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(The Smoke Room contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

The Smoke Room is a horror/romance visual novel set in a small desert town in the year 1915. It is a standalone prequel to Echo.

Moving to the town of Echo was a bad idea. Trusting someone he barely knew was an even worse one. The Smoke Room tells the story of Samuel, a sex worker in the town's most infamous brothel. After making the biggest mistake of his life, Sam will struggle to keep it a secret. He comes to realize however, that doing so might be impossible...Echo itself seems to know what he's done, and it's not keen on letting him forget.

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TSR-6-pc.zip 316 MB
TSR-6-mac.zip 299 MB
TSR-6-linux.tar.bz2 305 MB
TheSmokeRoom 6 -release.apk 317 MB

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This is definitely an interesting story to follow.  I feel like after playing Echo, I already know how it's going to end, and yet I'm compelled to play through it anyway.  I sincerely hope I'm wrong though.  Spoilers ahead I guess, for this, Echo and Adastra.

Regardless, I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I liked the Adastra reference in Cliff's route, and the coded message in Murdoch's route is extremely unnerving, especially as it's strongly implied his sister left it for us to find. What does she want us to find in the basement? While I do like Nik as a character and feel he's  probably the best fit for Sam chemistry-wise, I feel like William's is the route to go. Honesty has never backfired before, right?

... Right?

I feel (though it may not even be set in the same universe), Echo the town is a focal point for the Other, as named in Adastra. The antithesis to life and everything natural, Amicus said it could make you see things that weren't there (which Echo has done) and both Chase and Samuel have described Echo as being something intensely unnatural, something that invokes a response on an instinctual level. I'm probably just reading too much into things though.


I saw that it was a Horror/Romance and thought "Oh, it's spooky too ok, shouldn't be that bad.

I am curled with my blanket in the corner of my bed because I'm scared something is going to touch me at any second, and I'm only like, 10 minutes in, I am genuinely spooked right now omg.


The zip file doesn't seem to be compatible with the itch.io launcher. I have to open the page in a browser and download from there :{


Everybody gangster till The end of their husbando route come out :')


Me(Having played Echo): NO! PLEASE! NOT AGAIN!

I love Cliff!


I love Nik, but Todd is so damn cute too!

I really like William route!!! wish more update!!!


William route is really great

i cant download the android version T-T

Great game! Terrible, but great!  One thing though, When I download the TSR-5-pc.zip and open it to extract it, the file says it's TSR 4. Which is terrible, because I really wanted to see the William update.  Was that a mistake or is the build still Patreon only? Thanks for the time and effort you put into all your games! They are very entertaining (and disturbing in equal measures)!

The file is actually updated, although it does say TSR 4, but William update is in it. Also great game so far, can't wait to see more!

Awesome. Thanks!

I cant find nik route? Where is it?


When you have to choose between Cliff, Nik and...what was it? XD (The Photographer) just choose Nik and youre on his route

oh my poor Murdoch

Sowy XD


Why is everyone asking about Android? It seems to be updated.


Wait, i'm confused. If this update supposedly added nik's route, then...how do you access it? Cause all i'm seeing right now is you can either go with murdoch, or cliff, but i'm not seeing any way of going towards nik. Unless i'm missing something? Help?

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Are you playing the Android version? If so Android usually gets updated a day or two later, shouldn't be a long wait :D

ohh i see, alright, guess i'll wait then


Wow!! I was waiting for Nik's route since he first showed up and it ended up being so damn intense!! I'm thrilled!! Totally worth the wait!!


Anyone else having problems installing TRS-3 for android? Mine won't install!


Might be a little late here lol, but if you're trying to update from an old version and then getting the "app not installed" popup, the only solution I know of is to uninstall the old version first. It's not ideal but it's not too bad with the fast forward features. I believe it has to do with a combination of how Google Play and the RenPy engine both work, so there's not much the game devs can do about it


The music... can we talk about the amazing music? gosh


Where is android


Look on their Patreon


how would you update this on android?


Look on their Patreon


I like the designs of Nik and William the most, however... William seems to have a bad case of "toxic masculinity with a side of internalized homophobia" despite going for Samuel's services, and using him for his advantage. Which is a pity, because I liked William's design the most. I really do hope he gets his head out of his ass and corrects that... 



