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(The Smoke Room contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

The Smoke Room is a horror/romance visual novel set in a small desert town in the year 1915. It is a standalone prequel to Echo.

Moving to the town of Echo was a bad idea. Trusting someone he barely knew was an even worse one. The Smoke Room tells the story of Samuel, a sex worker in the town's most infamous brothel. After making the biggest mistake of his life, Sam will struggle to keep it a secret. He comes to realize however, that doing so might be impossible...Echo itself seems to know what he's done, and it's not keen on letting him forget.

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(Please try to scrap old saves every time there is a new update.)

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,060 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsanthro, Bara, echo, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Horror, mlm, Psychological Horror, Romance


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I can't install version 30. Is there an earlier version available?


I’ve been following The Echo Project for a long while now. Like longer than i’d like to admit. The stories that y’all put out let me enjoy a side of me I hide and I am so grateful for that. 

I had to create an Itch.io account for this most recent update, cause whew people are crazy.

If anyone is reading this comment, spoilers are in it for the most recent update of The Smoke Room.

I truly truly do not understand the audacity some people have. When I first started hearing about Kane I had been seeing people say that he was apparently sexually assaulting Will. I was so shocked and surprised by this, and was finally happy to get this new Will update to see what exactly was happening.

To see that what’s happening is being so blatantly misinterpreted is infuriating. George and the team pour so much love and hard work into this project and the sheer amount of complaints and very incorrect takes about Will and Sam’s arrangement anger me.

It’s stated many times that Will has a big tolerance for alcohol, and it also requires a million specific dialogue choices to reach the part where you’re with Kane, Sam, and Todd. Sam also encourages everything Will does. If you don’t like Will being on the receiving end or in a more submissive position you can click out of it or choose not to partake.

There are SO many other options to prevent the event from happening.

Saying that Kane is assaulting Will blows my mind. Will is finally being open about what he wants and who he wants to do it with. FINALLY. It’s character development and its a small amount of it at this point.

To overcome some trauma that he has is a huge step, and this should be a happy moment for all Will enjoyers. Sure he’s not 100% dom like some people wanted but it’s nice to see him indulge for once and let loose completely. 

Unless of course y’all want him to stay the exact same person from the beginning of the story to the end? 

I found this new update exciting, riviting even, and was SO happy to see Will get some. Not enough Masc men irl are willing, and it’s nice to see a favorite character of mine enjoy this aspect of his sexuality that he has repeatedly repressed and ignored. 

So I thank you Echo team. For everything you’re doing. For the work and time you put into this when you really don’t have to.

And shame to others who don’t appreciate it.

(also I need Buy a Man Some Hooch on Spotify.)


i havent played the most recent update for will yet and therefore have no opinions on whatever this hot-button topic is, but even so, there are a lot of points here that resonate with me in general. 'the stories that y’all put out let me enjoy a side of me i hide and i am so grateful for that,' ugh how seen that made me feel.

even if this project is receiving financial support, it is still a passion project first and foremost, which means that the creators are not making something just for the sake of making it. they are putting together something they love so much that they want to continually share it, something that they have the yearning to work on and express whether or not it ever gets popular; and for that reason they deserve a large amount of grace and understanding, because they are sharing updates for a story thats far from finished. how can we have fully-informed and thoughtful opinions about the work before its done? we as readers can offer up our feedback when we feel it is necessary to do so, but otherwise should give the team breathing room to do what theyre doing in peace. even if an update is an uncomfortable one, there will be a resolution, there will be closure, but for now we must learn to wait and see how that scene will later fit into the larger whole.

i just want to end by giving a big thanks to the team for everything theyve done on the smoke room. i dont have the means to support on patreon, but this project, out of all the projects under echo, makes me feel the most. i not only feel like i step into this rich tapestry of prose, but that i see it through the eyes of an actual person with motivations and heart, and not just the narrative framing device of a neutral or passive first-person protagonist. it just- ugh. its fulfilling in a deep way that only a few other works of fiction have ever been able to impact me before, and thats because i can sense how much love and care goes into the work of producing it. this work has a spirit for certain, and it is full of longing and the kind of full-bodied beauteous sadness that only we queers can truly savor. mwah!


Thought I'd just chip in my thoughts because evryone else is doing it...

