A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(The Smoke Room contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

The Smoke Room is a horror/romance visual novel set in a small desert town in the year 1915. It is a standalone prequel to Echo.

Moving to the town of Echo was a bad idea. Trusting someone he barely knew was an even worse one. The Smoke Room tells the story of Samuel, a sex worker in the town's most infamous brothel. After making the biggest mistake of his life, Sam will struggle to keep it a secret. He comes to realize however, that doing so might be impossible...Echo itself seems to know what he's done, and it's not keen on letting him forget.

If you enjoy this and would like to support us on Patreon (and get early builds), you can do that HERE!

(Please try to scrap old saves every time there is a new update.)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,178 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsanthro, Bara, echo, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Horror, mlm, Psychological Horror, Romance


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Guys, the scene in William's route after dialogue with James is THE BEST THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Question: Is there a Discord for Echo or any of their Spin-offs?


Yup, its called the Echo Project Discord lol

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I couldn't find it. Perhaps it is Patreon only. Thank you, Though.


There is an unofficial discord (which I don't currently use but some other EP devs do.)

Have been trying to set up something more official in the mean time.


Thank you.
Yes, TSR could easily deserve its own Discord. Also, a Discord with a channel for each of the stories would also be appropriate.
Please keep me/us in the loop if this ever comes to fruition!!
You know me as the guy making the Murdoch music video on Twitter. I really should change my name here...

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I've been thinking about William Adler lately... I feel sorry for him and also for his ex-wife. Then I discover this song "Austin" by Dasha and I realised that it's vibing with their stories. Enjoy the parody! Hopefully it somehow inspires the developer team in any way.


We had a plan, move out of Echo, baby  

North to the city, it's all we talked about lately  

I'd pack the car, bring your badge and case for closin'  

First thing at dawn, you'd cue the songs and we'd get goin'  

But you weren't home, waited on the porch for ya  

Sat there alone, all throughout the morn' 'til I  

Got a hunch down in my gut and snuck around the back  

Empty cans and I'll be damned, your gear was never packed  

Did your badge stop workin'?  

Did your truck break down? (Truck break down)  

Did you burn through duty?  

Did your job find out? (Job find out)  

Where there's a will, then there's a way  

And I'm damn sure you lost it  

Didn't even say goodbye  

Just wish I knew what caused it  

Was the whiskey flowin'?  

Were you in a fight? (In a fight)  

Did the nerves come get you?  

What's your alibi? (Alibi)  

I made my way back to the city  

And that's where you'll be forgotten  

In forty years you'll still be here  

Drunk washed up in Echo  

A hell of a bluff, you had me believin'

How many months did you plan on leavin'?

What happened? Bad habits? Did you go back?

Go batshit?

I loved you, how tragic, oh-oh

Does anyone know how far along the game is so far? I want be able to play the game when the stories are completed.


Echo took 7 years to complete, and TSR has been in development for less than 5 years. I get the feeling that they really want to expand the lore/themes they established in Echo, so it's probably going to be awhile before it's finished.


Thank you Echo Project for this game. It's really good! I especially love the writing and the occasional new words I learned. (Props to George Squares!) Smoke Room is very fun, and a lot spicier than the other Echo games. Love Cliff and Murdoch the most, personally. I especially found Cliff's route to be most enjoyable. I am excited to see what you have in store!


i love ur team, yall do great work


Thank ya. We appreciate the love and support. 


Does anyone know what choices do i need to do so i can unlock willams cg's 7 to 9?


Do I have to play echo first to understand this or can I just play it as is?


The games reference one another but there's no particular order you need to go in. 


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Its probably good you started with this one. You don't have to play it in any order. They reference one another but its more like a easter egg. 

But order

The Smoke Room (Past)

Echo (Present)

Arches (Future)

The game hasn't been updated yet, why is your account already updated?

