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Oh I've been waiting for so long! And it certainly did not disappoint!
If there is one downside, I think there might be some bug with saving the game. When I tried it just said an exception had occurred.


AYYY ITS FINALLY OUT 🐱🥬✨✨✨ woop woop, im so happy to see a dutch based vn plus its wholesomeness, 🍵✨🪴


Never know I would come across a dutch based VN. I realy like it!


Are there NSFW scenes?


Not in this build, no.

They may appear down the line, if they serve the story. :)


Oh... My God.

I can't believe we finally got to see a wholesome EchoProjects VN!!!! It's gorgeous: the humor and jokes that are not cringy considering overall theme, the surprising depth of characters, the drama that is so well fit in and is not forced. I ain't saying that I was sceptic towards GH, because you guys NEVER disappoint, frankly, I couldn't believe that you could get this much out of "modern not-so-superheroes in leotard" and what can I say? It was a bull's eye!

When I heard for the first time about this project many months ago I though that it was supposed to be a silly VN to "recharge the batteries", just like Adastra was supposed to be (or from what I heard). I'm so glad that yet again I was this much mistaken :)

Can't wait for the next updates guys! 


Thank you so much for the kind words!

While we're definitely intending for GH to be a bit more silly and lighthearted, we're still writing characters that deal with some real issues and personal struggles. We don't want it to be all gags, all the time.

Having said that, we still have plenty of silly fun stuff planned!

Honestly, it adds that much more to grounding the story in the believable. Could not be anymore excited to see what comes next!


Gosh, absolutely love the style, and obviously, the characters too 

Great first issue, I'm eagerly awaiting the next one!


the game is beautiful and wonderful,I came running to install when I received the email .🇧🇷


Mac version cannot be open.


We're currently looking into a way to fix this! We heard right clicking and hitting Open sometimes fixes this issue, but we're working on a definite solution. - Redd

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

heads-up, the pc file isn’t tagged as playable on linux despite being playable there

(edit: though permissions are a bit wonky and I had to change a couple manually)


Linux tag added! - Redd


gonna get this on download just got the email about the release 










Already have eyes on the Dawn Hound!



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