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Is there a date for the release of the next update cause i need more


I adore the story so far, and the style. Even just the every dog has its day caption on this page warms my heart in a fun way, all these vns are absolutely amazing and fill me with joy, thank you Echo project


I want to see an old man hero teaching a lesson to the young in a not so usual way. This has potential for great stories.


Will there be any other love interests besides Raoul and Milo? Someone younger..


Younger? probably not, the author loves the oldies and I'm into in. We need some vns with some more older guys 


Oh, it's a pity:< Of course, I also like adult mature men, but not older than 30-40 years


Well bad news there. I think both these guys are 45+

Wait so this is a complete game?


nope not yet. You can get updates on the echo project discord


I'm grinning so hard at this game, I swear
Thank you guys so much for this masterpiece!


I saw the end and was so confused lol I love this vn a lot already and can't wait for more


Maybe this VN will bring me out of this long, dark, and cold depressing atmosphere Fiona put us in. 14 days almost now with no power on the island and it has been tough covering my staff who cant work.

Bring my electricity back so I can read this. I'll try it.

Island? If you mean what I think, yoooo! Another fan from my place! This story is so worthwhile. But I will say, Fiona was definitely not fun to go through. But this game definitely brought a smile to my face when I played it again when power came back.


Sure was a time. Now here I am waiting for more to read now that it's all long done and over with here and storms. So far it's a nice read. Really full of character.


Also sorry Rocky. Were on different islands I think. Unless you for some reason moved to atlantic canada recently lol

No worries. I thought you might have meant a place around the Caribbeans. I'm sorry to hear about the hurricane though. Definitely not a good time. One thing for sure, this VN definitely got us a bit through it.


I am a Taiwanese, and I really hope this game would have Chinese version.(⁠*⁠﹏⁠*⁠;⁠)

I have problems reading English language sentences (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠).

Thanks for your team that always makes great works❤️.

I will support you forever.👍


Bruh Batavia is Jakarta, Indonesia... As an Indonesian I'm glad that the name stuck :D

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Unless you play The Smoke Room, 'Batavia' become confusing. In real life, Batavia is Jakarta in colonial era. Meanwhile, Batavia in The Smoke Room is equal to Netherlands (which Clifford's hometown). It seems, in this VN, Batavia is modern Netherlands. 

Now, if The Echo Project makes another VNs with Batavia as setting, I'm not sure anymore which 'Batavia' that they referred.


The ingame name Batavia comes from a former name of a region in the Netherlands!


So, can we say that that city is the future of Cliff's hometown?


the Batavian Republic was Netherlands under french rule during french revolution and napoleonic wars. It lasted from 1795 to 1806 when it was annexed directly into the French Empire.

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will this be a romantic visual novel on the side?? seeing alex and dawn hound would be a cute couple! but its ok if they wont date or anything :3 id just think its cute

other then that question, i just wanna say this is an AMAZING VISUAL NOVEL 


This visual novel will feature romance in the future, yes! Raoul and Milo are both potential love interests. ~Redd


oh my gosh yayyy! im so excited! 


you know I wish the sequel to A dastra would get an update but I absolutely love gloryhounds and the smoke room I don't know about Echo at all I haven't read it yet


How does Echo Project keep one upping themselves with the projects?

Aren't they have some teams to working on each VNs?


A VN with amazing art, writing and music? I'm sold


I am absolutely in love with this story. Admittedly, I'm generally not a fan of superhero stories, but the draw for Glory Hounds is how it doesn't take itself so seriously; it's a fun ride so far. The comic book styling and catchy soundtrack really keep your eyes glued to the screen. I am beyond excited to find out how this novel plays out.

Also, Alex would make the best boyfriend ever. He's a total sweetheart, though being smokin' hot is just the spotted icing on the cake.


Ace and Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo from Saturday Night Live and Furry Force from CollegeHumor. Anyone remember those two cartoons? I know it sounds random as hell but while playing Glory Hounds, my mind immediately thought about those two cartoons. They're dumb fun at best, cringey trash at worst but thinking about it now, I wonder how bad of a picture they painted in the eyes of "normal people". Y'know, milquetoast, white-bread "Christian" types who stick their nose up at shit like this thinking "how horrid!" Blah blah.

Now, I never liked superheroes to begin with. I couldn't keep up with comics because there were too many multiverses or side-stories going off on different tangents. I grew up on superhero films but I could never connect with any of them. I don't like power fantasies (shocker, I know) and I couldn't relate due to how fantastic their backstories were while mine is rather bland and fucked up.

I didn't know what I was expecting from Glory Hounds. When I first heard about it, I gave it an 'ehh' due to my distaste in general. However, after reading Echo (and finally finishing it. Man, what a trip that was), I became obsessed with Visual Novels, excited by the prospect of reading again. So, I gave Glory Hounds another shot. The first thing that blew me away: the animation and the music just in the title sequence. My jaw literally dropped. This is coming from a Ren'py engine?? I couldn't believe it. I haven't read too many Ren'py Visual Novels but the Echo Project have impressed me in such a short span of time.

As for the first issue itself, I felt giddy after finishing it. This VN wasn't just gay, it was positively gay, it was upliftingly gay, it was BEAUTIFINGLY GAY! Nearly every character was handled delicately and had a great sense of charm. The futuristic world and atmosphere looked impressive and fun! The story itself was lighthearted but serious with an air of mystery surrounding it. This is not your typical superhero story and Alex is very relatable. I love Raoul and his overall goofiness. He is played off as a "Batman-type" figure but he shows how much fun he's having doing it, like nothing fazes him. I'm excited to see how the story unfolds and I'm glad you're doing this by " comic issues" giving us time to gush while giving yourself ample time to work on the next story beat.