Buenos días, alguien sabe si el juego está en español? Plis deseo saber porfavor


I went Cliff > Nik > Sam > Nik > Cliff > Murdoch > Cliff > Will > And I think Nik will have to be my number 1 because I'm too much like Cliff and need a big hard working badger in my life to belly flop on top of me as I fall asleep. Yeah I think that's going to be it. That will be my decision. I like it.

same lmao


hey, so we are having this argument in the Echo Project Wiki over William's sexuality, about whether he is homosexual or bisexual, if is not a bother, would you mind settling the matter?

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William is homosexual. Many gay people in the US were coerced into marriage for colonialist purposes, and that's a major component of William's story. There are several major bi characters though, like Cliff, Todd, James and his wife, Dora and Jim. The majority of a sexually segregated workforce in Echo at this time period would express bisexuality and m/m relationships in some fashion based on historical trends and evidence. Homophobic attitudes would still coexist in some capacity with this realty as well. 


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ok, i've played through most routes (except cliff's, halfway through it) and i want to review this vn. i've seen the drama on twitter over it, and i agree partly with some of the criticism, though i don't agree how some people go about criticizing the game. when i mean criticism, i mean people talking about the narrative's inconsistencies.

 spoilers ahead btw. also everything i write below is subject to change, since the vn is not complete yet and i myself change my opinions on things from time to time. who knows, maybe when the game launches i'll write another one.


the thing i saw most on twitter when people were criticizing the game was how many NSFW scenes there were. people said it was too much and yadda yadda, and i half agree with it and half disagree.  the protag is a literal whore. it's kinda expexted for there to be a lot of sugestive scenes ain't it? and second, you can have a good history VN with a lot of sugestive stuff in it (burrows for example). though i do think some of them feel out of left field, like the one with hendricks on cliffs route, the one with todd on the shed and kane's. and i have something to say about kane's specifically.

the other thing people said about the game was the non-consentual act on kane's scene. that's undeniable, it's implied (at least how i see it) that william passed out in the middle of it. even before he passed out, he didn't really consent to do half the things kane told him to do. i feel this can't just be ignored on the upcoming william update. william's route has to do something further and not just go "well that just happened ig" and just keep moving. i feel this has to be addresed in some way with the seriousness the topic of r4pe and SA deserves next william update, or further up.

aside from this, i like where the history is going on the routes. i like how diferent they all are to each other and my favorite would probavly be between william and nik's. i hope we see more of how this game ties in with echo in the next update. since echo had 63 updates, and tsr is on the 33rd, i'm guessing we're close to seeing the ending of the histories.

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I want to point out a few disagreements and inconsistencies on your post.

 Also Spoilers


When you talk about Kane's scene. First you say its "undeniable" that this was non-consensual and immediately follow by saying "It was implied that he passed out in the middle of the scene". That absolutely didn't happened AT ALL and I don't know what do you read to make you think that was remotely implied. At least you acknowledge when you wrote in parenthesis  "(at least how i see it)" that your view  is subjective, because even if you saw it like that, that's not what happened in the slightest.

You also said  "he didn't really consent to do half the things Kane told him to do". I don't understand.  Half of what things? 

Kane kisses Will----Will responds with "He is damn good". Will likes that

Kane makes Will kneel---- Will responds with "What the hell am I doing down here if not to do exactly what he's expecting". He is willing to try a thing that was repressed because of his father, if he didn't want that , he could easily just stand up and go. Which ties to the next part.

Will remembers the time when he was doing THIS EXACT SAME THING with someone HE LIKED but he was denied by his homophobic father. However Will says "I know this time isn't going to be like the last time SAM IS HERE WITH ME" Because in order to arrive at this point of the story and this scene, one of the choices was 

"If you can allow for things to go where they need to, then so can I."

