A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Echo contains themes of an adult nature, including violence, torture, drug usage, and harsh language - you must be 18 or older to play)

CW: Echo can be an emotionally intense experience and may not be for everyone. Please put your mental well-being first and take this into consideration before downloading!

Echo is a horror visual novel about a small, isolated, desert town located somewhere in the southwestern states.

During spring break, Chase, a young otter who grew up in Echo, is back for a
school project aimed at documenting an event in the 1870's that may
have lead to the town's current state. He's joined by five friends,
who grew up with him in Echo, taking the chance to have a little
reunion. Unfortunately, Chase begins to realize that their memories
of Echo may have been a bit rose-tinted. Being back in the town digs
up old and painful memories; secrets that lead to rifts in the group
that have been boiling under the surface for years. On top of that,
Chase begins to realize that Echo itself may have its own secrets.
Odd and unexplained memories that he always blamed on an overactive
childhood imagination may not have been imagined at all.

Finally, an event is triggered that turns these fears into something much more
tangible and dangerous. Chase is now forced into a situation in which
he must help his friends either face, or escape their demons. Either
way, Echo is not keen on letting them go...

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Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Mac Downlad] 612 MB
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Linux Download]
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Android Build] 663 MB

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Guys try this song,its perfectly fits to Leo's obsession from chase called "super psycho love by simon curtis" 

While listening to it try to imagine leo trying his best to make out with chase the song fits perfectly,i wish someone makes a music video of it...


I swear,if echoproject started making this VN in to a movie its going to make my dream come true and it will be the best of the best movie I've ever watched......if echoproject is planning it for the future I'll be sure to support you guys one day im finished my college and get a job I'll help you guys so my wish will be come true its gonna be so damn worth it,watching it is the only wish i had now in my life before i die ,I'll wait....

I do not agree with turning Echo into a movie. There are just wayyy too many routes and endings to solidify into an hour-and-a-half plot; then, there is the issue of determining what is canon by the developers and sharp criticism from the passionate fandom. If anything, I can see Echo as a Netflix adaptation making vol.1 have a mix of good and bad endings for half the characters and vol.2 another mix for the rest of the crew.

*Minor info (that some may consider as a major spoiler)  about Carl's route down below









You Know, at a point, Carl tells you that he has a job interview on Friday. But then why does it happen on Saturday? Is this something that is known and ignored by the writers or....? I don't know.  Could someone please explain?


Before reading this VN i got happy,enjoy and inloved but.....after reading it....suddenly idk whats going on i just feel numb..like got a huge depression and anxiety or something i just dont understand what makes that VN change me or idk........and the part it makes me want to read it all again....the voice or sam was right....i will be back,he knew that I'd be back....


i feel you. Same thing happened to me. It will pass. Honestly some routes stuck to me more than others. Especially Leo’s route. There is so much symbolism and it just speaks to me. “Echo is a bad place, but Leo is a comfort. Do you let yourself sink like an anchor and stay in the place that makes you miserable? Or do you catch that last train ride out of this hell hole?” That is so my life. I hate where I am but I stayed because of the few comforts. It really really bugged me to change my situation (but for reasons I actually cant. So that train out of here is just a tease for me that I cant actually reach, sadly).


Yes me too, i choose the bad ending cus i want him hes my comfort  even tho we didn't escaped echo atleast hes there for me he helped my injury from the train at the moment he took care of me  we feel comfortable each other we get to be together again he loves me so much and i love him so much either also i don't want to leave leo alone heartbroken became depressed for all his life  i felt so bad leaving him like that being depressed before and........i dont care about echo......as long as leo is with me im fine,im happy im comfortable.he will protect me.....he will always be there for me....i wont let him be sad or depressed ever again.....hes love is warm.......theres is a happily ever after at the bad endings.....

hello! i just finished plaing adastra and wanted to play echo. 

in wich order should i play the game? a few people said Carl>Leo>Jenna>TJ>Flynn but some people say that i should play it in TJ>Leo>Flynn>Jenna>Carl, in wich order should i play the game? :)

Someone said that Carl -> Leo -> Jenna -> TJ -> Flynn is the official orders from devs

How do i join the discord ;w;


