The Smoke Room - Build 19: Rocks of Sombre Hue

Redd here, bringing you a very special build 19 of The Smoke Room. This build includes:

- An entirely new UI by Compymono

- New content for both "paths" of the Cliff route written by @Reddtheshibe and @GeorgeSquares 

- Edits to past Cliff route content

- New sprites by @Werewhisky 

- New Cliff route and William route CGs by @TelbatDraws

- Something special by @Shtarfish 

- A new original song featuring composition by Anthemics and vocals by Darby Cupit, mixed by Ian Martyn, with lyrics by GeorgeSquares.


(Android update will be available later.)


TSR-19-linux.tar.bz2 521 MB
Mar 22, 2022 519 MB
Mar 22, 2022 553 MB
Mar 22, 2022

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Tried to update and get message about conflect. Do i need to delete old one to update? Android version.


The new UI is pretty neat, also the song is very nice.

Wait, Cliff has a route split? What's the branching point for his two "paths"?


I think it is when you decide to complain about Murdoch going with you or not, probably the first choice in the route

Still no android version :(


A new William CG ?

What a pleasant surprise, my soul is healed

at what point in his route is the new CG?

In his latest build, during his bed scene with Sam

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok is there like any way i can get the song on spotify? or even like buy the mp3 for it so i can put it on spotify for myself? Or something, i think the animation is cute too, good update and good game


literally finished his route 12 hours ago fuck