when i downloaded, but it didn't happen when I tried to play on a better device. Still, this game is coded with Ren'py, sometimes the mobile version doesn't work properly on some devices, but the game itself still works when you try to run the windows version using an emulator (like joiplay - download the app and ren'py extension via their patreon). Try and see if it runs the game for you. I must advise it can be a little time consuming so be patient


Finished Carl's rout 

Not at ALL what i thought it was going to be, just a waring for this one it dose take a while to get really good. Love the gay stuff happening in this one and you can really feel the relationship Carl and Chase have had through the years. Really weird stuff happening in this rout making me feel like the story of Echo was getting lazy...but oh BOY was it not!

SPOILERS                                                                                                                                                    This rout was very good for the lore parts with 2 specific characters and I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only rout where we actually finish our project lol. The bad ending of this one is so fucked up in so many ways, us getting manipulated into having sex with this discussing person only to later that night have a dream about a child wondering into the crawl space?! (which I'm almost certain is a way of saying that what just happened with us, is what he did to the kids) And the very ending part where we pull him out of the fire and learn our head agents his legs (Mirroring what he with us at the very start of the rout) to him to just look up with no expression. We didn't save Carl, we saved James.

Carls rout: 9/10 have a feeling this is the "worst" one


Finished Leos rout

Im am so happy that i started with Leo because he's the hot ex! And I want to get back with him cuz hes hot and cute...Imma have trust issues forever now thx game really cool 馃憤

It's so fucked up that through ALL the terrible things we went through in this rout from terrible people from psychopathic muders and rapist, the worst of them all ended up being the one we stayed the closest too.

Leo rout: 10/10


it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this...

its so weird and hard to try and explain whats good about echo because its surface level is equally ridden with humble shortcomings and overwhelming power...the prose is not anything special, the presentation is often in the novice land of weird sprites and endless kevin macleod music (though the cgs tend to be wonderful at least) theres a couple route-specific flaws, and maybe a couple ideas or plot beats have been Done Before if u care about that stuff. but its just so clearly one of the greatest things ive ever experienced in any medium, and could only exist in this specific form as a visibly amateurish gay furry itch.io cult classic...a sprawling, ambitious, colorful, comforting, gutting, endlessly fascinating generator of Thoughts and Feelings stepped in the kind of emotional truth you can only get from a niche product whos very conception will grant it the safety of probably not penetrating beyond its niche. but maybe thats a shame...echo is difficult to recommend, but i Do want more people to know about it, if for no other reason then its going to inspire at least one of them to take its lessons and go back something possibly even better...tho nothing could ever replace this

i am under no illusions that i will write a definitive review of echo, especially in the spoiler-free fashion i keep my stuff in, but after having spent literal years now reading this (i read my first route in late 2021, and took massive gap breaks between all the times i slowly returned to chip away at it), starting in one of the most tumultuous times of my life and ending it what has been one of the most peaceful times of my life, there are some things is especially have to commend...i owe it that much for its companionship

for me, echo's greatest strength, and its greatest thematic idea, is its commitment to the long-term effect...a relative de-emphasis on the individual moment-to-moment reading experience as anything amazing in isolation, and ability to weave these seemingly non-amazing scenes into something unspeakably identifiable and powerful. identity , for the game, for its routes, for its characters, is rich and multifaceted because it exists less in any big gestures and more in an increasingly dense personal history spent interacting with them. part of why the game took so damn long for me to playthru is that it has a kind of naturally rising emotional difficulty...the more routes u do, the more emotional baggage u have with the characters, the more u have to reckon with when they are onscreen , consciously and subconsciously. its not the the innocuous becomes massive in hindsight, it mostly stays innocuous...but it takes on a different color and flavor, becomes more specific and distinct

none of this is unique to echo, hopefully it could be applied to most good longform storytelling. but i do think echo has a uniquely powerful and steady hand in this department that resonates in myriad ways...its characters overwhelmingly traumatized queers with varying backgrounds of abuse, attempting to not be defined by the dry and brittle embrace of the town they spent their whole lives in...a struggle that often fails because the past cannot be truly left behind, and when actively denied manifests in secret subtle horrible ways that are now beyond your understanding because you have refused to reckon with it. the characters are their experiences, every moment of their lives enabled by every previous moment of their lives...there is no way to un-form themselves, who were formed in great pain and a deeply unjust world.

