Echo's 1 Year Anniversary - Art and Polish Update

Howdy folks , McSkinny here with an anniversary update. It's hard to believe it has been a year since Echo released. I'm surprised to see that the download rate has remained pretty steady since the game's release, with amazing new fanart and fics coming in daily for something made with a complete shoestring budget. This update fixes probably around 100+ typos that have been bugging me since the release (our coding software for Echo did not have spellcheck). Since I wanted to do an update for bug fixes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to add in some more art, both from our established artists we've worked with before and fans from the community. The PC, Mac, and Linux builds are out now, with Android coming soon. Check it out, yo.

Change Log:

- A ton of typo fixes across the whole game

- New sprites for Chase (art by Stardustpup)

- New sprite for the Carny (art by Hiccupby)

- New epilogue sprites (art by PaintFox)

- Four new CG's for Flynn, Leo, and Jenna routes (art by Telemon and Avian)

- Seven interactive short stories now available in the gallery. On the main menu, click the lake, then the window pane, and finally scroll down to the bottom (Stories by Zeke, Gausk, and Howly - edited by BurlapJoe).


Echo - The Full Visual Novel [PC Download] 653 MB
Apr 02, 2022
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Linux Download] 640 MB
Apr 02, 2022
Echo - The Full Visual Novel [Mac Downlad] 636 MB
Apr 02, 2022

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I legit downloaded the game right now and saw there is a update. But i can't install it. How can I install the update or is the game already updated when i got it?

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Someone knows if this sprites are oficial or are a fan Made? This Is one of them Is Chase as a child 

how do i update echo

Just download the new version then go into your old copy of the game and copy the 'saves' folder in the 'game' folder over to the 'game' folder in the new version, you should then have the new version of the game with all of your save data and access to all the days you've played to in your older version.

just replayed the Jenna's arch, and had a completely different ending that the two I had explored prior, with this update there was also a change in her story?

Where would you find the new CGs tho?


I think you should be able to get them all by replaying Flynn and Jenna's routes, you can also replay Leo's for one of them but that event also shows up in Flynn's so it shouldn't be required.

Is the Android version updated as well?

In the update desc they said they'd come out with it soon


anyone here kows if the artist of"blurry" and "echo" (aka bug boy according to shazam) has an official profile anywhere? 


hi, that would be me! i don't really do much on itch, but i do have a twitter and a soundcloud!

my twitter is @dumbdogluca

and my soundcloud is

thank u!



the moments where it changes from just the sprites and the background to a standalone piece, like in the prolouge hen they take a photo together


Seeing Echo get an update again brings me great joy, and Damn those new CGs are freaky.


yea, in my opinion especially the new socketmonster one. I always was slightly disappointed how socketmonster looked in Flynn and Leo's route(the mountain CG with monster on the peak). However now... it is legitimately terrifying. I haven't seen such a creature in horror movies, let alone VN (ofc there are exceptions but you'v got my point) 

Is there anyway I can view them, I've just discovered the game and finished with most of it.. But I'm on android and it doesnt look like the new ones are out for android yet. :(

there you go buddy :)

damnn that is sick. Ty


The side stories are a great addition to Echo.

Reading them gave me the same feeling as the first time I went through echo.

Holy shit, I can't believe I'm seeing this button that says "UPDATE"

Just some weeks ago i finished the old version, and now this come out, i guess i will have some more sleepless nights

Holy shit that's great!
You guys should really announce this on Patreon because I had no clue this update was a thing!


Everytime I think I'm finally able to move on from this game, something always ends up pulling me right back.


We always comeback


IDK why but it wont let me read the stories, and everytime i try to clic on one of th weekdays of any characters it crashes my game.


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Short stories are broke, McSkinny is currently uploading a repaired version. Links have been removed to prevent people from downloading a faulty version.

And it's back

This is awesome! Does anyone know if the CGs will appear in the gallery if you've finished all the routes?

ho. ly. SHIT???

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