I'm kinda unsure how to feel about the scene between Will and Kane. I understand that Will is not as dominant as he wants people to believe (and honestly I'm kinda into it), but I was hoping that he would explore that side of his sexuality with Sam... After all, Sam is the main character and Will was the route we chose. I'm interested to see how the relationship between Sam and the other main characters develop, and I know we have Nik for the more traditional romantic route, but I feel like Sam was kinda sidelined in his own game in the last update. 

Or maybe I just don't like Kane. He comes off as kinda slimy and reminds me of some guys I've had bad experiences with. That and I feel like the whole scene kinda read far too much like what happened in Murdoch's route, which was not a fun time. Still, it's not something I'm gonna pull my patreon membership over, I'm very interested in the story as a whole. It's just a little disappointing to see so much time between Will and someone else rather than Will and Sam

Hey please fix the download link for windows. Every time I try too download it the download fails. And its not my internet I have strong internet and a fast connection. Please fix I want to play the latest update.

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

android version fails while installing build 30 and says it is having trouble parsing the package :( never had this issue with other builds or apps. please fix either before or with the next build


Are you updating it? Mine said something along the lines of it's already there so yk try deleting the installed and install a new one

Careful not to lose your save file if you uninstall it! If you use android's built in file manager it has permission to access the save data, then you can copy it to another folder, and copy it back when you download the new version.


I just skip lol longpress and skip till the next choice

thats what ive been doing but to no avail :(

Sometimes you have to uninstall the old build first.

unfortunately I have tried this and failed :(

The app keeps crashing on Cliff's route, when we meet Avery in the forest, I already tried deleting it then installing it again but it keeps happening.

I've found that a lot of android visual novels lack stability. If you have a laptop or computer it will be easier to play it on those. Significantly more stable.

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I am so confused by all the backlash. The way people are talking about the scene with Kane makes it sound almost like they downloaded a different version of the game. So confused about some of the comments talking about wanting Will to be "faithful" to Sam as well. It's obvious that the relationship dynamics here as well with other routes are non-standard. The fact that Will and Sam aren't fitting their relationship into a typical monogamous box doesn't suddenly make them morally reprehensible or delegitimize their connection to each other as not being "faithful", whatever that means in this context.


and to think that it's sam who encouraged will to do it in the first place. will's starting to test uncharted waters and people whine about it for whatever reason. i think its not in the writing anymore. it's just that it didn't meet whatever expectations they had in mind and now they're lashing out :3

(1 edit) (+9)(-4)

Yeah, like, Will's connection with Sam is the entire reason he felt comfortable and was able to take pleasure in the whole scene to begin with? It's like people just turned off their reading comprehension for that part.


Nah they won't understand that. They keep saying Will's sex-starved in this update when in fact he's weighing everything seriously.

Spoilers prolly:

1. He reminds himself that he needs to keep his prick in his pants if he wants to keep himself and his friends safe.

2. It was mentioned that he finds Murdoch interesting (for a canine knows what a canine wants) but is a forbidden fruit to him since their relationship is pure business and he doesn't want trouble. The thought is there, obviously. But, as level-headed as good ol' William is, he never attempted to have a go with the fox, no? The slightest interaction they had with regards to this thought is in Murdoch's route when he suspected that there might be something going on between him and Sam and offered paying for Murdoch to do the deed with him (jokingly).

3. He is totally against the idea of going to the barn (possibly because he finds Kane interesting enough) and only agreed to do so because of a lead.

4. Once again, after they went to the barn, we were given the option to mess around or not. And the reason he accepted Sam's proposition is because he trusts the puma, not only because of his sex drive.

An opportunity stumbled on Will's path and with encouragement from Sam, he took it. The entire buildup of his route slowly shows that he is starting to accept who he really is and this update is its peak. 

Unsolicited sex? Forced? HAH.

You might be correct: people just turned off their comprehension just because Will did something that is not in their expectations.


I mean Sam literally can't be faithful he'd be out of a job. I always thought of Sam and Will as a open relationship but that's just me. Man people will literally use any excuse to get mad at something it feels like.


pardon me, but is having sex with kane has any crucial impact on the story? like it's something that's necessary to get good ending or something else? because if it's not i'd rather avoid it.  sorry...


I can't download the latest update wonder why, it's stopped downloading after couple of second and the files is empty. Any idea why this happening?


i have no idea, it doesn't work for me either

Yeah I'm having the same issue its annoying.

(1 edit) (+7)(-3)

Will literally said that Sam had this thing of making people "bold" wc somehow made him  do what they just "did". 