Kane says "Lick balls to base"---Will says "So I give him what WE BOTH want"

Kane makes Will go deeper and says to Sam "Even I wouldn't have FOLLOWED those orders WITHOUT a little RESISTANCE"----- Will says after "I am good at following orders, right? Even when they TASTE BAD. But I can't pretend ANY OF THIS TASTE BAD"


The only thing that Will "didn't consent" was him finishing in his face instead of his mouth. And some folks make it sound that William was being waterboarded with cum in some sort of torture device. All the while the whole scene reads that Will is pretty much into it and we were given a lot of context in past updates about Will's psyche. Some of this  r4pe and SA takes I have heard are from people that either: 

1 Forgot some of the context of past updates, 

2 Gloss over the  context that the current  William update prior to the Kane scene or 

3 Are folks from a certain age that shouldn't be reading this VN because by nature they lack the understanding and maturity to read into these scenes due to their young age.

There is also a fourth point. People not liking when a character doesn't feet their preconceived notions but to each their own.

I do agree with you that I also hope the route just doesn't keep moving and go "Well that just happened". I would love to hear what Will feels after overcoming a very deep seeded barrier put out by an homophobic father and able to overcome that thanks to SAM with Kane (Someone he likes), even when he was hesitant at the beginning.

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

William consenting verbally and nonverbally makes this a consensual scene. 

William has degrees of sexual neurosis that he wants to get over through self-struggle, which is why bondage is helpful to him. 





i was writing a reply but the power went out. it was a shame cause i wrote a lot. i'll just boil down what i was gonna say and some more.

i went and replayed his route (granted, i skipped scenes that didn't involve william poking his brain) and i agree with you that most people on twitter forgot some of the context prior the stag part and sk did i. william did agree verbally/non verbally but what led me to have those opinions was this line"i mean to stand ground, but i'm dizzy" after kane put him os his knees and sam a bit later "be patient with him, he's had more than a shot". completely forgot that liquid courage is def something. i said i agree with some thing they said, i still do but nah, they tripping on this scene. i gotta say tho: william won't magically just overcome his conflicts and internalized homophobia with this scene alone (this month i think we'll have the next update, we'll see how it will play out)

also replaying his route, i can't say exactly why but i feel murdoch and william are two sides of the same coin. i already noticed playing murd's route and i thought it again replaying will's. probably because they're both conflicted but i won't elaborate and just let this marinate. maybe when both their routes end.

also the pass out thing: i said it was in the middle of the scene, i meant the end before the "to be continued", that was miscommunication on my part ("i remember just one thing before darkness overtakes me: sam wiping the filth out of me"). but re-reading it, yeah reached back there, not even gonna lie. it's open ended, so again, only next update we'll know how it turned out.

side thing: i remembered i had made a post here on itch months ago on how sudden the stag scene felt, and even on this thread original post. it flew over my head when i posted it, but it's good to know there will be changes in the future


(Definitely check out the patreon build that just came out if you are willing to support us. There have been major edits for pacing around the stag scene.)


oh shit, it came out? gonna check out once i got more time on me then


----------------------Spoiler warning + question-------------------------

||Can you save Will in Nik's route?||

Also can you hide text somehow like you can do in discord for spoilers?

We don't know for certain if he died. He might just be badly wounded. We won't know till next update, I'm gonna be pissed if they killed.

Yeah, I hope he'll be fine.


So far, it seems like who gets hurt depends on who you choose to sell out. I experimented and got a few different people at the end there

I see, thanks for the information. ^_^

When I want to play the game the TSR-32 file cannot be opened, in build 31 it could be opened normally and translated, now that I download build 33 I cannot open it either, there is another file with the name TSR I can open it but I cannot translate it As in build 31, is there an error in the TSR-33 file?


Yo does anyone know if there is a soundtrack for this game somewhere

Is there any way to skip the story? I mean.. i cant read it all from the beginning again .. can i just continue the build 33? Im at 31


Yeah there is I believe. If you click the extra button which on the main menu its shows you all the chapters out for each character. Which you can then click what chapter you would like to be at for said character. I do hope this was helpful in someway.




ughhhhh i want more cliff content!!! but ive recently started with the murdoch playthrough, and jeeeeez you guys never cease to fail!!! i cant wait to play through the other builds of this game!!! :3 i imagine they are all so amazing!!

