A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


(Echo contains themes of an adult nature, including violence, torture, drug usage, and harsh language - you must be 18 or older to play)

CW: Echo can be an emotionally intense experience and may not be for everyone. Please put your mental well-being first and take this into consideration before downloading!

Echo is a horror visual novel about a small, isolated, desert town located somewhere in the southwestern states.

During spring break, Chase, a young otter who grew up in Echo, is back for a
school project aimed at documenting an event in the 1870's that may
have lead to the town's current state. He's joined by five friends,
who grew up with him in Echo, taking the chance to have a little
reunion. Unfortunately, Chase begins to realize that their memories
of Echo may have been a bit rose-tinted. Being back in the town digs
up old and painful memories; secrets that lead to rifts in the group
that have been boiling under the surface for years. On top of that,
Chase begins to realize that Echo itself may have its own secrets.
Odd and unexplained memories that he always blamed on an overactive
childhood imagination may not have been imagined at all.

Finally, an event is triggered that turns these fears into something much more
tangible and dangerous. Chase is now forced into a situation in which
he must help his friends either face, or escape their demons. Either
way, Echo is not keen on letting them go...

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<Spoilers, maybe small ones for TSR as well>

So I played this after The Smoke Room, and at the end of Leo's route, Sam(?) mentions everybody but Murdoch, and 1) I really hope that doesn't mean he ends up hurting or betraying Sam in some way to make him resent him since Murdoch's my favorite so far (though it's really close and I like them all a LOT) and 2) now I'm aware and really scared of how heartbreaking stuff might get in that game as well ;-;

I've done every route except Jenna's so far but I think I'm going to wait for the final update for that, but I personally loved Leo's route and, having played his last, I think it's comparatively a very satisfying and happy ending; the voice that you see in other routes finally becomes more material, Flynn's alive and well, and even though you don't make many choices, you don't feel the narrator/Chase slipping from your grasp as a reader. As for Leo himself, he's clearly unbelievably stunted as a person because of Chase, and knowing that the growth you see at the end wouldn't be happening if you got a "happy" ending is really hard to ignore, not to mention Kudzu showed great character that wasn't conditional on his romantic interest. 

Despite all that, I'm sad that it seems there'll never be closure for the whole Sydney situation. I'm still not quite sure if the sinister thing inside Chase only appeared after he drowned him, or if it's what caused him to do it in the first place, but the real kicker is that it's a burden TJ clearly struggles so hard to live with, and it's so crushing to see that he's never able to get it off of his chest because that same murderer is so ambiguous about his intentions. Like even as the reader it's really easy to why TJ would read Chase's actions as threats, then you see him kill Flynn upon finding out... 

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(Spoilers, kinda)

Why doesn't Flynn have multiple endings like the others? it seems kinda strange, especially with the 5 years later thing wgere it shows chase and them college kids

"CW: Echo can be an emotionally intense experience"


No spoilers but DAMN, y'all did not hold back and just- the ending of TJ's route... DAMN. Gonna give it a go for other's routes but I need to recover from everything I just- well I just need to recover from everything.

Minor minor spoilers, but I wish towards the end there, on the lake, or honestly any appropriate spot before, I could've had some sort of choice to stop all... THAT... from happening, but that's not on y'all being bad writers or anything that's just me always wanting a perfectly happy ending all tied up with a neat bow. Typically after stories that aren't even half as... Intense... as this I find myself daydreaming about me being in total control and fixing everything and it all being happy and hunky dory.

TL;DR: Great- no ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC story and characters, but highly stressful and anxiety inducing, especially for a control freak that always wants everything to go perfectly and happily.


ikr my anxiety went all over the place when i first played this ;-; but still it was an amazing visual novel 

little spoiler

What  specie is Sydney? I guessing he's an otter too, since in Flynn's route he sees him as one at the bar.

Yes, he is an otter. That is mentioned very early on actually.

Oh, I must have missed it. Thanks!

sorry google translator)
(careful spoiler)
I went the path of Leo (my first path) in the game and I liked the ending, but is there an outcome in which we stay with Leo, but we DO NOT REMOVE LEGS AND WE DIE! and if so, how to get it. Thank you in advance.