it is in this way that this being not just a gay game but a Gay Furry game is so fucking important. being queer is inherently traumatic in the cishetero patriarchal world, inherently abusive...even if not overtly, then internally, raised in an abnormality in a world that doesnt even teach u to recognize urself as one, leading to potentially years and years of ur identity and attractions being isolated from urself as u subconsciously recognize they are not yours. furries are overwhelmingly queer, and why not? u spend so long separated from urself, that u have to look in unexpected places to find it in a comforting and authentic way...why not cute animal people?

echo's niche is not tangential to its power (tho it is refreshingly un-exhausting about the logistics of its animal people world, leading by almost entirely intuition with a couple moments of playfully leaning on the unmovable concession that is the central aesthetic identity), it is Exactly Why i dont care if another vn ten years ago did similar things with anime girls or whatever. this is a frank and harrowing and emotionally complex discussion of internal and external queer trauma for an audience that will inherently understand it, without having to do any pandering or explanations to those who dont. this is why the game constantly blurs the line between romanticism/eroticism and horror, rather then being a DDLC style bait and switch where one becomes the other. this is why every single one of the deeply lovable incredible main characters could be convincingly argued to be a terrible person, and why theres no contradiction in that when the game asks u to love and accept them anyway. this is why every route has revelations that re-contextualize the entire game, with a full workable picture denied until the very end (and even then, in a world so vast, whos to say what we're still missing?). this is why the shit with sydney's dad is the way it is.

because if queerness is beautiful, yet also inherently traumatic, then that trauma can be, from some specific angle and trick of the light, beautiful as well...or at least, it can still produce a beautiful being, of which i have known countless...we are our experiences, especially our ugliest and most unjust ones. we cannot undo it, and yet we are worth something anyway. this is the revelation, and reorientation of how i see myself, that has allowed me to like myself for the first time in my life

i hadnt had this realization when i started echo, finishing it now id say its been the dominant pattern in my thought for the past year or so. echo is a space where i have returned like an intellectual checkpoint. am i being as kind and understanding to my younger self and their mistakes as i am to sydney? am i keeping a good holistic view of all of this enlightened traumaqueery to make sure im not making any excuses for genuine abuse, from or against or outside myself? has my acceptance turned to passivity? has my fear of passivity overturned my acceptance? have i been remembering that my worth and energy comes not from easily listenable or observable traits but something far more ephemeral built up by individual points of view choosing to spend time with me? echo has been equal parts challenging and comforting, realist and idealist, indulgent and thoughtful, spiraling and perceptive. at least in this stage of my life, its difficult to imagine being "done" with it , or having learned all i can from it. but even if i move on eventually, it, like everything, will remain within me. i could not be happier to have it here


I have never once cried to an essay about anything, but that seems to have changed today. Thank you.

This game has genuinely changed me, and I couldn't put into words how it did better than you just have, so I thank you for that as well.


i had to make an account just to answer this incredible essay, this game changed my brain chemistry so fucking hard i couldn't express what i thought about it with any kind of words. thank you for this amazing "review" (i think) of the game. 


Echo is one of the best visual novels for furries. Awesome writing, awesome stories. (It reminded me a lot of Higurashi: When They Cry).

The characters here feel like real people, unlike most games where the characters feel more like well-written character. Chase, Leo, Jenna, Flynn, TJ, and Carl all are relatable in some way (to me), and you got really good dynamics between some of the side characters (especially Daxton with his dynamic with the group). I strongly recommend trying out this game!

I especially think Jenna and Leo's routes are the best. The symbolic ending of Leo's route I could go on about! Definitely play this game! There is much to love.


This is THE best vn I've ever played. I randomly came across a post on reddit that lead me here and goddamn this exceeded all my expectations. 10/10

Did anyone have the same problem with the app always crashing on Android?


Use Joiplay if you're playing on android. It not too hard to set up, and it works pretty well. The main reason the APK isn't running is likely because it's 32-bit, instead 64 (Which most, if not all, current phones solely run now.)