We were also prompted if we should proceed to do something that stupid or not, which proves that he still has his logical reasoning. Simply select no and it won't happen at all.

The man's starting to become comfortable with his true self because of Sam and he's getting backlash because of it?

He's too closeted for most of his life and now he's slowly starting to accept who he is. And why are you all acting like it's out of character-ish for him when he did it in the past, only to get forced into marriage to someone he doesn't even love? Give the guy a break. 


Btw I don't know if I'm dumb and completely missed it or is it on some other routes but I hope we get Samuels mother and father backstory I haven't heard him mentioning them anywhere again unless I'm missing it completely by not going some specific route that's mb 😵‍💫


Spoilers I guess xd :

Dont get me wrong I love the story but dang I was expecting a monogamous relationship and a bit for Will to be  of the more dominant type 👌🗿, other than that I liked it. Maybe choosing "No" at the barn will lead to Will going only with Sam on the future who knows. 

Todds sprite is so cute I never noticed that before!!

 Praying for Marcy to find a happy ending!🙏🙏🙏

Sorry for my bad English 🤏💀


Spoilers ahead:

As many I myself haven't been the happiest with this update. I love the story and everything and enjoyed the parts with the song and animation. I loved the song so much, already when it was first revealed I have myself taught how to sing it, but unfortunately it was ruined by the last scene that was in the update.
I have myself took William as incredibly loyal trouble man, who is having troubles to open up and with Sam's help he will, because they love each other. When Kane came to the picture, he reminded me of classical cocky dom who thinks he can bend over another dominant looking guy. There was flirting from Kane side and Will just brushed it off like nothing happened, because he didn't care for him. It didn't feel to me that Will have taken that much interest in this character outside of being just annoyed of his behaviour.
I was fairly suprised how Will suddently in this update has been quite horny. I didn't feel wrong with Sam, who mentioned Will sucking on his balls and all as a fun tease in middle of a public that new and in secret love couple would do. When he started mentioning Murdoch and other characters, there it felt rusty. Clearly just horniness running his mind off, but it was rather rush considering how strong that man is mentally. From that point it really felt he is looking on every man possible in horny way. That didn't set right with me with the thought of him being so loyal. Sure, he wants to fuck other  guys, but in previous updates he never was so horny. I would prefer if he would have gone slower on it than he did in this update...one update building up his sexual openedness isn't enough with Will, because he is very complex character.
I was playing Will as loyal as I could, because I believed he is one, and picked the option of Kane is like Sam...even if I disagreed (He isnt like Kane at all), but there it felt as the only option to progress with choosing only Sam, because there it was the only mention of him. After all that I tried the totally last option,  when I got to "to be continued" window.
The end was hot, I tell you that. Atleast the first part where the dominance could be felt. The second part, it was wrong to me to see Will being held against his will (no pun intended and will is not horniness/lustfulness btw) and then silenced by a kiss from Sam, somebody he trusts so much at that point in the game. There it really felt forced and like a betrayel from Sam towards Will. He was listening to commands from different guy and even if he knew that Will likes it rough, he as somebody who loves him, shouldn't progress in this way that could cause another mental break down, but for a different person. He himself have been betrayed because he fell in love with a guy in the beggining through sex and promises. This feels the same, but now the Sam is the bad guy. 
Kane ? He is just cocky dom bastard who wanted to hag a dom guy who is switch unknowingly. In my eyes he is just a sex option.

Also another thing that felt out of place.....The only option to continue was the sex scene with Kane, making me feel like this is the direction you want Will to go and the idea of Will being faithful towards Sam is just another direction that can exist, but isnt main nor your focused one. (aka it feels like it is the wrong direction to take)

I am sorry if it is rather long, but George, if you reading this. I am not saying your writing is bad. Till now I was in love with it actually. I aplause you as this is a masterpiece game and I usually hate visual novels. I actually renewed my account here to write this all hah.  Of course this is also my opinions and feelings how I took the characters to be. You are the writer and if you wish to bring it that direction, it is on you. I will continue playing, but I will make sure that I will get the best ending for Sam, Will and more. 

P.S. Would be interesting to see Will actually feel betrayed by Sam and thus force it in a direction for a negative ending or redemption arc for Sam, but don't know how many chapters would need to be added. I am sure it would take very long time to complete it in the end. 