Coming back to what I've first said, Glory Hounds is nothing at all like the two cringey cartoons I've mentioned. GH has heart, charm and a great sense of positivity embedded into its personal narrative. I can't wait to see what happens next


I've never liked Visual Novels. But I did really like this one and am excited for the next issue!!!!!


Daaaang this VN is soo lovely! Aaaaaaaaa 💕


ok amicus being in the stain glass got a laugh out of me 


At first I thought I wouldn't like it, but it was quite the opposite. I love this and I'm looking forward to more! It takes me back to my younger years in a very good way while feeling I dunno, somehow better because it has neat dogs? Yeah let's just put it this way.


Batavia is one of the best vn settings I've seen! It's lively, futuristic and colorful. It's also fun to look for any Echo Project related easter eggs. I am looking forward to see more of the city itself!

please fix!!! i downloaded on mac, then my screen when crazy


created a Glory Hounds page on PDB


I love the characters, kind of goofy, yet so loveable!

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Thank you guys so much for this! I was laughing my butt off reading this! I CANNOT WAIT for the next installment! 

   The ARTWORK, the ANIMATION, the MUSIC!!! Praises upon Praises to you folks for creating this!

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This VN was extremely fun to read through; It was nice to see you guys incorporate a slightly more lighthearted tone, and the premise is an extremely fun one. The comic book visuals and animations are fantastic, as is the art style. I can't wait for the next episode. 10/10 y'all knocked it out of the park again.

[minor spoiler ahead]

The only thing I would say is it'd be nice to have some more interactivity in the future. Never worked with Ren'Py myself, but the whole secret chute discovery seems like a missed opportunity to let the user click and explore until they found it themselves - but then again to what extent that's even possible in the engine I have no idea. 


That is absolutely possible.




Just amazing overall presentation. You guys sure stretch Renpy to its limit.

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Hey, I just wanted to say good job on the VN it's great, but I did want to bring up one small inconsistency that made it's way into issue 1.


When you first meet Milo his sprite has a scar over his right eye, but in the very last scene with Milo and Raoul in the doorway his eye doesn't have a scar on it at all.

Edit: The eye his scar is on actually seems to change depending on the direction he's facing.

I.E.: when he faces the right side of the screen it's on his left, but when he faces the left side of the screen it's on his right.


The left side.  Probably.

His left I mean.  Thought I saw something about the eye itself while I was looking.


That's the pesky thing of working with asymmetrical character designs in VNs, I suppose!

We're looking into the best way to make Milo's blind eye and scars match the direction he's facing. Might be implemented in a future build if it shakes out. Thanks for playing! We appreciate your support! ~ Redd


Holy crap!


Just... wow!

I'm left speechless after playing the first build!

The music, the "comics" like style, the details in everything -- I love everything about this!

Thank you so much for this and I can't wait for the upcoming updates! ^^


is there already uhm... *cough* NSFW *cough* scenes?


By what stretch?  There's a shorts scene but not much is happening.


Nice, Echo Project yet again expanding their capabilities in a VN. The water physics are so pretty, the animated panels coming through are a nice stylization, the comedic timing is great, and the subversions to the cliches of a superhero origin story are on point.


This is so good and so well made already, its great as a VN and honestly as a comic book too !! Cant wait for more!!!


Omg I'm so loving this game hope we see more


Already obsessed!


"Adastra: on Ice!" x'D 

Absolutely AMAZING in every sense of the word UwU truely epic~ and I love all the Adastra references :3


Great game for the moment (too early to really know for sure), we will see where it goes... but...

Maybe it's just me... but the first impression of Dawn Hound is very bad. 


Not only he is thinking that putting a totally untrained guy to do hero job is fine (which means that he doesn't really care about his life or the lifes of all the innocent people he may fail to save because of his inexperience) but he also... makes offensive bets about the life changing decisions the dalmatian makes like it's a game.

Maybe that was intentional, and you wanted to portrait him as an inconsiderate inmature asshole who thinks the hero thing is nothing more than a harmless game, and doesn't really realize just how big and dangerous it really is. In that case, very good job, congratulations *thumbs up*.

But if it wasn't intentional... maybe you should reconsiderate a couple of things about that "presentation" of the character... just my opinion.


Raoul has reasons for what he does and how he goes about doing it. Some of that will become clear as the story progresses.

I will say Glory Hounds is not something that takes itself TOO seriously. There's a tiny bit of cartoon/comic logic involved. In terms of what we take inspiration from, think less Batman/Watchmen and more Totally Spies/Darkwing Duck.

You're free to interpret the character however you like though. :)

I will wait to see how the story continues then :)

Thanks for the reply.

Not sure if this is a spoiler but..

How do you guys pronounced 'Opgedoeckt' in the beginning?


It's a Dutch word, and a play on words since 'doek' can also mean a painting canvas. If you throw it into Google Translate you get a pretty accurate pronunciation!

Tysm ^^


i know this will be good any thing from the echo project is goooooood

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First Super-Nova, now this incredible super hero vn! This is a comedic super hero origins not just for Alex but also Dawn Hound. Echo Project really put in all the efforts to create another good vn.

Btw I love the Adastra references

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