(Spoiler warning)  

damn,.......samuel.......i feel bad for him.....said that Samuel has a family contact or point contac outside state after chase reported his name to the system and i dont  think  Samuel has a family but maybe a people who knows him??....poor samuel just died alone on the roadside buried....this VN is full of tragedies that's how i love it

was Jenna species retconed?

her earlier sprites make her look like a fennec fox a she was refer to as such in earlier uptates, but her later designs make her like a kit fox which makes more sense since fennec foxes are native to north Africa while kit foxes are native to western north America including Utah, however the wiki just list her species as "desest fox ", can anyone explain what happened?


hiya guys, can i ask which route after carl and leo should i pick next. I see some comments that said i should follow a certain pattern of routes because of how some mysteries from the past routes are revealed. Some say jenna>tj>flynn but others say  tj>flynn>jenna, mainly because something about jenna's route being the better ending. I dont mind a having the worst ending, i just wanted to play echo how the author wants us to play. So im open to suggesions


Carl -> Leo -> Jenna -> TJ -> Flynn

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Carl>Leo>TJ>Flynn>Jenna thats the order in which each route was finished

(1 edit) (-1)


So my take away from Flynns ending other than it being extremely sad is that Flynn doesn't become socket face that appears in other routes. It's more of a vague time traveling in the sense that he's experiencing events that the socket face was there for whether it's some state of limbo or Flynn is actually there is kept ambiguous and could most likely be both in some scenarios. What leads me to believe this is that you are given the choice to kill Salem, brain, or Keith. The thing is brain is still alive in echo so is Salem until the very end and dies in a different but similar way so it doesn't make sense for there to be an option for you to  have a choice here. Along with how weirdly dream like that scenario was with the tv and salem acting funny but what we do know is that this has happened in before in some way, keith did die other wise Flynn wouldn't have any reason to be seeing this it has to be some kind of created dreamlike scenario that has some truth to it. I also notice how Flynns transformation was inconsistent, Tj describes the monster as "3 holes, 2 for the eyes, 1 for the mouth" (flynn also has control in this scene) but flynn's eyes pop when he tries to see what happend to Sydney which was after tj saw socket face and he's blinded but later is able to see a younger jenna. Speaking of TJ flynns route is only one where he mentions he saw socket face and recognizes it in the car scene "its real!?" but in Leos route he doesn't even recognize it "what was that!? what was that!?". The ending is really confusing and ambiguous for a reason so it's fine to come up with your own conclusions.


Killing Salem/Brian/Keith lead to different routes, for example if you will decide to kill Brian you will get Leo route IN Flynn route, etc. for others. 

Flynn doesn't have to have any reason to kill any character, he is already a monster changed by histeria, don't expect from him being this gila we knew.

Socket monster is able to travel through time, he is and isn't everywhere and in everyone routes and lives (I confused myself writing this one, I dont speak english, leme explain more: at the very same time he is at the lake when Syd got killed, when Jenna was upset and sad etc.)

In Leo's route lynx is confused instead of shocked, because he went through breakdown, he is broken to the core and in Flynn's he is more stable (that's why he catch more from monster)

Hope it has sense and that I helped :)


man both of leos endings made me cry so much but the "good" one got me extremly hard

😂 Lol. What?!

uhhh just now i see how it looks xD nooo thats not what i meant by it 


Can we get upvotes for potentially new Echo merch please?



Is anyone else having trouble installing the APK for the Android version?


Bruhs, look at the TV screen...Echoverse already has Adastra as a TV series!

Can someone help me where to get Jenna theme soundtrack in the game? I tried multiples times and couldn't find it anywhere

Last time I played this was a long time ago and leo had no good endings imo. And he still doesn't I assume but since the game is finished might as well play the other routes now.


how do you get " Moth" is the last song of the soundtrack for me to unlock

it's in jenna's bad ending

Are there any important differences when choosing talk to Daxton/Leo in Flynn's route?


leo acts differently depending on who you talk to and some scenes are different


Tbh,for me the bad ending from leo is good ending for me cus we can finally be together again and i rlly love it they way he said "you said we work something out"  at  the bad ending and i feel like theres nothing wrong they get to be together again so? I dont see he will die staying at echo forever with leo hes love is genuine and the ending? They cuddle,kiss, and f*ck again happy ending.......im crazy h*rny at leo?,yea i am...