Nope. Either you stay and die or you leave and live.


it's a little sad but I like the ending, it is logical and overwhelming!
I'm glad Chase found his happiness!


So uh, I only finished Leo's route so far b/c haha sexy wolf.
And uh, gotta say I'm thrilled, chilled, and down right terrified at points. 
Now I gotta play through the rest!
The writing is so immersive and entertaining that I can't help but get sucked into the world. 
Thank you for the tears and fears!



i feel like the killer for Sydney can actually be different in certain routes?? like for TJ it's Heavily implied that it's Chase (and kind of in Leo's route if i remember) but for Flynn, it doesn't specifically say it was Chase. I almost felt like it implied that it was Flynn (or whatever Flynn was at that point) instead. I'm not sure if that was the intention or not, but the concept that the killer changing each time is interesting.

Really? I didn't get that from FFlynn's route though. In what part is that implied?

i probably read it wrong but i thought that flynn's route implied that maybe he caused it instead, or at least contributed to it? but also i could be wrong idk

No not really. Chase killed Sydney.

Ehh i played the game but i still dont know who the real killer is. Is it chase the spirit that possessed them or flynn or does it change depending on whose route i chose

Sydney's killer you mean? That gets pretty clear at the end of TJ's route.

But there're some strange details that lead you to doubt that Chase really killed him, or at least that he wanted to. For example, in Flynn's route, Leo blames Flynn of killing Sidney and Flynn denies it doubtful. Or sometimes he's not sure if Chase did or not, like he doesn't truly believe it. For me, there is something more. 

Um...so I just played for the first time on Flynn's route. Can someone plz elaborate on what happened? I'm a little confused. 

Also what other routes are currently available?

To understand Flynn's ending more, you have to play Jenna route(which is still on going) you can determined Chase and Jenna relationship to be lover or just friend when she asked Chase if he gay in Amusement park.

Right now all routes are finished except Jenna route. 



Man, everyones's talking about wanting a "good ending" with the MC staying with Leo, but I strongly believe that that's a bad ending. Kudzu seemed to be way more better than Leo, even if we don't have much info about  him. He didn't seem possesive or extremly jealous. Letting Leo leave the past and manage to forget Chase is way more beneficial than build on his happiness over a person. Yeah, he spent 5 years crying for him, but at the end, he let it go. Anyway, this is the only route I've finished so far, I'm hyped to try the others <3

Does the game include smut?

It does but it isn't the focal point.

Um, is Jenna route already finished?


Still on going!


I love the new jenna route update. The animation of chase doppelganger walking behind Leo at The hotell. The smoke room reference when janice hit the maincharacter from tsr with their car. All this freaked me out so bad. But in a good way. Its fucking awrsome!!!!! 

For Flynn's route does to be continued mean it's still wip or is it for an erry effect?

Oh, because...



Is there a better ending to Flynn's route? I got the ending where Flynn was the monster and was in the closet of who i am assuming is Jenna.  I think "Flynn" drowned Sydney. 

That's the only posible end of Flynn route and there only one thing  wich we can influence on, by choising who's story you want to be completed: Flynn's, Leo's or ... Jenna's maybe ? And I dont think fully possesed Flynn was the killer more likely that *That* thing gave him

all the answers by warping him through time, space and even multiverse's of Echo (as we seen before with Chase's car, it's posible)

and mutilated Flynn" just been an observer of events of the past(only proving point that all going in circles).

Thanks, that clears things up


does anyone know where the music is from? like is it just royalty free stuff or did someone produce it?

fantastic game btw !!!

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there is a bug in Jenna route. Android (maybe spoilers). 

after a fight Leo vs Brain. In hotel, when screen became darker in third time and "Leo eyes are still open" (or something like this with the same meaning) , game just crush. I try to make different choices but that do not change anything at all. I use absolutely new saves.

Same happens to me. I'm not sure if it's supposed to do that, or if there's some special animation or something that crashes the Android version of Ren'Py.

I suppose I could try checking on my desktop, but that would require going through the entire Jenna route again...


yeah, i already watch a walkthrough and there is some kind of animation that didn't work on android

Use skip feature

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I just finished Leo's route and I'm really distraught from it. (The rest is spoilers)

I loved Leo but to me seemed rude to everyone accept Chase once you got further into this emotional rollercoaster. It proves he is a bit rude by going on Flynne's route. He is mean to Flynn because Flynn is curious to what happened to Sydney and does not know how to ask for the truth.