Thank you very much 馃榿

Not a problem :3

hey guys! I'm super excited to play this game, but my Mac won't let me open it because it "cannot verify this app is free from malware". Please advise?

Thanks so much!


Get the Itch application itself. Then you can download the game from the application instead of from the internet.


It broke my heart once... It broke my heart twice... Just as It broke my mind, my soul, everything, over and over and over. And I am still coming back.
This is something I never experienced before. Played all story lines except of Carls one..... I'm going back in guys.... No matter how much it f***es me up.

I hate Leo and I love Leo,
I hate Jenna and I respect her,
I hate Chase and I understand him,
I suspected TJ and I love him,
I love Flynn and I love him more afterwards...

Every story line just gives you something to skip heartbeats for. I hate you Echo.... and I love you.

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Hello Echo team,

I don't usually write often because developers don't usually reply, but given the story you've provided with this VN, I have to tell you that I loved the story enormously, I saw huge potential in the story and an idea popped into my head that could potentially give birth to Echo 2, so I have to propose it to you.

Let's start at the beginning of the idea (i.e. the day Duke and Brian arrived at dinner and killed Janice):

I said to myself, if this is true, Chase is just having a really big nightmare because he knows he'll soon have to leave and stop seeing Leo.

So to begin the story of "Echo 2":

[Chase wakes up from the nightmare, sweating profusely as he tries to catch his breath, then Leo wakes up in turn.

Chase explains what happened, and Leo tries to reassure him as best he can.

In the days that remain before he returns home, he spends his time with Leo, working on his project on the town of Echo and trying to unravel the mystery of the town without finding anything conclusive.

On the day of departure, Chase returns home and promises Leo he'll be back.

For about 3 months, Chase goes on with his student life, except that after he leaves, he continues to hear voices and has terrible nightmares.

Riddled with guilt at not having been able to do anything about it, and fed up with the same nightmares about solving the mystery of Echo, he decides to abandon his studies and return to Echo, still with his friends Jenna and TJ.

Once in Echo, everyone meets up to try and solve the mystery (now it's up to you to decide what the mystery is and how they're going to solve it).

After solving the mystery of Echo, Chase decides to quit school and move in with Leo to live out their lives as lovers.] :3

Naturally, they left the town, leaving it abandoned and giving way to the story of Arche.

Of course, this is a script I've imagined, but it's up to you to decide whether or not you'd like to take inspiration from it (and I hope you do, because the end of Echo "1" was too sad and a bit dark).


Cannot tell if you are serious, but go play Arches and The Smoke Room. They are the closest thing you will ever get to "Echo 2" and technically "Echo 0" respectively. I'm not Howley but an "Echo 2" is not happening.


It was... something, enjoyable scary it was a horror btw, I got attached legit stayed up all night, a great read/play, I suggest it, Man.. I'm gonna be thinking and idk reflecting for a while... great story gonna play the like prequel one ig, Thanks


the story isnt quite for me tho i do love a mystery and media that gets me thinking about its lore (?) and whatever that entity that lives in chases and flynn's body which please please add a good ending to flynns route leo got two i cant live with this heart break for flynn 

and also when flynn gets posessed by the entity when it leaves chase (im assuming its because of the poison in some way that it leaves) that you use the same exact thoughts chase has for flynn in the car ride at the end it feels really wrong however it would make sense if his thoughts had been changed to fit the entity's 

Im a bit confused, should i start from Echo route 65 first b4 reading this? Or the other way around?


Carl -> Leo -> TJ -> Flynn -> Echo Route 65 -> Jenna

This is what I've been going by!

So, prob not before

ohhh, I will read the story in that order! Thanks!!!

The order doesn't matter. Just read it all in the end and you'll put 1 and 1 together and get your lore.

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It said seven extra stories how do I access it? Also it said gallery but I don't see a gallery or is that patreon only? 

Or do you need to finish the game? I have beaten the game before 4 out 5 routes. But in one of the updates it didn't keep my saves so on the newest build I'm only through half of the game.


iirc you have to click on the lake or on the anchor bracelet

Thanks ill try that when i get home.


