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Yet Another Gay Visual Novel from Echo Project

In A Role to Play, an armored fellow of varying potential names must escort a princess through a besieged kingdom to safety, accompanied by several colorful, non-human companions. 

Of course, that's only half the story.

Our real protagonist, Danny, has spent the past year recovering from a life-threatening incident that left him severely injured. Nearing his 21st birthday, and with some pressuring from his father, he leaves the solitude of his home to meet up with a local group of tabletop gamers at his town's library. A newcomer to tabletop, Danny finds that his new friends are about as unusual as the characters they play in-game.

Ultimately, ARtP is a gay, branching visual novel about roleplay, identity, and escapism. There are three main "routes" for this story, with each route being associated with a certain character. Those familiar with other Echo Project titles (Echo, Adastra, The Smoke Room, Arches) will be right at home with this framework.

  • A narrative that explores escapism, roleplaying, and all the weird gay stuff that goes with it
  • Two distinct art styles separating roleplay from reality
  • Three routes with varying choices for replayability
  • Original soundtrack by Abyuse, Anthemics, and Hop-skip and the Chewtoys
  • Updates via itch.io
  • CW: Adult themes, drug and alcohol use, strong language, sexual references, violence

If you enjoy this and would like to support us on Patreon, you can do that HERE!

And finally, for more Echo Project games media, discussion, and fan works, the unofficial Echo Project community discord can be found HERE!

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(194 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Coming Of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Monsters, orc, Queer, Yaoi
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few seconds


A Role to Play (0.04) - PC Version 392 MB
A Role to Play (0.04) - Mac Version 387 MB
A Role to Play (0.04) - Linux Version 385 MB
A Role to Play (0.04) - Android Version 409 MB

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wake up babe, a role to play its getting updates


I love this VN so much i was worried it was dead in the water since it had not updated in a while. This is an amazing project and I hope it gets all the support it deserves. 

The game crashes when i tap 'start' or the other choices. Im using the android version :<

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This was really good! The characters and the dialoge felt so real and fleshed out using pencil  drawn portraits for NCP's is a great touch I really hope to see this game become something big.


This game looks so cool! But i just wish MC would be a girl... but yhea the game looks great!


*Downloads a gay visual novel*
*Complains about it being gay*


oh uh i didn't pdownloaded lol, i'm just fr blind and didn't see the description-


Is this another game focused on trauma? I'd just like to know due to previous bad experiences with Echo.


The MC's in a wheelchair but I think the theme so far is making the most out of it.

this game sounds freaking amazing and now I'm sad I cant get it TvT


Is there any specific schedule that you plan on following now, or will it just go as it goes? Asking because I still remember that it was planned to be updated monthly before! In any case, thrilled to see where this project goes!


'Ey! For Echo, I was doing 7-10k word updates (30-45 minutes of content) per build each month. I may stick to that, or do a bigger update every two months. 

I'll probably just end up alternating between the two, in the end.

- McSkinny

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That's honestly an impressive pace to work at! Really looking forward to it either way!


IT'S ALIVE! So happy! 


Finally got time to play the update, DEAR GOD IT WAS GREAT. Love every character we got introduced to: in the campaign my favourite so far is unquestionably Skine, outside of it unsurprisingly Wazzy. We'll see how it goes!

And getting to know more of MCs backstory was really great too! I'm honestly so excited for more :) It's definitely one my most favourite VNs so far.


HOLY SHIT THIS GAME ISN”T DEAD. I cannot express the sheer amount of joy and excitement that washed over me when I saw this in my updates tray. There are very few VNs or, hell, video games in general that have got me as invested as quickly as this one has. Can’t wait for more!


The latest update is amazing! I already can't wait for the next one!!




It's quite possible... (by Stickly)

- McSkinny


I love it, and I already want more, though I should probably calm down.


Let's go, we're so back.


Honestly everything you guys make is awesome and just heard of this, super excited about the concept.


still wait for new update this vn game is awasome


Same i loved the story  and i want more of it!