But I also get why Leo's the way he is. He was stuck in wondering if him and Chase were going to get back together. I have been in a place like that. I understand what he is going through and I feel a lot of sympathy for him.

It gets worse. Play Jenna's route, see what he's been put through

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Please make an ending where you and leo live together as a good ending i really love leo's route so much and it would be nice to see them together at the end.

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Spoilers (kinda...)

Leo's  Bad ending resume in 2 Words:

FEETus Deletus



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Ohhhhhhh!!! I got startled so badly.








Jenna's route... that animation! I didn't even know animations were possible in Renpy... Everyone else having static sprites, but that THING casually walking in made me do a double take.

So when is the update coming?


So, I just finished Leo's route (which broke my heart and put me in depression box AGAIN (echoproject is little too good in this)) I have a question. So, if at last  I choose option that ends their's relationship i get the end screen, but in other I dont. This mean that they still workin on it or this just isn't canonical ending? 

Vn is very good. But in my opinion there should be more romance.


No, I think you die there from severe blood loss.

It would be great if there were more romance but that would be too good for Echo and the group's dynamic doesn't really allow for more romance.

The end screen is like you reached the good end. Have more story after this screen.

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Low bow to people who did this tremendous work. Let's just say that is highly immerse you in it's events. Every road you choose bring you throught real roller coaster of emotions and after all, at the end when you don't know how to feel about that game 'couse your thoghts are all about

*that feel* ... like many people said before me ... feel of hollowness. After game that feel will not left you so easelly.

Anyway its REALY good VN that you should play if you like that sort of things, but i need to warn you that there is no absoulute good endings or such thing like *True* ending  .

So you may go and give it a try, while i lying whith my headphones on and thinking about how to become a full member of society ... again.


I think that you need to have absorbed Adastra to make sense of Echo and the Smoke Room. The underlying concern in Adastra is the encroaching Darkness, which threatens all existence. We are told that there are fragments of Darkness scattered through the galaxy, and Echo plainly has one of these, activated by the mining work. The Adastra universe is layered, with the the "Parents" occupying a level that only the Darkness touches, and the intelligent species living in the material world, a layer 'down' from that. The Parents generate useful technologies for these species, and manage much of their lives, much as the Darkness impacts on humanity in Echo. 

It is easy to spin a narrative that links these two. Imagine that Chase is the kidnapee in Adastra, finding his super-wolf and acting as a probe for the Parents towards the Darkness on Earth. He is selected precisely because of his Echo-derived public on-line profile and his ease with wolves. 

Oohh that kinda makes sense!

Especially after what Sam said in Flynn's route.

"First 'it' came from the gate, then 'they' came from the stars" iirc

The mining incident opened the gate then more came from the stars attracted by the growing chaos of Echo. 

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Try this:

In the Adastra world, the Parents are concerned by the Other, by the encroaching Darkness. They need to know more about it, but how to probe it without provocation or getting contaminated? Earth offers a welcome opportunity. 

Earth is an anomaly in three ways: it is a physical host to a chunk
of Darkness, it is, uniquely, home a multitude of intelligent
species which have self-uplifted to full sapience. Third, whilst it
has been contacted on numerous occasions, it has always thrown off
those contacts and all local memory and external records of them are
lost, apparently erased in the Sibling databases by some alarming

The Parents need to observe this last process in action, in order to
secure their data structures. Hence, contact is needed, using a
sacrificial sibling species of no great intrinsic value. The wolves
will do just fine. Their ability to travel interstellar routes is
immediately rescinded in order to isolate the culture.  The Parents
also want to observe the potential for contamination through third
party carriers, and in order to find such a carrier, they look at
records for past human interactions with the local instance of
Darkness. The famous student post by Chase on the Echo riots comes
up in the search, and so they look into Chase. 