Dude.......u need someone to explain to you im speechless now bye-----

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I think you should read this VN not in the sense that youre trying to date one of the characters, but view those characters as having a flaw that you struggle with, and conquering it by playing it out through this VN. For example the MC views Leo as an anchor that is trying to hold him down in this town he doesnt love (he admits it to himself in the 1st or 2nd hallucination). Staying with Leo in this town is obviously not what the Otter wants, even though Leo is such a comfort to be around. It isn't healthy for him and he must take the opportunity that only comes once (the train) to move on from the mistake of his past (murdering Sydney) or be stuck here forever (like having your legs taken away).... In the past they wrote fairytales of a young unwise woman falling in love with an obvious tramp, and as punishment she has to spend the rest of her unhappy life cleaning a home of a person that abuses her. Leos route is kind of a retelling of that fairytale and the moral is to move on and dont let a few comforts hold you down and trap you in a place of suffering. And in a sense Leo has to stop obsessing over the MC. That's his flaw he needs to get over. He didnt drag MC to bed all bloody like that cuz he was in love with him. He did that because he was in love with the idea of being with him and it was turning him crazy. I guess it is because of the trauma of loosing Sydney that he views others as objects instead that need to be possessed rather than people and risk having genuine feelings towards them. He doesn't want to feel that pain again I guess.

I didn't read Jenna's route but all of the characters seem to have a 'flaw' with them. Quite common flaws that me or you might have actually. And reading through their routes will help you find them and in most cases you can steer them away from the bad route and instead guide them to conquering their flaws. Thats at least the way I think when I read this VN. It is quite a emotionally difficult read for me unless I take a more clinical approach...

Well put bro. Well put. 

Spoilers Down Below

Yeah, Jenna DOES have a flaw and she admits it to everyone at the end of her good ending

So your type of romance/kink is equivalent to jisatsu by shinkansen...?

everyone always pronounces Leo's name as "lee-oh" but since he's hispanic shouldn't his name be pronouced "leh-oh"?

(3 edits) (+1)

He has the heart of a lion, so Lee-HO for me. I know a kid name Leh-oh, sooo...obviously, I don't want to make subconscious references by accident; it also doesn't help me that he is also Hispanic...

Tldr; there is no "should" but to each their own in pronouncing his name. Either works, whatever is comfortable for you

I like how he's name reminds me Cyberpunk 2077, because Judy Alvarez

Leo Alvarez, kinda strange but damn cool haha

How in holy jesus do you unlock the Adastra Theme ingame? I tried going through the scenes where they watched some of in in Flynn's house but got nothing. Any and all help would be appreciated.

in flynns route trust daxton to talk to duke

which country Leo comes from?

in his route he corrects Clint when he calls him a beaner, so he isn't from Mexico

he mentions that his country had a war because of soccer, so he must be either from El Salvador or Honduras

Sources say El Salvador. 

in Carl's route is mentioned that James was the son of immigrants from Eerie, anyone knows which is the real life counterpart? my current guess is Ireland

Carl has green eyes. 

There are goats in Ireland. 

Weed is like his lucky charms.

"Eer" in Eerie sounds like "Ire" in Ireland.

(1 edit)

Carl is a ram, a male sheep, which they also in have Ireland, i didn't even noticed the eyes, i checked and James 3 from TSR also has green eyes


Furry visual novel. One of the last things I expect to be a masterpiece and yet that is exactly what Echo has achieved to be.  As a person in this day and age, I've been numbed to the horrors that the internet has wide open to the public. But truly, I've had myself pause and stare at the words over and over at the screen, hoping that I had misread those horrifying lines. I've gone sleepless on the nights I read this, both from the captivation of the story as well as disturbing me beyond any chance of sleep. 


