Echo - The Full Visual Novel Available Now

Echo - The Full Visual Novel Available Now! (Version 1.0)

Howdy folks, McSkinny here with Echo's final release. This isn't to say there won't be tweaks and patches down the line, but this time there isn't a single "To be continued..." anywhere to be found in the game for any route. All story content is complete, with Jenna and Flynn's routes finally wrapping up. I won't get too long-winded here, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible. If you've been waiting until now to give Echo a try, go for it.

Download links are available on our main page!


Change Log:

- New Jenna route story content (endings A & B)

- New Flynn route story content (epilogue completed)

- New sprite by Kardamon

- New background art by Hiccupby

- New music by Abyuse and Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys

- Typo fixes galore

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Downloaded following the 2 April release. It opens fine, but no cursor is visible. New mouse, game controller, same problem, Anyone find similar, find fix?

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Such a fantastic and well written novel! I'm quite sad that it's came to an end, it's been such a long journey and I'm in such anticipation to see how the story of the town and characters continue in Arches! :D Great work EchoProject!


Wow... It's been a long journey, and I'm a little sad when I realize that there won't be anymore updates. It's just been a part of life for the last six years, lol!

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I'm both looking foreword and am nervous about Jeanna route endings and Flynn epilogue!

I've been waiting for the endings for a few months now, some people have been with Echo since the beginning!


Congratulations! A monumental achievement.


6 Years.  Too bad I was only here for the last year.  But it was a great year nonetheless.


At long last. This has been an awesome ride.


still can't believe that it's done. Low key thought this was a prank


This is literally the game that got me into VNs. I didn't even know about them until by chance I came across this game on twitter, I think it was. So, thanks to the whole cast and players behind the scene for such an amazing and incredible project as Echo! Looking forward to any and all future works

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ah flynn route is finished...time to come back to this crazy hell of a ride game T^T (in a good way)

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I think that was finished before 2020 or in 2020!

The most disturbing route end.

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Rio de Janeiro,  April 1st 2021 


I am not sure if I want to cry again but that is good thing it is finished.

Now I can rest in peace... error... sleep in peace. Heheh

And android always later?

Now I have to move this from my list of furry novels in development to full game novels.





me a couple seconds ago: " that's it, I'll play echo.

(goes to itchio to see this) amazing