A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

 (Glory Hounds contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play) 

Glory Hounds is a lighthearted action/romance visual novel set in Schippersburg, the futuristic capital of Batavia. 

Alex de Rooij, your regular everyday dalmatian working a dead end job, has his boring life suddenly upended when he discovers his boss's secret identity as the masked vigilante known as the Dawn Hound.

Thrust into a new position as his sidekick, he soon finds it comes with some rather unusual workplace hazards - from invisible fashionistas to fish mobsters from the depths of the local canals.

As threats continue to mount, Alex will have to step up to the plate to fight for the fate of his hometown - as well as decide his own.

Glory Hounds is an episodic visual novel with releases planned every two to three months (keep in mind that early releases might take longer than this as we build our library of assets and illustrations - we will try to keep communication as clear as possible). Each release features an additional story set in the city of Schippersburg. No cliffhangers here - these stories will remain mostly self-contained, similar to the cartoons and comics that inspired us.

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Title screen and thumbnail were drawn by Captain Nikko! Follow him here!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(438 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Comedy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Superhero


GloryHounds 3.1 -release.apk 465 MB
GloryHounds-3.1-win.zip 409 MB
GloryHounds-3.1-mac.zip 405 MB
GloryHounds-3.1-linux.tar.bz2 400 MB

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This VN fell off tbh.


This VN is actually amazing. Honestly don't know how to explain how good this VN is.


I love this game, but something I don't think a lot of people notice that I want to point out, because I think it's funny is that Raoul is just furry Bruce Wane. Mysterious rich guy that has a secret dark superhero persona, high tech gadgets, a side kick in a tight suit, a badass butler, and a secret underground lair.


Greetings from the German-Netherlands border. Love the game!


German-Batavian border*


If they try to back stab the dalmatian ill Ecocide thems "catacombs" how do you smash a non physical thing ez take it over or collapse ther reality


Can't wait for next update!


The amount of splendid spritework in this game never ceases to amaze me.


That was super fun! Thanks for the update! Loved Milo's falcon hood, and how Alex and Raoul could slip right in at a bondage-themed show, hahaha. 

(ending spoilers)

Curious about the entity there--some kind of soul of Schippersberg, that's benevolent while Echo's is malevolent? Echo cinematic universe real??? But seriously, the concept of the ancient (flooded?) catacombs of the city seems super cool, maybe we'll see them somewhere down the line. 


One tiny disappointment: the real-world pride flag at the bar. Not for bigoted reasons, I was hoping to see some kind of fun alternate universe/slightly futuristic design! Maybe with zigzags?

(1 edit) (+4)

theory time: i was thinking of the identity of the entity beneath the city, here's my idea, it is a "good" echo, we know that there is something (or multiple things) on Echo that seems to feed of suffering and trauma, in Arches is implied that there are inumerable echos around the world, but all we saw until now have feed on negative emotions and are generally malicious, but the entity in Schippersburg seems to feed on hope and is benevolent, is possible that both entities share a common origin

I got an file corrupt or damaged error when trying to extract the Linux version. Redownloading didn't fix it either. If any other Linux users encounter this issue I can confirm that the Windows version will run just fine if you have Renpy on your system.


I know the soundtrack is on YouTube but is there a way for me to download the music directly (the music is fantastic and I would love to loop it without adds on YouTube) amazing work as always


It's in the game files! 

- Redd

The timing of this update is amazing, I had literally been looking at this again last night and wondering if I'd be seeing more, and then there it was when I got home from work today!

(1 edit)

YES NEW UPDATE!!! Can't wait to play it! 

\( ^鈻絕)/

Was the okapi's species chosen because of Attack on Titan? 馃槄 While Glory Hounds has by far more diversity than any other VN, I can't help but wonder 馃構

Gosh, I'm absolutely loooving where the story is going! 馃槸 I genuinely can't say enough good things about this project in its entirety! 馃榿 Top dog marks all across the board!