Keith's story has had a particularly profound impact on me.  Though rarely do you get to see the character alive, he had been the most vividly real character. I had myself grieving with Micha, and the reveal at the end of Flynn's route had me on the verge of heaving. I kept hoping over and over that there had been a better fate for this fictional character. The most disturbing fact of it all is that his scenario has happened in the real world MANY times, and no doubt more to come in the future, to innocent and loving people just like him.  By  the time of Brian's appearance in Jenna's route, my mind was hazy and I had never wanted to smash my fist into the screen at a video game villain more than I did then. Echo isn't afraid to touch such heavy topics, to admit to real problems in the real world. And it pulled me into its world ever more.

During explaining guy below the plot of Echo, I couldn't believe it might be true, but it looks like it is :|

massive spoilers below

 You are only moving in circles:

Sam killed Jack and escaped judgement -> Mr. Bronson killed Sam and no one found out -> during fight between Sydney and his father Syd accidentally killed him, guess what, yea... -> Chase killed Sydney and never told anyone 

heh, this is not the end! There was always someone who knew what happened with the dead one:

Sam always reveal his sin to guy who we decide to play with 

Mr. Bronson was with Janice

Sydney told Flynn what he did

TJ witnessed Chase's murder

omg it broke me... so many loops, so many circles it all make sense now why I did it to myself ;-;

(1 edit) (-1)

Hey Draco, can you explain Flynn's epilogue? I mean, that thing where you can 'stay a while' or leave in menu.

I mean, so Chase just left he's fans near mine where 'Flynn' currently a monster and just leaved them to 'sacrifice'?

I asking, because im really in fucking doubt about it

(1 edit)

pls, u rly don't get it?


After being locked in broom storage (? i don't remember exactly what the room was called) Chase lost his mind, he is permanently broken and has mental illnesses probably to the rest of his life

After conversation next to the mine entrance he got pissed or just offended and left them. Most likely Chase don't know about Flynn who currently haunt mines. Idk if you played Arches (you definitely should though), I suppose no, so Cameron (coyote) is smth like medium and psycho, he can see dead people from the past in Echo.

Otter didn't left them to sacrifice :)

it was more like Ight imma head out xd

ohh... yeah, i didnt read Arches.

Thank you, this really helps me to understand xd


I felt sorry and bad for Leo he's really obsessed with chase and......the end gives me depression like i felt Leo how messed up he is now *sniff* it literally makes me cry for leo 😢 I can't believe how hurt leo is at the end .......i wont explain everything tho it would be spoiler anyway here i was listening to a sad song imagining how hurt leo that loses hes first special only BF chase, I can't stop thinking how leo will be alone 4ever,hurting.......this VN gives me tragedies and great story thx echo 👍......*sigh* 


Yeah, i cant stop thinking about Leo's ending, since i got it first.

I just cant believe there's no normal ending between both of them, like...

What the fuck?

Is it really so hard to fix everything between them?

I feel like, those circles is 'Chase fate' die in those circles.


I don't like Carl's good ending all that much, but it made me love Leo's good ending. It would of been so anticlimactic if Leo's route ended off so easily with out even reincorporating the themes of his route. Leo's route is about not only chase escaping echo but also letting go of everything the anchor bracelet resembles and Leo still having it on shows that he still has rose tinted glasses about the place and is someone keeping him stuck to this town. Having a "normal ending" would also ruin purpose of the bad ending, regulating it to shock horror and having no real purpose.


If only Leo kept his $h1t together at the very last minute, there could have been a good conclusion to his route. He and Chase would have fixed their relationship issues post-Echo. After all that has happened to them, through thick and thin, why shouldn't they be together happily.

I dont want to explain alot tho anyway leo obsessed with chase wanting him to be together again and live or stayed st echo while chase can't cus he rlly needs to go back to college so thats also leo being sh*tty to his friends so he can have more time to spend with chase so well u know what happen next......

Also ppl be like "dude if u simp for leo theres rlly wrong with you hes a pyscho and a manipulator"  i.....i just want them to be happy together again if only chase could change leo and settle everything but...no idk ahhh!! I  just  love leo ok hes ......sweet aside from that they describes abt him also me but i dont care tho and well u already know echo has no good endings but i still love the story especially the characters

(1 edit) (+2)

Actually, there's one good ending exist.