The premise is very interesting. I like the slice of life + DND with some potential LGBT themes


Loved this so much! Could really relate to the MC. The characters are all amazing too. Really hope that it's not actually abandoned, but oh well


Doubt it's abandoned! Echo Project are super good with their projects. I think the lack of updates may be due to the fact that it's just a co-writer working on this VN's story as opposed to the full Echo Project team. One of their popular VNs, Adasta, started similarly to this - slow-updating side project that eventually turned into it's own amazing title backed with popularity. The team's currently working on Glory Hounds and the Smoke Room especially, with 2 projects - Arches and Khemia a little on the backburner. Once one of these projects finish, A Role to Play will likely gain some traction.


That's great to hear! The biggest reason why I thought it's abandoned is because of "monthly updates" still being a part of description, while, well, it's been over a year and only the first build :(. Sure hope that you're right! Going to patiently wait and hope!


finally got to playing this, and i really enjoyed it!! looking forward to future updates!


This project released on my birthday. Been hyped for it since release, but it seems like it's not gonna get updated.


Will this ever be updated?


Sooooo.....is this project still alive or..

fun game


I can't play this it won't let me

What do u mean it won't let you play .


Any updates soon? Cuts off right before session two but all media shows it farther into the story


But where is the A Role to Play update?, I need it now!!!


I'm curious if this is going to be updated? I can't find much information on release updates. 

This has to be one of the most compelling visual novels I've played, and it isn't even finished. <3

Deleted 140 days ago

Well, as far as I know everyone's human in this story, except when they're doing the tabletop game.


For a first look, this is pretty nice. 

Would definitely play on if updates come out.


The android version always crashes for me i have ni idea why


Damn, now I understand why everyone's so pumped up for this. It's really that good. This has such a great potential and probably would be one of the most memorable VN's I would ever read, especially if it continues.


oh my god i need to hug wazzy so bad

I feel you dude. I feel you.


This is an amazing game, but it seems to be deserted even in their patreon. Would love to see it growth and be updated, both the story and charachter design are amazing, pls keep developing this astonishing game.


I don't comment on Itch games very frequently, since it's so easy to run through them one after another, giving into that endless well of unhealthy content consumption we all love to indulge in. I played A Role to Play just about 3 days ago, and it still hasn't left my mind. I keep thinking about absolutely everything about it. Firstly, i'm a gay TTRPG nerd, and this is a vn about gay TTRPG nerds. That was already enough to drag me in. Then, I met the main character and the rest of the cast, and it was enough to completely blow me away. I'm disabled. I am not disabled to the extent that the main character is, but I still am, and it just means so much to me to see this and an experience similar to mine and the way people treat you and the way you treat yourself as you struggle and try to heal inside even when you cant heal outside.  I don't know how to structure my thoughts beyond this ramble but i love Tucker and I love Wazzy and I love Megan and I just love everything. To conclude, Wazzy is my darling son and I will protect him with my life.

Deleted 71 days ago

the mc is canonically gay so IM PRETTY SURE 

im giggling like an idiot because of this comment ehjelpe


this was absolutely lovely but my main takeaway is that i have a debilitating need to date tucker and wazzy is literally me. but wazzy and tucker shouldnt date probably. only the LITERAL literal me should date him. his autism swag has captivated me


omg I NEED more of this one. I really loved how it started and really wanna go through it all


same, the DnD aspect and potential bara and stuff is really interesting.


so! man, I really wanna badly get to know the characters better and even see where the DnD will end

When are you going to release the next update to this visual nove?


It's seems kinda deserted. Hoping there will be an update about it soon though.


looks good so far! the characters are charming and the art style is lovely. can't wait for more updates :)

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When are you going to Post the next update to this Visual Novel?


Just read the novel looks nice so far 

Was a bit shorter than what I expected

Like we didn't even get introduced to the whole cast

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