You champ if you got to the end of reading this and sorry for grammar :P


Well what can I say...I dont want to ruin it for other people, but I really didn't like it, I knew it was coming, I saw the drama, I was just expecting it to be overblown, and it was, but I just didn't enjoy the characterization and scene plus overall where the route is going, no amount of "you can opt out of it" will fix it either , especially when it leads to 2 different 'routes' so it's better that I just drop the whole route, Will is my favourite character but I'll have to leave it, it left a really bad taste in my mouth, just some rando's opinion so who cares ig


Same opinion here, I feel you. This last update was a huge disappointment, to say the least. The whole scene in the barn turned my stomach upside down, especially because of how Will is treated and how his character is portrayed. I felt betrayed. 

I was given an answer to my rambling below, but once again I was met with a disappointment. I know now that TSR will not have good endings, nor will end in a good way overall.

Such a great game turned out to be corrupted with random, unsollicited and disturbing sex scenes. Some were good, some other were terrible. The one in the latest update might be the worst one, as Will is also my favourite character.

Thankfully, there's still hope since we can choose another route (that has yet to be implanted), but yeah, same as you, it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

(2 edits) (+17)(-10)

To me it feels a bit disingenuous to say that the scenes are random or unsolicited when you have to have 4/5 points between sam and will, have to select that will is open to bottoming, and have to agree after a convo with kane for you to even have the chance to access the scene.

Basically, you would have to go against any impulse or notion that will wouldn't bottom or would not want this to get to see the scene in the first place. 

You can't get that scene if you are not making those in-game choices. 

I think if you didn't care for the scene, or the themes of the work I'm writing, that's fine and valid.

But I've also seen so much misinformation about this update from people that didn't read it closely, or just didn't plain read it at all.

Mostly, I wrote a scene about a closeted man overcoming his past trauma from his father and getting a second chance to explore his sexuality through a fun but intense hookup with a rowdy dom. I don't particularly regret it nor think it's bad development for Will, who actually wants to do things like this, but has a lot of past baggage about it. 

At the end of the day, the writing speaks for itself, so if you don't enjoy the project anymore, my condolences, and I hope you find the stories that resonate with you. 



I just felt the need to say I've enjoyed the story you've written so far, and wanted to thank you for the entertainment!


I feel like some of these comments criticizing Will being open to being bottom are just trolling, people wanting to ruin it for others who enjoy the idea.  


don't get the hate, i thought last will update was awesome












his contemplation about being a bottom reads plausible, and his eagerness to let loose after all those years (+ alcohol) is believable (to me at least). nice power games from kane, although he is a bastard. and also amazing CGs! 

but besides that, loved the background info on will, love him even more now <3


i get that sexual repression lead him to this situation, but todd's sexual repression was diff, and it felt so wrong for him to be there frfr.


oh yeah with this i totally agree, todd thing is absolutely ridiculous... hot on paper but kinda of nowhere


I set up Todd being bicurious fairly early, but I can see how the Todd stuff might *seem* a bit sudden in the pacing of the update.

I did want to portray some realism is how a lot of men in gay social situations can have their first experiences very suddenly and very abruptly. 

I could pace the social scene out a little more before Will has an option to do the scene with kane or not, but that would be in an editing stage for later.

Thanks for reading, and the feedback!



personally my problem with todd being included in this spontaneous 4some (sort of) is his personality as a kind of akward goofball, which translated really good with his first scene with sam. both scenes are very spontaneous and i could buy that todd is driven by his curiosity and powerful and more experienced men around him, but imo it's out of character for william to just accept his deputy eating that dick right next to him. it's the most off-putting thing for me, the radical shift of power dynamics between todd and will, kind of OOC? still a very hot scene, don't get me wrong, but it's straaaaange

thanks for writing and amazing artwork! <3


Yeah, I can see why it can feel strange (especially for small town clueless cop like Todd, or will putting up with it), but I've definitely seen situations play out like this IRL where friends who aren't attracted to one another have sex with other people in the same room, so it's not like I personally think it's unbelievable. 

This is a scene where a lot of characters are letting loose to put their minds off of the stress of what's going on and just let their instincts lead them to a small patch of enjoyment that they rarely ever get to have. 