And 1ne last thing... Will there be any sex scenes? I was a little sad (but strangely "Alright") with not getting to see Ahab and Alex bang 馃 I mean, who doesn't like a bit o' size difference~? 馃槍


There will most likely be sex scenes down the line, yes. I want to ensure they're satisfying emotional payoffs and fit the story when they happen, so it'll be a little while!

- Redd

Thankx for the response. That makes perfect sense 馃檪 I'll look forward to it~ 

spoiler in...




Issue 3 *out*

Music "Call of the witch" *starts playing in the background*


let's go Update 3




(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

"Can you believe they're rebooting Adastra again?" This VN is making me laugh so hard. Love it so far!

This new issue pushed all the right buttons with me. God I'm loving this too much!

I have yet to touch this game but what is up with the whale???


Without getting into detail, you get to spend some time with/get to know him during Issue 2.

Is this linnear or rpg style?

So far has been linear, but who knows later on?

how tf is this sfw lmaooo 

Does anyone know if this game has material too NSFW to be streamed on YouTube? 

Like is there any implied sex or explicit scenes or something like that?


I can say with confidence that the game is absolutely safe for streaming on YouTube.


Only at the very end of issue #2 there is a hint of sex, but it is served in a humorous manner and I would not call it NSFW.



(1 edit)

I downloaded this VN earlier this week and played through both issues, having just finished issue two prior to making this post. I have to say I really like this VN so far. I'll be looking forward to seeing more in the future.


Baleeny on mah peeny


Whyyy Milo had to be Drozdov? Any kind of cool butler voice he had in my head was instantly replaced with infamous Drozdov voice. (oh, right, my opinion on the game, it's great, you should try it if you're reading comments because of hesitating)


boy i can't wait for next updates

Is this NSFW?


For what I have seen it's not but maybe in the future


Someone needs to draw the slap of God meme but with dawn hound and the fish guy who's name i can't spell 


Just finished the latest update with issue 2, and just wow! That really out did itself as well as add and help develop the lore/world from issue 1. Can't wait to see this game progress and improve over the course of time.

On a side note and personal taste, I really liked the addition of Ahab (I believe that's the big whales name). He is certainly a fun and interesting character, plus love the dynamic he gives of being chill with Alex (I believe that's Dawn Hound's name). To the point of being able to have a great time talking about their escapades. I really love the dynamic of bad guy/villain as their job, but a totally fun and chill guy with the protagonist when not on the job.

Plus I am very interested in seeing where the relationship between Ahab and Alex goes. I'd even be interested in shipping them together. So can't wait to see where things go with Ahab.

Out of curiosity will there be NSFW scenes in the game in the future? If not I understand and am cool with that, but if there is i would be a fan of seeing that. As I think it could add some interesting run-ins with characters.

Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to see the next update.


Could Alex fit into Ahab鈥檚 mouth?

Asking for a friend.


It'd be a biiiit of a tight fit, but just about!

definitely was something better left unsaid

(3 edits) (+7)

I want Ahab to step on me- 馃槱
Well, apparently so does Alex. Good to know.

Edit: As long as this project goes on, I will be invested. Thanks for this, and I will not be allowing Max near my kitchen anytime soon.

Edit 2: W... w... well... the... uh...

(I can't believe it. Once again, I am rendered absolutely speechless by a VN. Thanks.)


Happy to help! Glad you enjoyed it!


Is so cool is like a comic book.


That was super fun! The drawings were hilarious, and I enjoyed how things shook out with Ahab. Looking forward to the next one!


Very happy to hear you enjoyed it!


This has been a very fun read and I'm gonna have to ask for some extra mode or something that details what happened between Alex and Ahab at the end lol


Heheh, maybe I can work something in sometime.


Will the game have NSFW scenes?


If there's enough people wanting them and they fit in the story then yeah!


How to choose yes a million times-


I hope you will add them


Is the end scene with your roommate's show all canon, or just a fun bit?


I consider it canon. ;)


I am quite pleased with this ^_^

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