I can only boot up build 27 but idk why?


I cant boot build 33. Am I the only one?


this novel left a scar on me and its deep

Deleted post

HOW COULD THEY DO THAT, HE DIDNT DO NOTHING WRONG??? This update has left me in tears to say the least... I really am dreading what the next update for niks route is going to be, i pray it goes well. I pray 🙏


I pray for it too 😔🙏

This build has successfully managed to make me cry! :)


So.. how far off till Nik's Route Ending?

I can't say for sure, but I would gauge around, like, 70-75% completion?

(1 edit)

I can't really update it... It says "App can't be updated because it conflicts with an existing package" I'm on android btw.

Uninstall the current build, then try again

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does anyone knows if there is some kind of summary of what happens in the routes and the stuff that happens in every desition? im slow and my english reading compression is really bad as english is not my first lenguage 😔

I estimate that TSR is between 63-67% completed


I like Todd and Yao, they both are so silly, the side characters have nice interactions :3

just a silly random question. spoiler alert!

we know that sam is followed by a creature/ghost? in william's route, there's also a skeleton like creature in the mirror and ceiling. are both these creatures/ghost actually the same being or are they different?

sorry for my randomness.


Those are different.

Thats one theory it could just as easily be a demon.


uuuh I don't know what's this drama all about (and I don't wanna know, thanks) but anyway Nik is such a pookie 😭❤️❤️


There's no drama. It's just literal 16 year olds interacting with NSFW content publicly, not liking it, and making stuff up because they don't like it. Ignore it and enjoy the VN lol


Hello, after playing your novel I was inspired and would like to create a fan novel based on your universe. 

Would you be against such creativity with preservation all copyrights.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.


The policy the project has always taken is that non-profit fan projects are allowed. 

-George S.


Yeah this game's content goes beyond "it's just not for me" territory with meta knowledge of George as a person. No, I don't necessarily think George is a pedophile, but the content of the game may or may not reflect some of his... personal proclivities and that makes some of the racier content harder to tolerate.

More importantly, I think the game started heading into a poor direction once Howly left the project. It's clear that George crushes up against that original vision and it makes for a jarring and inconsistent read. I think Cliff and Murdoch's routes are solid-to-fantastic on a good day, and utterly abysmal on a bad one. Nik is pretty bland and the less said about William Update 30 the better.

I think we'd all do better as a community and as people in general if we were more open to criticism. I think the content in this game being so dark and heavy is fine, but I don't think it's done well in a lot of cases. Both George and the Echo Project community seem extremely resistant to criticism no matter how well -intentioned it is, and that lack of willingness to learn and grow from past mistakes is evident in the final product being produced. This game (and especially Arches) are only better than Echo, insofar as being less buggy and having less typos.

Since George hates Cliff apparently and with that route's writer being gone, I don't think I'll be continuing to read TSR in the future :/ Maybe I wouldn't be so sour on this game if you could express any genuine criticism of it without an ocean of sycophants with a parasocial relationship to George whining about it, but that isn't the world we live in.

I hope George has grown past the nasty things accused of him and is a better person, I really do. Maybe I'll give this game another shot once/if a new Cliff update releases. 

(7 edits) (+19)(-4)

Hello. Since the crux of this argument is about honest criticism, we need to address true things.  

1. I have written more than ninety-five percent of this project. The content of this project that howly wrote was:

-half of the introduction  before the route split, until nik is first introduced.

-The very beginning of the nik route until before yao is first introduced.

Howly had some very loose ideas about Nik and Will. He wanted will to be married and have some homophobic elements to his character perspectives. He wanted Nik to be a heart-felt love story. I have done my best to uphold these original ideas while letting a good portion of myself enter the story, such as exploring labor History in Nik route, and Mystery elements and themes of homosexual shame and self-loathing in Will route.