(I'd also say it was more of two twosomes in one room than a 4some, and that one of the twosomes turns into somewhat of a threesome with will x kane x sam, but that's just semantics haha.)



but with what i will agree — overanalyzing motives of these characters getting involved in sloppy drunk chaotic spontaneous sex is not fair in terms of us (readers) being mere observers, privileged to detach ourselves and think about this situation very thoroughly. as a queer man in a closeted government (russia) i can totally empathize with characters acting stupid in the flame of moment, absorbed by lust and desire. i've been in some very stupid and risky (yet sexy) situations, so i can see why such character as will can become unhinged for a moment. also risk factor may even further the desire and make it more spicyyyyy

(1 edit) (+5)(-2)

Pretty much that. I think people want characters to be maximum logical at all times which... isn't really how people work.

And even William himself thinks a ton before he allows himself to do this (or doesn't, depending on your choices.)


(1 edit) (+11)(-4)





Being forced into bottoming is not a good thing no matter how many "tough guy that secretly is a horny bottom" fantasies run through your head. Combine it with alcohol and literally being held down by a guy you're head over heels over, and yeah. It's absolutely a horrible scene. Probably not meant to be enjoyed.

I can 100% see it as a "bad ending" thing. Or something that kicks you in a bad direction if you go for it.


I kinda hope this decision leads to a bad direction/bad ending tbh, while refusing to have the scene leads to the good ending, or at least a neutral one











he wasn't forced into bottoming tho?.. earlier in the chapter he was thinking about giving oral, asking murdoch about it for example, there was thought put into leading to this scene. also it's only blowjob 4 blowjob (kane sucked him too afterwards), so it's kinda fair

(1 edit) (+8)(-13)

William is never forced into bottoming. Kane was just inflexible, and that was the only way Will was going to get to do anything with him. 

Kane says during the scene they can waste the night if will doesn't act on his wants. You also don't get the opportunity to ever do the scene if you say will won't bottom as himself. 


(1 edit) (+19)(-7)

That's obviously my personal opinion but I didn't like at all how the latest William's update turned out to be. I definitively DID not want to see him like this.

The whole scene with Kane was messed up. The way he used and humiliated William was borderline revolting. 

Plus, the whole scene really doesn't fit William's character at all. He's a closeted gay man who only had sex with another man (Sam) once, and now there he is in the middle of a foursome, getting...abused by a random stranger. Ngl, I felt like NTR'ed during the whole scene, and I hated it.

I know there a thing called character development, and it'd be nice to see William opening up and accepting himself. But I see him as a dedicated and faithful man, so the only option here on the table is Sam and noone else. That's why I felt uneasy during the whole scene. The whole way William's character was treated felt completely out of line. 

Even with his inner desire of emancipation, he's still a man of honour who has principles. If he has lustful desires (which he does), just let him fulfill them with the man he loves, aka Sam. 

Thankfully, the game gives you the option to refuse the whole scene, but that leads to a "To be continued..." screen for now. I know now that I'll defitively choose this choice of route over the other (will still finish them both as a completionist). But if William's bad route (that's what I call the route with the Kane scene) adds even more of this kind of content, I think I'll just drop it, because I defitively don't want to see my favourite character sullied even more than he already has been.

Heck, I think I like the game way less now because of that scene. It used to be one of my favourite, but now I'm getting mixed feelings towards it.

So yeah, tl;dr : great update completely ruined by a disturbing scene.




That scene was super uncomfortable and I honestly just felt bad for William in the end instead of enjoying even a single bit of it. And him being held down like that felt like rape. It really did. Super uncomfortable scene that actually made me hate Kane and to an extent Sam too. If the aftermath is just him becoming a super bottom overnight (literally) or wanting to do it again, it's just gonna leave a sour taste in my mouth. There's a fine line between opening up a bit and wanting to enjoy sex with the guy you like and just becoming the town slut, ready to take everyone's loads at once.


Why is no one talking about how todd literally just got rubbed off once at martha's barn, the immediately going to a 4-some situation?? totally not a todd thing to do, they butchered my fav. character, i lovr ur work, i respectfully disagree with the team's decision on going through with it. + william is supposed to be todd's sorta father figure and he just accepts the situation? i was abt to puke fr. It felt gross, athough william is supposed to like "nasty" sex, this just felt so super duper wrong


Hm, you know what?

There IS a thing they could have done: Have him ruin it for everyone else. It felt like it was setting it up only to not go through with it. Or make William stand firm in his decision not to go to his knees, etc. It's fucking Echo, things are fucked up as is. Go all the way with it. Or have it affect him negatively after (probably what's being set up here anyway). Make him tragic and make us feel for him. Could apply to both of them too for even more. I feel like this last update opened the doors for just that, but yeah. Probably not gonna go that way.