Motivation of Amicus is also started. Due to his social status, he is the only wolf over whom they have strong influence and for the same reason, the only potential interstellar traveller. Examining records from Earth, Chase's social media posting about his history with Leo comes up, suggesting strong
wolf-human interaction potential. Chase becomes the target carrier of the Darkness, and he is invited to speak at a paranormal interest  seminar in Rome, specifically on his Echo experiences. Delighted by the escape from his closed off world, he accepts. The rest proceeds as scripted. You would need to
increase the currently-naive MC's sophistication a notch in the early scenes to
catch Chase's world weary cynicism, and there is a later graphic
showing distinctly human genitalia. Nothing there that an Photoshop
intervention  wouldn't fix. Chase and his love of water needs playing up in the lakeside scenes. 

The riots that start shortly after Chase's arrival on Adastra are taken by the Parents as a sign that contamination can be spread by a carrier. earth, with its several Darkness hotspots is, therefore, seen as a dangerous source of contamination. Consideration is given to its destruction by one faction, whilst another presses for containment and further study. Earth is, after all, nowhere near achieving interstellar flight on its own. 

We see that the attack by Cato on Amicus and Chase was engineered by the Parents with the specific end of installing a neck-based device to monitor Chase's interactions with the Darkness after he is returned to earth. Back on Earth, the 'convenient' outbreak of bird flu that he causes has him sequestered by the US Government in a secure facility in Arizona, 'coincidentally' close to Echo. 

In isolation and confinement, his neck collar comes into action. Chase sees the universe as the parents do, as a multilayered structure in which various classes of intelligence have their particular domains. He explores this, meeting the Monitor which instructs him in how to understand this new situation. The local geography is dominated by the Darkness, which exists by virtue of the disorder that it can create in aware minds. Chaotic disorder will not do: it has to be a falling from potential, from grace, on behalf of conscious minds for it to feed.  It sets out to subvert such minds and to pull them from their possible attainments. 

Chase watches it in action, and notes that humans have developed a means to manage its influence, at least under mild challenge and at a distance. Close to, however, all is overwhelmed. Not-Earth based intelligences are, though, utterly vulnerable to it effects. During his exploration, he proves to be too conspicuous and is noticed. The entity, curious, uses Flynn's demonic avatar and its usual tricks to  disrupt social order at the containment facility. Chase escapes, pursued by Flynn, and discovers where he has been held. He meets with familiar local characters, who hide him. 

In the middle of this ramshackle hunt, Amicus arrives, having heard of Chase's confinement.  during or subsequent to the escape. (Chase is tagged so that he can be tracked by the Galactics, separately from  the Parents.) Reunion is punctuated by Chase's horror that his lover is utterly vulnerable to the Darkness, which latches onto his mind. Subsequent Leo-Amicus-Salamander dynamics are spectacular, and the Darkness is fed by them. 

Chase goes into full White Knight mode, developing weapons to assault the Darkness in its lair. He transforms Flynn back to his former self and fights along side him. Amicus is preserved and a major reunion occurs. This victory opens the Darkness's archive of victimhood: can the preserved victims be restored to life, but stripped of their imposed negatives. Is that tantamount to destroying their identities, 'censoring' them? Flynn has strong opinions, the stronger when the restoration of Sydney becomes a practical possibility. The Monitor becomes a part of the debate: what is identity, what should and does survive death? And is the view of the Parents absolute, or merely imposed because they have power? The Monitors, hundreds strong, begin to question the eight Parents whom they serve. The mechanism by which Earth contains the epidemic Darkness is studied for its urgent potential use. 

The role of the Parents becomes clear to the Sapientiae and the casual experimental use of the wolves chills all of the evolved species. If them then why not us, too?  The revelation of Parental bad faith brings a system-wide  political pot comes to the boil. Are the Parents kind overseers or manipulative opportunists? This can be a major plot thread in Khemia.

Insight into autopsy of the Darkness remnant casts light on the nature of the Parents. Both exist by virtue of an infrastructure: to eliminate the one, you would have to destroy the other. Will the Parents sacrifice themselves to Save the Universe? So what are the Parents? Kind nurturing entities of players of games? Wait for our next instalment. 

Quite intriguing for the most part.

I'm guessing the darkness can't do much beyond its domain besides latching on to one's mind. It'd be too weak to do anything beyond its source. One would have to had entered its influence to be affected by it. Without a clear source and domain, it'd dissolve before it could do anything. I doubt Chase would cause hysteria in Adastra. Unless Adastra itself already harbors darkness rooted within its lands.