I'm sorry you are not interested in the labor politics of nik route or Will's self-exploration of himself, but, these are coming from places of genuine humanity.

2. I do not consider an overwhelming amount of this game dark. A lot of it is a celebration of the progressive movement in America before things go bad. I try to do a mix of good and bad things to tell a story of the town in this era. A lot of it does veer dark due to the nature of the horror genre. 

3. I do not hate Cliff. I have cowritten him since the beginning with Redd, and have written a heavy amount of the portion of his story.  I like weasels, and even used to have a weasel fursona a long time ago! I just never wanted to portray Cliff as a suave cool guy, because a lot of his story is so heavily tied to themes of the nastier side of anthropology and colonization that America did in this time era, and to some extent still does today.

If Cliff had not been an anthropologist, we probably could have gone in a drastically different direction with him. But I think the role of the Meseta needed more presence and we used Cliff's story to explore that more. 

Cliff's story is about growing (or not growing!) as a person, all the while enjoying his eccentricities.

Criticism is always welcome. But it needs to come from places based on the truth. There is a lot of me in the characters in this story- but that's kind of the point of being an author. 

-George S.


You don't have to listen to my criticism specifically but the way I've seen you snap at others with much gentler criticisms than mine really put me off man :/ You've shown an intense, specific resistance to ANY negative feedback regardless of intent, and THAT'S what I'm referring to.

You don't need to reply to every comment you get. You don't need to justify every decision you make. I even said that on a good day I love like, half of your game. William and Nik aren't for me, so I didn't comment on them in any depth.

The amount of work you put into the project isn't the point because I can clearly see where creative visions are clashing. Which in some ways is fine, and others really isn't. I'm not going to get into the minutia of it because nothing I can say will ever convince you or anyone else that your writing is flawed in any appreciable way. It makes me less willing to accept what flaws DO exist because I'll know they'll just be repeated 🙃 it happened with Howly and Arches, and McSkinny with A Role To Play.

For the record I don't hate you as a person. I don't think you're a pedophile, I don't think you're evil, or even necessarily are still the creep you (allegedly) were years ago. I'm willing to engage with you and your fiction with grace and the benefit of the doubt, since it provides very rare representation (at least outside of FVNs.) But like my guy, obsessively replying to any negative feedback with "you're wrong, actually" is unprofessional and makes me less able to feel positively towards the work.

I would love to be as obsessed with TSR as other people seem to be (especially since it's goddamn inescapable and nobody who plays FVNs looks outside of the Echo Project bubble very often.) I really wanna like this game, I really do. Literally all I want is to see more open dialogue 

Deleted 71 days ago

Jesus christ you write alot XD. Him "snapping" at criticism is always him justifying or explaining why he wrote something a certain way to clear up confusion. Nothing intense nor resilient about his messages. He enjoys interacting with the community no matter what kind of comment it is, and we all appreciate him for that. Its really not fair for you to say that after you rage baited him by calling him racist cause your favorite love interest isnt portrayed the way you want him to be. And dude its a free novel. "I don't think I'll be continuing to read TSR in the future :/" is not threatening anyone XD


Nasty things accused are mostly just lies based on things taken out of context and leaking private DMs out of context because of a hate boner. lol


I literally said I don't think that George is a pedophile or even necessarily a bad person in my reply. I'm not accusing him of anything besides not being a particularly good writer.

(1 edit) (+2)(-7)

Not saying you are. The others are (and they're cub writers themselves).

You do seem to be very much the "I don't like it and I criticize it, the writer should acknowledge my opinion and change for me specifically" type though. So, yeah. Don't like, leave your criticism, move on.


Like I said I don't really care whether or not my personal feelings are reflected in TSR. The dickriding (especially from you specifically) is just obnoxious.


"Dickriding" or not, the things and points that have been said to you (respectfully) still apply regardless. Good thing you don't care and don't take personal feelings reflected in the VN to heart. It would be pretty mature to just move on.