In Jenna route, you have to say 'we keep each other sanity' if you say 'this town breaks people' you instantly lock yourself in bad end of her route

In my opinion, it's best possible ending for everyone, atleast everyone alive

No, you could disagree with her about Leo’s behavior earlier and get the good ending. The bad ending is only possible if you agree with her there and choose “This town breaks people” later. (You can confirm this yourself in game/Jenna-Wednesday.rpy at lines 2277, 2615, 2621, and 9340)

(1 edit)

There is no need to explain if we are discussing Leo's route (implying that we have already read it). 

Yes, Leo did show signs of toxic relationship attributes, but his "psycho[tic] and manipulat[ive]" tendencies are not without reason. He dearly and clearly loves Chase (probably too much), but he allow his fears and expectations to cloud his thinking and judgment sometimes hurting people in the process; he loses touch with reality when he imagines and fantasizes about Chase, for better or worse. But, can he really be blamed? Maybe his upbringing contributed to his insecurities? Are we any wiser in punishing a child for eating a forbidden fruit that we came to covet so much? No need to answer, just food for thought.

"Those that hurt the most need love the most." If I was Chase, I would have given Leo the chances to change and make better himself. They had a history, a childhood, and a relationship, as well as dreams and aspirations. They could have reached ad astra together. If not life-threatening, why cease all that over feeling uncomfortable? A part of life is about learning from mistakes and improving the self - molding into the ideal person for yourself and for others. Leo is deserving of love, he just need guidance, patience, and open-mindedness.


Well, i think this shit happened, not because he didnt hold his shit together.

I thinking that, he was under 'histeria' which made him lost his sanity at very last moment, if you read with attention, you can see that he didnt even realise completely that Chase dying and he killed his friend

(1 edit)

First, I didn't know it had a good ending from jenna's cus i only pick leo and flynn's route cus im.......gay....and i simp both of them.Second,ok now i understand thx tho,and do u think echoproject is planning to make echo 2? I was hoping it would.....thx again and to other ppl who replied my first comment i thought i was alone also.....tbh i dont ship kudzu and chase even there together now my opinion heh...I SHIP CHASE AND CHULAAAA!!!STILL AND IDC!!!

I talk too much i should stop.......lol

Epilogue, in the end of Flynn's route, gives me a small hope, so maybe Echo 2 or something, close familiar to it, maybe will be

You mean Chase (Chula) and Chulo (Leo); chulx is slang for cute/hot in Spanish (former is feminine, latter is masculine).

Towards the end, the gang did not show any signs of hysteria. If you read with attention, Leo tells Chase, "Seeing you leave on that [redacted for spoilers] was too much..." admitting that, in the moment, he was well aware of his thoughts and emotions. Leo had considerable level of control over himself but chose to be selfish. Otherwise, he and Chase and everyone else would have found sanctuary.

(2 edits)

I think you're wrong, your theory doesn't answers, why the hell Leo killed Chase, at very last moment

I still think, he was affected by Histeria, because he killed raccoon(i always fucking forgeting his name) Kudzu-Kudzo? Agh, fuck this.

AAAAND... he dont even realised that Chase dying on his hands by bleeding out.

He did it on purpose, my thoughts.

To be honest, this VN gave me terrifying feelings, it's like horror movie, and then... everything is going fucked up, like..

Drugs, gunshots, deaths, everyone scared and dont understand what they facing, and most breaking mind part, it's Chase' dreams, where everything feels like you're not safe, you're in danger, and dont know what you facing, self or crazy self?

I.... i just know, that VN, cool to read feels nice and that creeping atmosphere, but there's too much holes in scenery, maybe because i didnt readed prequel, but still... something is not right.

Leo's route most fucked up thing i ever seen in VN's

You know, i think i actually dont mind if there's would be some furry movie, called same.

Erh.. i give it 7/10, some things hard to understand, but still i enjoyed that story.

Could you pls write things you don't understand? We might help you find answers. This game is amazing from that point of view, it hardly ever say smth flat out but we can get answer from different routes

(1 edit)

Well, i cant understand who is... who drowned as they could say, im sorry i cant remember his name.

And... i dont understand why whole town at the and of week, bein insane

Also, i dont understand who's monster.