Though it'd be interesting to see Chase fight off the darkness, he'd need literal magic to do so. Preferably one that can enforce the natural laws, something that can suppress chaos manifest. Highly doubt Chase could produce such weaponry, let alone the technology for it.

Such a story could be great with a few tweaks here and there.

If the Parents exist in a framework, then that framework can be used to construct tools.  The tools demonstrably work on the mundane world, as with the "Parent tech" that forms in the injured neck, the seeing helmet and so on.  Chase is given an interface to this environment, but only is akle to see how it "works" when he is invaded b y the Other at the containment facility. 

Not entirely sure if the Parents can deploy such an interface considering Chase's location, which is Earth, a place free of parental influence.

Highly doubt Chase's neck piece could serve as a channel considering how small and limited it's function is, unlike the archives.

So unless the parents have somehow made Chase's body capable of channelling and materializing various energies, such a situation is a bit nonsensical.

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regarding the latest update...

what the fuck

what the FUCK 



W H A T  T H E  F U C K 


Actual spoilers...

I didn't think I could dislike Chase any more for what he *did*, but after learning what he did to Leo as well, fucking hell. No excuse there. No wonder Leo's like he is.




I feel the same. Everyone's saying how Leo acts like a psycho, and yes, he does go off the deep end to be fair, but he hasn't exactly been treated fairly in the past.





I mean, Leo is obsessed with Chase. Is it because he actually does have an otter fetish? Who knows, but I interpreted the scene with his porn stash more indicating that he's looking for smut he can insert Chase and himself into, rather than him only liking Chase's appearance.

But for Chase to go do THAT to him? He knows he is jealous and insecure. So he thinks it would be funny to pretend he was pissing off with another guy as a JOKE? And learning Jenna was in on it too? Not only that, having Jenna always trying to one-up, or straight-up belittle him when he's trying to impress the guy he's into? Chase kind of ending the relationship, but never actually ending it also fucked Leo up. He's left wondering "Are we? Are we not?" Only in Leo's good ending where Chase actually ends things does Leo actually start doing the healthy thing and move on. He needed to end it sooner, not just leave him in relationship limbo for years. It's no wonder Chase and Jenna aren't my favourite.

Haven't finished yet, but damn i feel like i need to say something about it. I feel hollow already.


Few spoilers ahead ⚠ 








That train scene drove a battering ram straight to my fucking chest at full force 😭😭😭😭

 Especially after playing every route and leaving Leo for last so it hit EXTRA hard.

Just picturing Chase (Samuel) pour out all their hate and spite for echo after having ruined their lives opened the flood gates I tried so hard to suppress from seeing Leo just stand there in the distance with a shattered heart no matter how crazy he was at that time 😭.  I haven't cried like a damn faucet in quite a while after Adastra. 

I'm really eager to see how Samuel's story pans out in The  Smoke Room. 

With lots of theories in mind as to what happened in 1915 and what dwells within Echo, it leaves me restless for an update.

The plot, writing and storytelling is just 


Here's to hoping more fleshed out VNs like this πŸ‘βœ¨

Deleted 39 days ago

Oof i feel ya i ended up taking leos route second last but that ending is too much 😣😣  its one that really got atuck in me for days

It's worse if you choose to stay with him though.


That's what I chose first actually. 

It barely phases me at that point. I just gave an indifferent look after all the routes I've been through.

Getting pierced straight to my heart and soul felt much worse :D and Jenna's route shoved it deeper. 

I've lost all emotion.


Rargghhhhh!!! LEO!!!!!! Damn you!!! F*cking leave this town with me!!! Curse this bad ending and Sad ending!!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ IM GOING CRAZY!!!! 

Some Spoilers on Leo's ending 

Holy fuck amazing game with amazing story but I wanted to ask if me losing my feet on Leo's route is like a "bad" ending or the normal one considering it's a horror game.

It's a bad one. You die on this one.

does leo's route have a good ending then ?

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If you leave him, you'll get the better ending. There is no true good ending. :(

ohhhh but i don't want to!