Sure thing bucko. Besides, you wanna talk off putting? Go play Echo. There are FAR worse and more messed up things there than THAT scene from a recent update (which isn't even bad, you just don't get it).

You don't care, sure, but you care enough to say what you said, so you DO in fact care.


Just here to say Murdoch's route hits home and makes me cry a lot.


It's a real shame that George's pedophilic fantasies were made public knowledge recently. Extremely so since he was a teacher. Makes you wonder if it affected the stories he writes in any way.

(6 edits) (+20)(-9)

10 years ago, but ok let's see what we have to work with:
Exploring your past as a late bloomer is normal. No minors were involved.
RP with consenting adults is normal. Again, no minors. Literally just exploration of a "what if" scenario.
Fantasizing about "if I figured my sexuality sooner I could get that guy/girl when I was 16" is normal. You most likely thought that too.
Being a teacher doesn't make you a pedo. Many teachers are even older. Guess preschool scares you.
Literally none of that makes you a pedo. Your circlejerk of hatred over a personal dispute is mental. Get help. All of you.
You got kicked off the project and now you're hacking people's accounts and trying to get literally everyone who even touches the project involved because how dare someone tell you to stop instigating all the time. That's actually mental. Seriously, seek help ASAP.
A lot of other "criticism" comes from minors and barely legal people. 10 years ago to you is you literally being 6-10 age range. You have no idea what you're even talking about. Plain and simple, stop gaslighting.


-Considering the Late 2000s/Early 2010s where this was considered a gray area and normalized. The dark ages I call it. However we still can't say this was alright even if this was both consenting adults roleplaying, even if this is a product of it's time. We can at least agree that in the present day this is all weird.
-10 YEARS AGO?! I thought this was recent.
-It's true that these people are mostly GenZ furries, now that I think on it.
-The guy isn't that great to work with honestly, but that's it. Anything else just feels like an entire vendetta and hate circlejerk with everyone else and it's getting annoying.

Older Furry: this is my work
GenZ Furry: ummmm i dont like it this shouldnt be a thing.
Older Furry: Thank you for your input but if you do not like it just don't engage with it.
GenZ Furry: [Shocked that someone said no. Hmm. An older gay telling someone no, standing his ground. Unsure what to do, they just resort to the first thing that comes to mind.]: Oh, you're an asshole. Alright. We got you.

This is getting very tiring and I can't even bother to listen to anyone anymore. Y'all seriously need to do what we did before you lot came into this fandom back in pandemic: IGNORE THE THING YOU HATE AND STOP ENGANGING WITH IT. 


You also have to take age into account. 10 years ago they were barely out of their teen years so yeah. I'd say it IS ok because young people do dumb things. The important thing is that they don't want to do it NOW and find it weird now. Difficult to work with or not (that's personal too, some say otherwise) that's kind of what it boils down to so you know. No need to literally hack people's accounts (for real, this guy has leaked PRIVATE DMs to people through DM). So there you go. GenZ doing what GenZ does.

Deleted 91 days ago

preach sis


Stop making shit up to stir up drama.

You should go to JAIL for lying about something so serious over internet beef, get a goddamn job, freak.


Well we can all tell you haven't read anything, the VN is full of adult men having consenting sex with each other.  Makes folks wonder why you'd make up lies like that.


Does anyone know the minimum Android version for this?


Works on Android 9

I've been having an incredibly strange problem for a while, whenever I try to open specifically the 32Bit version of TSR, task manager will show it as starting for a second, before it immediately disappears and never fully starts. It's specifically only TSR, no other renpy games, and only the 32Bit version. Has anyone else had a similar issue?


Nik's route makes me wanna cry


This might make me sound extremely weak but i only got through Cliff's chapters when i decided that this vn is not for me. Not that it was bad or anything. The story itself is amazing but it was too scary for me and made me paranoid in real life. If you like horror then this is definitely for you or if you're not really a horror person like me then stick to Adastra or something like that.


Be glad you didn't start with Murdoch

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