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Yet Another Gay Visual Novel from Echo Project

In A Role to Play, an armored fellow of varying potential names must escort a princess through a besieged kingdom to safety, accompanied by several colorful, non-human companions. 

Of course, that's only half the story.

Our real protagonist, Danny, has spent the past year recovering from a life-threatening incident that left him severely injured. Nearing his 21st birthday, and with some pressuring from his father, he leaves the solitude of his home to meet up with a local group of tabletop gamers at his town's library. A newcomer to tabletop, Danny finds that his new friends are about as unusual as the characters they play in-game.

Ultimately, ARtP is a gay, branching visual novel about roleplay, identity, and escapism. There are three main "routes" for this story, with each route being associated with a certain character. Those familiar with other Echo Project titles (Echo, Adastra, The Smoke Room, Arches) will be right at home with this framework.

  • A narrative that explores escapism, roleplaying, and all the weird gay stuff that goes with it
  • Two distinct art styles separating roleplay from reality
  • Three routes with varying choices for replayability
  • Original soundtrack by Abyuse, Anthemics, and Hop-skip and the Chewtoys
  • Monthly updates via itch.io
  • CW: Adult themes, drug and alcohol use, strong language, sexual references, violence

If you enjoy this and would like to support us on Patreon, you can do that HERE!

And finally, for more Echo Project games media, discussion, and fan works, the unofficial Echo Project community discord can be found HERE!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(103 total ratings)
AuthorThe Echo Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Coming Of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Monsters, orc, Queer, Yaoi
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few seconds


A Role to Play (0.03) - PC Version 302 MB
A Role to Play (0.03) - Mac Version 297 MB
A Role to Play (0.03) - Linux Version 295 MB
A Role to Play (0.03.B) - Android Version 318 MB

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All that fuss going on with D&D isn't impacting this at all is it?


really stupid of me to ask but is the game going to get updated or forgotten ? 


Is there any NSFW in it?

A role to play -32 Does not even open. the safe for work opens but the not safe for work does not open.


Good afternoon.

There is no safe for work / not safe for work variants of A Role to Play, so you might have us mixed up.

- McSkinny

No I didn't mix you up lol. Im also a pateron of yours. I wish I can send you a picture so you can see what im talking about.

Sushi on salami XD 

(1 edit) (+3)

Love the set up. Hope MC gets some prosthetics or something down the track. Seeing that reaction from his dad is heartbreaking. You'd think he'd have adjusted after a year but I guess not..

Can't wait for more of this!


I liked this a lot, very short (since I just played the demo) but I really like the cast and Wazzy is so far my fave, yeah he gets the most screentime but he's a lot of fun. I like how much of a spitfire he is. Megan's also real interesting just with how she ran with her character. I have other things but they'd touch on spoiler stuff so  gotta end it here.


Hop-Skip and the Chewtoys ftw, hell yeah


Furry VN theory 

If you think about it isn't all echo project game tecnicaly is connected in the same universe, since in adastra there is millions of planets, this vn alone can just be placed in another unknown planet on adastra universe 


Quick question, will this be furry related or will all of the characters remain human throughout the entire story?



Seems a normal modern world with all the furry aficionados. Anything non-human loving I expect will only be in campaign. I can't imagine it'll get spicy at the table but perhaps romance and fanfiction might be written down the track. Twinky Orc. Illithid Tentacles. Fuzzybutt Satyr and Scalie Dragonborn seem to be the picks judging by the artwork.


But who are the artists?

Sprites and/or background i mean

Hmmm a new novel from Echo project? Oh boi, here we go ;)


hes not introduced yet but i feel as if the guy with the lizard-like guy and bearded guy will be my favorite. the goblin guy is cool too though.


B e a r d e d   M a n <3


Just from this build alone, Wazzy is already my favourite character.

This is a very interesting concept, I'm looking forward to the next update


The oil painting filter joke, wazzy giving me awkward bitch IRL representation, and the hell kitchen sound affect playing are all giving me LIFE 10/10


Wazzy would be the best person to do weird movie night over discord with.