This is by far one of the best visual novels I've read on Itch.io, and this piece of art is FREE TOO? It was amazing


This is one of the most intriguing, mind sucking novels i have ever read. Whenever i had to stop reading bc life, i kept thinking about when i could come back and keep reading, it really is that good. 

I just finished the two endings i could get with my run and i'm going straight back to try and get the rest, i'm SO invested and i'm probably going to think about this story for a really long time.. what exactly happened to Sydney?? why is Chase haunted by that spirit and who is it?? why is Flynn such a mean bitch??


Sydney drowned a few years ago. Flynn is mad because he never got a clear explanation. He was the closest to Sydney he did not cope well at all. To be honest Sydney kinda helped the group stay together for a time. After he died things slowly started to fall apart. His death left Flynn repressing his anger and it coming out around the group


Mega Spoilers if you haven't read all the routes yet

1) Why is Chase haunted by that spirit and who is it??

Chase is haunted by the spirit of Samuel Ayers, the man who died after being hit by Mr Bronson's (Sydney's dad) van. After Sam's death, his spirit possessed Mr Bronson

Sometime later, when Sydney and his dad are on a hunt, they quarrel with each other, and when Sydney runs off and Mr Bronson goes after him, they both stumble upon an abandoned white van. Mr Bronson recognizes it as the van which he killed Sam with. He starts acting weird and eventually shoots himself with the shotgun. After that, Sam's spirit, which had been in Bronson all the time, leaves his body and possesses Sydney.

Then, on the day when the main cast is at the Lake Emma, Sydney is playfully fighting with TJ (as always, since TJ is weak and Sydney loves wrestling), but then, seemingly because of Sam's possession, the situation escalates as the playful fight turns into an attempt to drown TJ in the lake. And this leads to 猬囷笍

2) What exactly happened to Sydney??

Sydney was drowned by Chase in Lake Emma after Sydney tried to drown TJ. Chase manages to intervene just in time to save TJ, and he starts fighting with Sydney. Driven by hate towards Sydney (both because of him always bullying/messing with TJ and because of the ongoing rumors that he's the one who killed Mr Bronson), Chase tries to drown Sydney. Whether Sydney is killed on the spot or later, when he is transported to the hospital - I don't remember. Either way, in that moment Sam's spirit leaves Sydney's body and possesses Chase.

When people asked them about Sydney's death, Chase fabricated a story claiming Sydney drowned while swimming in the lake to conceal his crime.

3) Why is Flynn such a mean bitch??

Sydney and Flynn were best friends, so as his other friends moved on, Flynn was deeply affected by his death. While everyone else had believed Chase's account of Sydney's death, Flynn knew that something was amiss. As TJ was the only witness of Sydney's demise, Flynn started pestering TJ with questions about the incident. TJ was always answering the same thing - that Sydney just drowned in the lake while swimming, but Flynn knew that was not true. The friend group started shielding TJ from Flynn, portraying Flynn as a bully and TJ as a victim, when in reality it was not like that at all

All in all, Flynn's 'bitching' stems from his wish to uncover the truth surrounding his best friend's fate, albeit in a less than amicable manner

no creo que Chase haya ahogado a Sydney en el lago dice que estaban jugando con piedras lanzandolas en el lago leo y jenna cuando Chase perseguia a Sydney y chese se aparta de Sydney cuando leo dice que le podrian dar en la cabeza ademas en la ruta de Carl se ve que la creatura te puede paralizar como le paso a Chase cuando nada en la reunion casi se muere ahogado si la creatura puede hacer eso que crees que no podria hacerlo a los demas se cree que se alimenta de la mente de los demas e incluso los domina, otra cosa es que ese mismo dia Sydney no murio por que ya habia hecho la busqueda de el tesoro n7, para ese momento ya habia muerto y no es cuando Chase lo habia persegido no murio ese mismo dia, el dibujo muestra que Sydney tenia miedo de Chase por que le hiso lo mismo que el hiso con TJ ese dia y ese era el secreto que Sydney guardo de Chase en la ruta de TJ, la creatura manipula a Chase por completo y lo hace creer cosas por eso el cree que lo mato por que la culpa de ver a su amigo ahogado es lo que lo hace ser poseido y si ves bien la creatura puede controlar hasta tus recuerdos por que en la ruta de leo el cree que estubo hablando con Chase y que nunca dejo la casa cuando Chase habia sido secuestrado por Brayan incluso leo recuerda que Chase le hadia dicho cosas que nunca pasaron para ser franco el misterio de Sydney es ambiguo por que siendo pragmaticos no se puede concluir solo con lo que nos dicen 1 ruta todos los puntos muestran cambios debido a que la creatura juega con la mente de el grupo de Chase y al final de la ruta de TJ dice que el ente necesita secretos es lo que consume como el payaso de IT 驴no crees tu que lo haria que Chase asesinar a Flynn para hacer que hayan mas secretos en echo? 