To be honest, i got creeped out, when i saw Chase doppelganger at Jenna route that everyone see, i was like... 'what the fuck?... how the fuck you appear in front of everyone in fucking reality??? You sick fuck go away!'

And game lets me choose, touch Leo or not, i decided to not touch...

Spoilers ahead

1. I don't understand the first question? I suppose you'r talking about who killed Sydney - (I think) Chase killed Sydney while being possesed by the mirror man (TJ route) or at least partly possesed/ influenced. 

2. (It is kinda obvious, it was mentioned many times, I will try to expand it) The histeria is changing people, it affects differently on everyone: TJ- being chased by monster, Leo- gets abusive etc. The point is that histeria affects onto your biggest fears and problems bc it "feeds" on someone else's pain and especially burdened secrets. The only way to last histeria is to survive or reveal to everyone your secret that you have been hiding.

3. There are several monsters that are actually mysterious and we don't get answers on that one. However the "main" monster that attacked Chase group (cars accidents in Flynn and Leo routes), saved Chase from Brian, have been seen by Jenna through her life when she was sad or angry was Flynn. After Flynn route the gila was burnt and become the monster that travel through time (that's why the monster appear in many routes and to many people. Probably he is the reason why Echo doesn't have "true ending" everything is and isn't happening)

4. Again idk if it was a question? Lest say it was and I will make it quick- histeria materialized Leo's tulpa (tulpa is imaginary friend that is independent of you, has it's own emotions, desires etc although it is still in your head)

PS: If I'm wrong pls correct me

Hope I helped. If you don't understand smth just ask, If you don't get something it doesn't mean that it's stupid. I adore this game just because reader has to make effort to understand things (I don't say you'r stupid, at first I was confused as well, but I have read all VN, explanations and spent a lot of time to make all gears inside my head about what the fak I have experienced, you simply didn't :P ) 

(1 edit)

1. Yes, correct. I was about Sydney, just his name flew off from my head for some reason.

Histeria huh?

But... still, how the fuck it... works?

I mean, there's some trigger for it? Or what?

The strange part was, when everyone seen 'distorted' Chase, i mean Mitcha explained it, but im not sure if i get it right.

Gila? I readed this name, ten times while reading whole story, so, i actually i have no idea who is 'Gila' - i mean im doubting it

Thanks, for giving me answers, i just finished Jenna route, on both endings, where she stays to flood 'whole' echo.

Aaand... where everyone survives, and successfuly, leaving Echo.

I wish this VN to have a whole Film, where you see everything from every route that would be fucking amazing actually.

(2 edits)

Spoilers ahead 

Histeria was more likely triggered by Chase and TJ who came to Echo, the fact that they conceal murder was enough to start everything again:

"You are only moving in circles" - (TJ route again, it is the most important route in my opinion)

Chase misinterpreted Sydney when he was "drowning" Toby (Toby changed name after that and is known as TJ), bc of this otter drowned him and have sworn that they will hide the truth -> after that everyone's problems got bigger, especially Chase's (night terrors, sleep paralysis, hallucinations) -> gang is leaving Echo -> a few years later when everyone came back histeria should get started, however in this only route it didn't! Because the game that Syd made up was supposed to reveal otter secret and bc of that histeria wasn't necessary -> Alas, in the last moment Chase got possessed again and when the truth was finally revealed to Flynn, otter *sob* killed gila to hide his sin. Chase made full circle, now he will leave Echo and hide to the end of his life the next mystery ;-;

Don't  think about being "distorted", it is ghost after all :)

I had no idea who this "Gila" was, so I wrote it in goggle and found that gila is the reptile species = Flynn species, its the same when we call Chase "The otter" or TJ "the lynx"

Can someone explain me Leo's ending?

Im not sure i got it xd i feel it like bang in the head, and everything went black

(1 edit)

Spoilers !!!! don't read if you haven't played yet!

C ending- after train cut off Chase's legs he has random visions that include Leo. In reality  Leo is just holding and comforting otter on railroad track when he dies of bleeding out ;-;    (it's not said flat out. He might actually die in Leo's house, but it doesn't really matter)

Fucking hell, i was expecting that.

Maybe a noob question, but is there NSFW nudity in this vn?