Yeah I know :(

I don't like the fourth image in the gallery. I know where that comes from and I don't like it. Lol

Seriously, though, this is a fantastic VN. I've played every ending and I honestly have never gone through this much despair before. Although the ambiguity is part of what makes the game special, I would like some sort of clarification about why (spoilers)









Chase killed Sydney. Also, I think it would be awesome if there was more innocent encounters with these characters. Like, while going through Flynn's ending, I wanted nothing more than to just hang out with the entire gang. Maybe watch a movie like Leo wanted, lol.

Anyways great vn! I loved playing it.

was there an update? its  now on version 0.49 but it doesnt say it updated in the dev. log


What's new? Is it announced anywhere?

oh thank you

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QUESTIONS but with spoilers. 

Can anyone answer my question?

Hello, is there a route for leo? I mean really with leo not with kudzu in a "good ending" way not the "cut off" leg. Can anyone tell me, i really like leo, and i thought that it will worked out, but i'm shocked when it's not and chase even with kudzu. I know how bad is his attitude and obsession but i really though that he will change and because of that i'm really  hocked right now and sad

Is that the only ending? Anyone pls anwer 


Yes, that is it.


thank you, it makes me a little heartbroken because i thought it will be the usual visual novel. Welp i think playing a new theme visual novel like this is a new experience to me even if it is a bitter one

i feel ya i got heart broken cause of that part and the story and the writing is so amazing i couldn't hold back my tears when i got to that part i even replayed to check wether theres an alternate ending and ended up with chase losing his legs but gets to stay with leo kinda bittersweet in a way

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

The author is good with his vn but I hate how he makes the mc in both adastra and Echo kinda seem like a narcissist sociopath. 


Im sure its not the same person who wrote both Adastra and Echo. i think McSkinny wrote Echo and Howly wrote Adastra.

By the way, has any of the developers said which route is canon? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Maybe Flynn's? Because at the end of it the message "To be continued" pops out. Can't say for sure though.

Deleted 67 days ago
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Flynn's and Leo's routes spoilers ahead!






I think the story in Flynn's route messes up with time travel and different time lines. This is strongly hinted when the group is trying to leave Echo and they spot Duke near Chase's car all wrecked by the road (that happened in Leo's route). There are other hints but to me that's the most obvious. The phantom train in Leo's route might also have to do with this whole timeline mess.

So while Flynn's route ending was a bit confusing, my guess is one of these two things happened:

- Flynn fell in the hysteria and hallucinated the whole thing about Jenna's past.

- Flynn actually traveled to the past transformed in that red smoke monster, being him the creature Jenna used to see as a child.

Hmm i didnt think of it that way... Only adds more to echos mystery. I hope there'll be future updates that adds more decent happy endings my heart cant take more deaths and tragic endings 😭😭

I just hope everything makes sense in the end and they don't leave it to the reader's interpretation, I'd hate that.

Deleted 67 days ago
(1 edit) (+3)

(This was a response to ZeroKesk about which route was canon. For some reason the comment keeps appearing out of the original thread).

According to this pinned message on the official echo discord server, all of the routes are canon. If you don't have access to the discord server, I'll just quote it here:

"Multiple characters in Echo have multiple fates, and they can even die differently in different routes, which are all canon to the story due to overlapping multiverses in the world building. "

That's good to know, thanx. Why did you delete your previous comments? I was kind of invested in that conversation.

Because I kept thinking that I wasn't putting it in the original chain

Thanks for the info. Say, could you please tell me where to find the link to access the Discord server? Or is it Patreon only?


Here you go (this link won't expire btw)


Thanks bud!

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Just finished my first playthrough earlier with the TJ route.

I now have depression

Deleted 69 days ago
Deleted 70 days ago

Oof... I feel ya I kinda hoped for a better ending with tj's route but ended up with that messed up ending 

(1 edit)

I was left with kind of a big question about TJ's route. I feel like I missed something, hope you guys can answer it.







Who did actually set the whole treasure hunt and why? I don't think it was any of the main group characters. The only thing that kinda makes sense to me is if it was The thing (as I like to call it) the entity behind all the weird stuff happening in the town, but that sounds a bit weird.