I think you're making a lot of assumptions about the characters (especially Will).  I would recommend rereading the route.  

I'd also recommend disentangling monogamous romance with morality considering the setting, the time era, and the groups of people involved in the story.



so now I'm not understanding things because if we go to the scene (spoilers)

there's obviously some level of trauma associated with this entire scene and then when he asks for a breather he literally gets restrained... that's not consentful behavior and then it leads to the rest of the scene fading out thats what the majority of the people have an issue with from my understanding (?). I don't understand I'm trying to figure out the whole purpose of this scene but it's just not clicking.... 


Sam understands nonverbally what Will is into based on the things that Will shared with Sam in the earlier bdsm scene. 


Going poly doesn't mean you have to be into degredation or allow someone you love more to kinda force you down, insecurities or not. And "it's the time period" doesn't excuse that either.


i estimate that TSR is between 58-65% completed

Would you say it's worth starting now? Or wait until fully complete?

start now, definitely worth the time and wait. Some people read this in one night, its that good.



I've noticed that the android update of will's route doesn't seem to be letting a certain animated scene play. Is it the  options I'm choosing?

I also I encountered this problem :(

New build is up-- problems should be fixed. 

Thank you <3

(1 edit) (+6)

Alright, I waited for 30 public release to share some of my thoughts.

Long story short, I like this project a lot. All the characters, main and side, have something to tell. I was never big on VNs and such, but I gave these a try and this one just stuck with me. I love the characters, each of them partially reminds me of myself. Yes, I do have a favorite, as does everyone else, but I want to express that specifically because I see a lot of people focusing on this route or on that route, but I kind of take it as a full story. A complete package.

Don't know how much that makes sense, but yeah. I'm supporting this project until the end. And all the, um... Spin-offs? Side things? Stuff like the Summer AU and such I mean. All of that is nice and fun too. Thank you to everyone who's working on it and still sticking with it. You guys are great, and your characters are awesome.

Have a good one!


Was really sweet to read this. 

Thank you so much, and looking forward to writing more for folks who read.



William absolutely doesn't feel like himself in the last bit of the latest update. I don't care if the same guy writes him, he's clearly written to fulfill a fantasy in that scene. Glad it's optional. Hoping it won't be stupid and be required for a good ending or something.


I promise that William wants to have sex with men. 



It's less about that and more about how it was executed in a very uncomfortable manner. But probably intentional.

(1 edit) (+5)(-7)

Not really meant to be uncomfy, actually. Kane and Will himself as the player give Will multiple outs to this situation but Will keeps at it. 

The only uncomfy stuff is meant to be when will is struggling with his past memories vs. his present situation. The struggle is leaving the past behind and being fully in the present. 



opening up his trauma to a twisted sexual situation, is not the healthiest approach to william's opening to new things sexually, like getting down on his knees, I agree that he had multiple situations to avoid this, and that ultimately the situation is plausible as william is imperfect, but i still disagree about the todd thing, Im sorry.


(i am new to itch.io)

i cant download update 30 on pc


Click the Download button next to the version that has "pc" in it. The bottom one currently.

(1 edit) (+4)

The Murdoch's route, the picture day. It is nice to hear your own language as a crowd noise. I was like 'What?' when one of the men said 'Grażyna!' – a little surprise 😊. From all of the languages you chose, Polish.


and now I can't unhear it😩


there were lots of plish immigrants back in the day, around 2.2 million Poles and Polish subjects immigrated into the United States between 1840s and 1914, i think nikolai is polish, as he offered a polish sausage in his route.


Good to know, but I don't think the entire Echo community is Polish, haha. However, the crowd, for sure, was :]. I don't think the authors had in mind what you said. I believe it's in Polish, so most of the people playing won't get distracted.


Bruh... I feel bad for falling in love with the characters. Yes, characterS. It's no longer Cliff only. I'm so conflicted I want to cry...


Hello Echo Project, my name is KemonoHaru. I am intending to make a booth for potential furry conventions in the near future.

I am curious if you allow fan art of The Smoke Room and some of it's popular characters to be sold at conventions, and if there's anything that I can do to make that happen.

My booth will specialize in Kemono Styled Artwork, and I intend to draw many characters from different series with that genre in mind.

Please let me know if this is possible, thank you!


u a bot?