Just played the new update. Loved it.

Murloch is so damn cute! Surprised that he's bottom too haha. Was thinking everyone would be top in that situation.

He seems very caring also. Liked him. 

Curious to see his father mood changes 🤣

Waiting for more hehe

Also waiting for William. His art is so damn hot that I want to see the sex scene ASAP 😈

Dunno if it's the way they talk in the game time but isn't that "separates my from the abyss" wrong? Like it should be "me" instead of "my".

The sheat part repats two times.

"Scrub in in"

Damn he's too cute that my heart is melting. Tho that face of his makes me want to hug and comfort him as much as possible. Tho he is still charming and sexy even in that moment haha 

eh, I like him too but after finished Echo we all know this is not going to end well.

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Well, my first option was Nik, nothing new... then William, then Cliff, and well, Murdoch wasn't an option at all... But it seems I have no other choice than give him a try, or wait for the next update xD

Murdoch is absolute perfection, I came harder to his sex scene harder than I have to anything else in my entire life

The way he's so taunting, so teasing, so blunt and not afraid to push people's buttons, yet able to share that genuine kindness and concern enough that he'd go out of his way to help Samuel make a living is so heartwarming

Echo Project VNs are always top quality VNs, and this one is no exception, can't wait to see more of him

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Also, while things could go bad for Samuel for telling the truth, he's entirely in the right, after all jack tried to kill him, but the more he waits, the more suspicious it will seem, the more likely the opposite will seem to be the truth

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I believe this goes over the event that leads to the true cursing of the town, the hanging of the two lovers, which as is talked about in the quartz mines, absorbs negative energy, which grew as the town killed more people, but that's just a theory, a VN theory...

I'm having a problem with the android update it is saying that it is not downloaded. What do I do?


What's new in this update? I accidentally deleted my data and I don't feel like rereading the whole thing just to see if there's like a few new lines of text or something xD

There is a skip button dude hahaha

I just downloaded it... and omg, the tittle screen soundtrack is just beautiful. It gave me the chills the moment it started and I left it there playing untill the end.

I haven't started the story yet, but after reading that journey that Chase and his friends had during that week in Echo, and all of its endings, I'm pretty sure I'll love this. Hell, I love it already!

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Hey just play the update, i was bout to leave a comment after finishing the after patch and i realize of the update so. i had to play it before i comment, i must say you are doing a great job, in this update i think the gramar errors were fixed which was fine, but might make the game look messy.  either way to comment on the game is really Good  its interesting cuz the setting and whats going on so far is not something you commonly see… like this perspective of life aside from that it has interesting and charismatic characters added up to that great plot. Sort of sad how things went anyway im looking foward for more of this. keep up the Good job




You did a good job with story telling, drawing and with characters but please put more choises in the next patches


Omg I need to know how it continues . Will be anxiously waiting for more.

Confess that I understood like almost nothing...English is not my main language so I was basically dozing off with some dialogues, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Just something I'm intrigued...the creature in the home page is the main character? 

It is strange to play with a character that has my name, but it makes me feel more like I'm really living the story... Tho I do think those nicknames are veeery strange. Never saw them before haha. Oh, miss, actually someone did called me Sammy one time, but the usual is just Samu ou Samuca. Seems like it varies from culture to culture.

Man u r good at scaring me haha I was all tensed in the mine part. Reminded me of Echo too...

It seems like you loves those uh? Forgot it's animal name lol. Chris dude species... If it's really Chris lol I not certain anymore...the elegant dude that got beaten up.

I found some bugs with the text in Android version, also some grammar erros.



Needed to read it in the history log

Maybe I'm blind but I can't a severe expression in her face :P

History log too

Waiting for more 🥰

So relatable, can't wait for more.

Could you make a version compatible with windows x86 32bit? I can't play that version you have posted...

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It says it can't run on my windows pc is there a fix? And for Android it says app not installed.


Wow¡¡¡¡¡ Great Start¡¡¡¡¡¡

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the game looks nice but wow he doesn't trust anyone not even those who loves him but i hope he will in the end but i'm looking forward to the update of the game

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this is looking good I can't wait for more of this.


Thank you so much for another game Echo Project! 💕


This looks good!

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