Can't stop loving  Leo, man Chase fucked him up. Yes I fully believe everything that happened to Leo was Chase's fault. 1st When one of their childhood friends died Leo yes became protective cuz he doesn't want any of them to die makes sense, and 2 chase left everyone there without any notice which made Leo worried about Chase, and 3 I fully wished Chase would talk some sense into Leo at least it would've been what I would've done. I hate Chase because of his actions in the past.


I am here for Leo and i got punish for it. Nevertheless great visual novel

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ok so I finished the vn twice, it's, I mean at least it's not how I predicted and there are actually good happy endings. It's great vn with pretty sad story (only pretty sad because I only played Leo route I've seen people saying the worst as the most idk, sad ones are TJ and Flynn routes so like no way I'm gonna play them, Leo was already sad enough). 

(spoilers about Leo route) 



never fucking fixing any men again, imagine your first actual ending being ending where you bleed out while cuddling with your somewhat maniacal and unstable mentally boyfriend (and imagining, seeing him as perfect lover forever material while dying) because of which your feet were cut off by a train. "He can be fixed"? nah he can't and well I learned it the hard way, Leo good route though was actually kinda nice, I mean it was kinda sad mainly at the begging but it ended up definitely better than bad Leo ending even though I was crying a bit on both.  I just wanted a happy red wolf that can be fixed but he's got too many red flags to fix them all he isn't fixable. 


Late but still, happy bithday to Carl!

Well... I won't be able to sleep tonight... Great game though!


the world's probably gonna end before i'm ready to play this sadly

I.. finished it...

After two whole years I finally finished it.

Not a fan of horrors on my side, very hard read for me. I needed to take breaks from time to time (for a couple of months) after each route, because.. MY GHOD how intense it is. Even if you are not a fan of such spooky games, I would recommend a try (pls read warnings!! it's not just for fun there). It is definitely a very unique, and versatile, and really one of the most outstanding VNs amongst other FVNs.

It is not a comfort reading for me. I don't think I'm going to re read it ever, but it definitely affected me in many ways. And I'm just incapable of forgetting something like this outstandish.


p.s.: Carl's good ending is the only right one for me. idc. 


Jesus... I mean I knew this game was gonna be intense... but god I didnt realize just how much of an impact this would have on me

welcome to the party! who was your first? (route i mean)


TJ was my first route


Poor guy, I feel sorry for you ;w;


it's been three months since i've last touched Echo, and i'm still fucking thinking about it on a daily basis.


(not that that's a bad thing)


The leo route was very deep for someone having affection issues like me (the game punishes you for that and it's a good thing) Very well written story, it's a masterpiece that i will never forget <3 

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if you can't handle torture, violence, or adult stuff, don't download this. it goes really deep, the content warning is REAL.

i loved this story, it was absolutely amazing how much it can affect you. i really hope we get more stories that can affect people as much as this one does. i can't wait to see your next work Echo Project.



loved adastra hated the game based on the humans tour of adastra solely because of amicuss sprite so i think i can handle this :) (im lying)

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Well, Adastra fucked me up, so go get the wheelchair for me because this is supposed to be the trainwreck of the two 

Will update when and if I get discharged 


It is a literal trainwreck, and you will need a literal wheelchair...


Oh you fucker... You did not have to go there!

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