No I'm not a bot, I'm legitimately asking this question for a future booth I want to make. Moreso, I'm inquiring about making stickers.

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I'll still need to ask. I don't want to step on any toes.


We tend to have to be conservative with which folks we do merch licensing with, since we also don't want to step on the toes of folks we already work with, so no promises, but I can totally look at a suggested business plan if you want to send me an email at wsquir20@gmail.com. I appreciate you reaching out. 



Thank you for considering my offer! I will email you shortly!


this was such a qt interaction, hping for great succes for u!!

Will Build 30 and the Halloween builds be released publiclly anytime soon? I don't have ability to support on patreon c: mbmb <3

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I think Build 30 should be released publiclly in the next few days, and the Halloween builds may be released publiclly a month later

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Should be about a week or two. Have been pretty busy with life obligations.

-George S.

So i have a problem, im on mobile Samsung and im on udate 28 and i cant update to 29, is there something i have to do? Plz help i want to read more i love the thrill❤️

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Also is there a discord i can go to, to get more info on updates and releases, or is that only for twt



hey barbz <3

As someone who has Huntington's in their family and has lost so many because of it, the mention of it caught me off guard since it's extremely rare. A lot of doctors don't know anything about it.

how many hours does it take to finish this vn ?


I finished this VN's every route in 2 days without sleep, so im pretty much sleep deprived 🤭

fellow cultural soldier, i salute u


hey is it possible to make a route for Kane?


I was about to ask that for Todd😭🤞🏼

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PLSSS, TODD IS UNERRATED~, theres like couple handful artwrks out there, but it totally doesnt make sense for his character + would be kinda too much considering i love the story more than the sexy stuff, i think plot should be of more immportance

how close is this to being completed?

based on the update frequency and one being described as the halfway point of one of the routes, probably about a year give or take.


Anyway, Cliff can suck my dick. I picked this up again just to see his stuff and I guess it's worth reading just for him.


Does anyone else have an issue where the saves break every update? Not sure how I would prevent that.


You can't prevent it. That's just how it is. That's why chapter skip was made. If you don't want to chapter skip, just skip the text until you reach the cut-off point or are about to (for the previous chapter).


I mean, it's pretty easy to prevent it, but thats on the developers side, not the users. If the devs don't put in some security to prevent it than there's nothing the user can do aside from programming it in themselves.


Every character having a potential threesome is stupid as fuck.
Cliff and Murdoch, sure. They fit. Nik and Will don't. Straight up they don't.

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Players can choose whether or not they pursue those things, and choosing to do so does have an impact on the characters in the story.

I think they make sense for plenty of the characters considering I write them. But you're also not going to see such a heavy culture of romance or monogamy in the queer west in general considering most folks are forbidden from such institutions to begin with in this era. 



I, all of my friends, and most people, whom I've discussed TSR with, absolutely love the polyamory elements.  Amazing work guys, not enough VNs actually allow for polyamorous routes and that's a shame.


Nothing wrong with that, of course. I just fail to see how every single person would be like that, forbidden or not. Not asking for lovey dovey romances, but yeah. At least it's optional.

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The characters are quite different in how they engage with casual sex, and with who. There's a considerable amount of of in-text discussion about what characters are willing to do and under which circumstances. 

Plenty of characters in this narrative are not interested in such things, but also a lot are, and there's a history of sexual casualty in western boom towns; there's a reason why I picked the POVs and social groups of mostly sex workers and gay men. 

If you think any of the main characters having casual sex (sometimes with multiple people) is strange, just consider that they've all paid to have sex with a prostitute. 



Fair. I guess I'm just not used to this type of story. I have an open mind so I'll try to think about it better. Basically, it's not about casual sex. I think I'm just interpreting certain things the wrong way, so I'll just say sorry for sounding rude and all. I do enjoy the setting and characters, there are just things that kind of bother me, and I think it's my own fault, not yours.

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Yeah that's fine. I do understand having an investment in a type of character and then maybe finding out that they aren't exactly what you were looking for, but I do hope you'll enjoy the different personalities and the social dynamics of these characters in what might feel like a less familiar setting. 

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I'm glad Ben died.



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Blocked at the tarot reading.  ... Weird.  Now it isn't.


Will Nik's route get more update?? WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT 😭😭


Dead ass had to call off work from that end of that chapter. Now we wait in solidarity (hopefully not forever).


Seria bom se o Dimitri tivesse uma rota?

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