Maybe it's TJs subconsious agency.


big spoilers







it's definitely hinted that it's TJ, though likely subconsciously/influenced by the town. remember that he was drawing those stick figure furries on napkins earlier in the game, and the final "note" has those same stick figures. it's likely his subconscious wanted the truth out even if his conscious mind didn't/couldn't.

O: you are right! I remember thinking that moment in the cafeteria felt kinda odd and irrelevant but it makes sense it was all to hint that TJ was behind it. Thanks, I definitely missed that!

I havent thought about the stick figure parts but i kinda guesed it was him cause from their flash back it was only tj that was around when chase tried to drown sydney

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I've been reading the comments and i just don't understand why everyone is so sad. Some people say there is no a good ending, but it is wrong. I don't know how many endings this game has (i played once). I'm gonna tell you my ending:






1. Everyone is alive

2. Chase in love with Kudzu

3. After 2 years Chase and Kudzu return back to Echo to meet Leo. Leo forgives Chase, they say last goodbye and this is the end.

I think it's best ending for me. I was so happy. I thought this game doesn't has happy end, but i was wrong.

And I wish there will be more Kudzu's arts and poses in the pictures. It's very sad he has only one pose with folded arms. I wish the creators will fix it


Personnaly I love this ending but I still prefer Karl's one because Chase does not have to live with PTSD for the rest of his life, still in college and Karl too, stayed friend with Karl and Jenna, and everyone is alive too ! He has physical sequelae but meh. I prefer having to live limping than with trauma.

But I agree the ending is not that horrible.

One end.

In middle of 7.

It is a end but I don't  consider a good end. At least not a good happy good end.

Anyway it is a terror story, not really need a happy end.


People expect Chase end with the wolf. After all in some ends he be a journalist other he gave up and or it not even talk about it.

And all sad ends are so sad/bad that the feeling suppress the feeling that a no sad end could give.


I only stopped to feel deep weird after see the Carl route. Because I understood most of the story there.

Maybe Chase ends up with Amicus.  :) See a lengthy,  earlier post by me.


Does anyone else just hate Jenna in general? After the amusement park, she's just... nothing but bitch the majority of the time.


A great game, but holy hell, does it make you feel like shit.

Visual novels tend to leave me feeling a bit lacking in control over the character's actions - well, Echo does a great job of letting you feel like you have control, only to show you that your actions were ultimately meaningless, and you could do jack shit to stop all the horrible things that happened.
The genius however, lies in HOW it does it - not the "the plot demands it" way, rather the "you were just a part of something much bigger" way. As the plot moves forward, it builds the feeling of helplessness and dread, giving you only short moments to catch your breath.
The cast is also fleshed out and, for lack of a better word, believable - which only makes it easier to get attached to the characters, only for your feelings to get brutally mangled. I thoroughly recommend it, but DO NOT play if you're in a fragile mental state - "Echo" left me feeling hollow and broken after just one route, and I don't expect the rest to be any less haunting.


I prefer the ram route. It say more of the story.

TJ and Flynn routes most buried my soul. Flynn route have some interesting point of narrative changes but... It is a confuse  end.



 on build 49 jenna route it is a absolute fact chase is an idiot if he was running from a killer and the choices were an open road, alley way and building full of people he would just trip and cry and "use words" to make the killer stop, chase  is so stupid that he had so many options he could have grab a pipe and shard of glass heck even the trash can would have helped more but no his idea of helping leo is jumping on brian the bear which he stated that the bear was bigger then leo and when he was flung chase was surprised and then he did again what did chase expect the result would be different for a journalist his so short sighted cant see the details around him he could have easily stab brians eye when the bear was so fixated with leo there was debris everywhere there was even a  syringe but nooooooo his first idea was talk to it, The bear was already hitting leo and  his first idea was talk to it!!! I MEAN TALK TO IT!!!! in times of confrontation like this its fight or flight or maybe i am not updated that its now fight ,flight and PUCKING TALK TO THE PERSON WHOS CLEARLY INTENT ON HURTING YOU AND YOUR FRIEND!!!!! GOD THIS PUCKING STRESSFULL so anyways  this update is so  disappointing  that making you read it will make you loose interest from the game so if you are waiting for build 49 i suggest you keep your expectation low like almost reaching the earth core low and hope that build 50 will be better 

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