(1 edit) (+3)

I've come to expect some degree of trauma from your writing, but I wasn't prepared at all for the mention of the SBF from a character who looks like Pat

Seriously though, great to see a new project in the works! Excited to see where this goes


Oh c'mon, he's more Matt than Pat!

- McSkinny


This is so friggin good so far!! Can already tell I'm gonna love these characters 


Usually, I am against the creation of several games at the same time, I think it is penalizing for a writer. However, I see that only one person on the Echo team is working on this one. Echo Project is a team of several people. 

Im gonna try this one too. Thanks for making it.

And the musicians and artists (the picture making kind).


Well said bro.


Is this staying just a role-playing story or is this going to go in some Knights of Pen and Paper shenanigans?

Reading on either way.


Ngl, the town's setting is giving me echo-related-anxiety x3


Will this vn involve romance and such?




Y'all can hate me for this comment but this is my genuine opinion. I feel that echo is trying to make too many new vn's at the same time and just can't juggle that all at once, based off how things have been going . Feel free to let me know what you guys think I rlly wanna know.


when you think about it they kinda do, after they finished echo and adastra instead of working on the spin offs for those they keep making new stuff its a little overwhelming.


Hey Rice,

See my post under Kxndy's - I don't work on any of those other projects. I'm the dude who finished Echo back in 2021 and have been developing this independently. None of the other current visual novels, interactive fiction, or exotic body pillows that are in development are my projects.

- McSkinny


It hasn't made their work sloppy so far.  Slowed down maybe.


Hey Perro,

See my post under Kxndy's - I don't work on any of those other projects. I'm the dude who finished Echo back in 2021 and have been developing this independently. None of the other current visual novels, interactive fiction, or exotic body pillows that are in development are my projects.

- McSkinny


Considering they don't have the same people working on each games I don't think this is a big deal. This doesn't affect the schedule of any of the other projects.



I love you.

- McSkinny


Hey Kxndy,

I finished Echo back in 2021. I do not work on Arches, Adastra, Khemia, The Smoke Room, or Glory Hounds. The majority of the funding for this project comes from my own bank account and not patrons, and will eventually in 2023 be completely financially independent (whilst still being an Echo Project title). Me working on this does not affect other projects. This WIP build of A Role to Play build is also free to download, with no delayed release or charge wall.

For the current project schedule, Howly works on the Arches and the Adastra series, George_S does The Smoke Room, and Redd does Glory Hounds. We are all independent lead devs who sometimes collaborate.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to hit me up on the discord.

- McSkinny

Deleted 79 days ago

Ok I see what u mean

Glad y'all aren't overworking yourselves and if there's a way I can kick funding towards this project I'd be so down to. I like the whole set up and the characters so far. It's going to eat my life and I accept this.


This isn't handled by the same people. Just different members of the team. Which is good. This should be its own separate thing because it even feels like its own separate thing (while trying to fish for the same type of "person with trauma" thing, just handling it differently). So eh, it's fine. It shouldn't affect the rest (basically what the project was even about so it would really feel weird if the rest just got ditched out the blue).

Smoke Room is pretty good though

Update the Android too Please 😟



- McSkinny

What's new in the new update? Devlog?


Typos or sentences by the looks of it.


I've played a decent chunk of the echo project VNs. So far I really like this one the most, and I think the premise is really good.

The echo project VNs generally have themes of characters with trauma and disabilities, I feel like this one really gets the point across better than the others. It's immersive and engenders a great deal of empathy for the characters. Having to listen to the stairmaster each time is legit. That's good storytelling.


ok this looks AMAZING


Now if only we got introduced to the rest of them.

how can u say saud? and from which country? 


I won't lie, but something inside the game kind of happens to me, so I'm sorry but I won't  play this game it's still impressive, 5 stars for  sure 

Ohh dangg


im FUCKING cumming at the thought of the characters introduced in the vn
it was a blast reading thru it and i recommend it to everyone




Lookin foward to this!


really excited for this!! love the concept