Heyo! No there isn't. There are occasional NSFW descriptions, but no NSFW nudity as it is not really the focus of the game. :)


ahhhh ok thank you for the reply!

You are very welcome!

(1 edit) (+2)

Leo's route, hoo boy.....steel your mind and guard your heart.....

Also, any plushie plans for Echo characters? Want Leo and Chase.


I feel betrayed and sad, i wanted a good ending with him :(

Yeah, this one completely blows my mind, because dying in BF'S hands, worst thing i ever had xd

Bruh, spoiler alert for those who have yet to experience the story themselves. Notice how cryptic my post is.....

yeah, i know... but still.

It's fucking insane to be honest.


Spoilers for echo and the very beginning of the smoke room

Oh my god when Sam gets ran over by Sydney’s dad and he says “Jack” even if Mr. Bronson and Janice rightfully understand it as “use the f*ing jack to get me out of here” he’s totally thinking about the dude he murdered, huh…

Is there some kind of a list with all choices in the game and their consequences somewhere? It could really help me a lot


To be honest I don't think you will need it, Jenna, Carl and Leo has 2 routes and they are easy to made (only one choice that define route)

Nevertheless if you want to know I will write it down so if you don't want to read it don't click "View rest"

Jenna route: We kept each other sane/ This town break people (this one is actually tricky cause this choice is in the middle of a game)

Leo: the very last choice ( that's easy )

Carl: Fight it/ Let it help us (that's in the middle of the game too, but this one is kinda obvious to my mind)

Hope I helped :)


Man, I have not ever played such a unique and excellent vn before! Now I'm sad I'll never find something like this again ;w;


I really do hope we get to see the characters in the future somehow


Yea, there is the little chance that maybe we will see someone in Arches, it would be entertaining even more, cause none of Echo routes is actually "main", so creators could make completely different route 


This has been the first thing in quite a long time that's kept me up all night because I couldn't put it down. After playing Adastra and wanting to see more from its creators, I've absolutely fallen in love with Echo. The more realistic setting, art, and so on complement the stress, tension, and terror in a crucial way. Chase is also a vastly more interesting character than the player character of Adastra (who functioned mostly as a blank slate for the player to project onto), which I've enjoyed a lot. The choices in Echo also seem to be hugely more meaningful than the ones in Adastra. Similarly to Adastra, the characters and lore are nuanced, interesting, and lovable. Overall, it's been a pretty amazing experience and I'm glad I checked it out. ❤️🦦


i feel you, this is the first time closing echo in 4 days(since i downloaded it) and it brought me pain to close it, im only two routes through but i wholeheartedly agree that this game is a masterpiece! ❤️

I wanted a Portuguese version, it's very difficult to read, I'm not fluent in English, please, if you can, put it in portuguese


Use this for translation.


If you don't like using this, then I suggest finding  another app that you'd prefer. You know, just in case a Portuguese version isn't released. Cause I don't see any language settings in this VN 

OK, so I've been seeing arguments on multiple sites (including reddit and apparently here as well) concerning which route is the most fitting to read last; Flynn or TJ?  I keep seeing different opinions. What do you guys think? I wanna read it through without revealing anything  to myself too soon till the end. 

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McSkinny said that you should play as the last one Flynn route, but it is realy hard to say. 

This is his order to follow Carl -> Leo -> Jenna -> TJ -> Flynn

If you don't want to follow it there is nothing bad, but if you want to expierience it fully then you know what to do :)

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As long as Mcskinny said so himself, then that's what I'll follow. Thanks.

I was gonna do Leo first but ended up choosing Carl first instead. Glad I did.

But on what website did he recommend this reading  order?  Also, is there an official discord server?

https://discord.gg/ZUqdbhVG  there you go buddy

It actually doesn't realy matter if you did Leo's first, because they don't reveal very important informations to the whole universum. I believe that Carl's is first bc his route is the least nerve wracking and won't end on your mental breakdown. The note Echo can be an emotionally intense experience and may not be for everyone. Please put your mental well-being first and take this into consideration before downloading!   is not a joke or just a warning because for exaple there is one scene with drunk creep. For many people, like realy many this game is realy hard to go through.

You should also know that Carl, Leo and Jenna have 2 routes (TJ and Flynn only 1)

Oh, I was already aware about all this(everything you mentioned but the drunk creep part). It's just that I'm kind of an obsessed perfectionist. If I had read Leo first then found out later that Carl was the first route that was mentioned by Mcskinny, (even though it's no problem at all) it would bother me. For some reason, my pen pal tells me it's because I'm blood type A

Thanks for the link.😁

oh you got me wrong,  "drunk creep" was just first think that pop in my head about "disturbing things" that might be emotional disturbing or whatever... without spoilling anything to other comment readers

My point was to just tell that the plot, amount of emotions and fcked up things in this game is enormous and it is Very Probably that most of the people will be disturbed, especially the more fragile people like me.

sry for misleading you :/


Actually, you should play in this order. Carl -> Leo -> TJ -> Flynn -> Jenna, since Jenna route is the most fitting route to END with closure.

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Closure huh?🤔. Yeah I remember a lot of people saying that they were unsatisfied with Flynn's route as an ending. But I also remember multiple people saying that no route is good enough for closure and that non of them are necessarily canon anyway 🤷‍♂. Who else has an opinion? I'm still reading Leo's route so I've got some time before Finally deciding. 

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I said only what creators said about routes order

Actually I decided to play Jenna route as the last one as well, but not bc it well closure whole story, but bc i heard that it has "good ending" and I don't want to say goodbye to Echo with the nerve wracking routes like Flynn and TJ :) 

I haven't played Jenna yet and I don't realy want to no matter If she realy has A ending, I don't belive anyone will be happy but I will find courage and go through... somehow

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well I've made my decision then.:

I'm gonna do jenna's route last just so I don't finish the VN with a bad ending. Based on what little I've heard about Flynn's ending, it's not the kind of story you'd want to end with. So I'll have to keep my inner perfectionist at bay.

Thanks guys 😊

Hey guys, considering that this VN labels itself as a "horror" visual novel, can I expect any jumpscares along the way? I don't really do too well with jumpscares but at the same time I am really hoping to try this game out for all the things I've been hearing about it.

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As far as I remember, there are jumpscares; few and far in-between. The visual novel relies on atmospheric and psychological horror, and scenes can hit very close to home to a wide variety of people so be wary of your mental state before you play.

Hope this answers your question, if not you can ask me further to iterate on some things I may (have) miss/ed.

The Jumpscares are usually done with sudden dreadful music. So yeah.... that can add to the effect of the Unexpected scary situation. So Brace yourself

Nahhhh there's no cheap jumpscares, just a build up anxiety no ghost jumping in your face.

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ok i played through this game for the first time rn and i am super confused, i guess i went on flynn's route? i am so confused my mind is going crazy trying to understand whats going on, i'll play more on other routes to try and understand better i guess

edit: ok i went through leo's route and i am heart broken i am so sad i will never recover from this

edit2: had a mental breakdown over leo GOD DAMMIT


......holy fuck. I've been meaning to play this for like ever and finally got to it. I played the smoke room first though because its still in dev and it took me less time, same emotional investment though.... but back on this I did Leo's route first. massive regrets, but also none whatsoever because he made me feel things I've not felt in a while and gave some.... newer perspectives and such. this is by far one of the most intense VN's I'll ever play, in the best way. my heart ached at how that route ended up but it was better than.... the other situation. I almost cried for the first time in years, which made me happy because it just made me realize how attached I became to this story and everyone involved in it. I was scared for a bit about some things, that ended up being baseless but still worried me. I've also got to do a ton more things if I'm gonna get anything figured out on some mysteries in this, or google things if I don't want my heart torn apart again. still genuinely curious about some major things, like everything involving Sydney, I got a guess or 3 on what happened but I have to replay to figure out if anything has any ground to build on or if its even touched at all!... but on a little different note this has become my absolute favorite visual novel of all time. purely because if how good It's written and how intrigued I was. well still am but eh, and thank you for sharing echo with the world and giving me a god damn amazing experience.


This is By Far THE BEST vn besides Adastra! Though its so Heart wrenching, i can get overwhelmed and just take a break..But i LOVE this Gem so much!!

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