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William update next! I'm always excited for his because he's my favorite and I feel like him and Sam deserve to be happy after all they go through and I love his big ears.


it's been a year daddy. i really really miss you.

Ur talking about nik

I didn't know years have 50 days now.

that was a quandale dingle reference

does anyone knows when is the next nik update?  (yes i know he just got one 23 days ago)


updates go in order by character, so the next 3 builds will be william, cliff, murdoch, and then back to nik. it should be around 4 months

does anyone know when abouts the next murdoch update will be?


I hope that eventually I can see Sam's back and butt. Even if it's in a mirror.


Yeah, me too! Sam is both the most cute and most handsome character.


is nick's route done?


You mean Nikolai? No, only chapter 3 so far. I'm not sure how many chapters there are going to be, but I can tell there's going to be a lot more coming.


Please make a route for Todd. I'm begging you, I love that man  :(


No, and is better Yao.


Don't think that would work with how his story goes.


A man can dream, right?


But a man can also write. Be the Todd route author you always were meant to be.


woww! the story is keep getting intriguing, now i'm genuinely curious about what happen next in william route.

Does anyone know a way to get the build 20 android apk cause I forgot to download it while I was invested in other VNs omg😭😭 if not then I guess I have to restart I mean it's fine I only started 2 routes


I ended up liking TSR far more than Echo. I dunno, it just works better. And Sam >>>> Chase.


Sam is way more appealing, and I think what Chase may have as appealing is actually Sam's influence on him


I think that was the whole point of Sam's character:

Sam tells himself that Chase is generic (like NPC), also he is not meant to be replaced with us (I hope you know what I mean, there is term for that: something like projecting yourself on a game/movie character and I meant that very thing. We are meant to project to some extent on Chase, however in Samuel's case we are only following his story as observer)

Chase is cool, but Sam is just different league. Just personal rating, but to my mind Sam is the best written protagonist in any vn ;)


Yes. And because he's not our self insert that means he can get his personality and be fleshed out. I really appreciate that. I know some people like VNs for allowing them to insert themselves into the world, but to me it's more interesting when we can play as some character (like here) and see their story. It's not our story in the end, but his. So that works really nicely.

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Chase is a bit of a vacuum: someone remarks that he has the personality of a rock. Possible redemption comes from a link to Adastra, where Chase is invited to the paranormal conference in Rome and then kidnapped by the wolf. 

The kidnap is far less random than it appears in current Adastra:  the reason for manipulating Amicus into the act is because the Parents have an interest in Earth. Why? Two reasons: first, Echo (and a few other world sites) are toxic is because a chunk of the Darkness has lodged there. Humans are of interest to the Parents because they survive contact with it, Chase is a notable survivor with strong exposure. 

Second, despite repeated contact with the advanced nations it appears that humans  are able to shrug this off and forget it in all but cultural terms.  This is unprecedented and needs study. 

Contact with Darkness-contaminated intellects is not without its danger of contagion, and when Chase is collected as a research specimen, the Parents use the  Wolves as the least valuable and most "sacrificeable" of the Sapientiae. At least, as seen by the Parents. 

Is this a crossover fanfic?


if anyone cares, they should check The Smoke Room's page on PDB

Istg after I finished read echo I am hoping this vn has a happy ending (even tho I know it's gonna make me cry because of what happens in echo it says that everyone got hurt so really looking forward to the ending) 


Oh boy, don't wait for that.. Maybe they will release a short VN telling a good ending, but just maybe. The universe of smoke room + echo + arches, etc, is supposed to be dark, to bend your fears and make you cry of anger and sadness, at least that's what I get from the devs, and would be unfair for smoke room to have a good ending while echo have something so bad. But well, who knows~


There will be some happy endings! I'm not going to spoil anything, though. 



OMG I have a reason to live now


"some".... that's concerning 😰

Petition for Nikolai and/or William to have that happy ending. Please.

Sam and Nikolai better get married, but after playing through the tarot card scene twice, I'm doubtful. :(

does this vn have a discord server 


I downloaded build 21 for windows, unzipped the file and saw that there were already 2 screenshots in the game folder. Was that something you guys forgot to remove or are they meant to be there?

Also, I usually avoid horror games because I'm a scaredy cat, but I decided to try TSR because of Nik. After playing through his route I was so immersed in the story that I couldn't help but to play through all the other routes, and now I can't choose a fav because all the main characters are charming in their own ways lol. The writing is amazing and I really can't wait to see how the rest of the story will fold out for the next 2 years or so.


I just have to say that the story so far of TSR is soo good. I forgot completely that I was even reading and it was like I was actually there in Sam's shoes so to speak. I have to hand it to you guys. You guys deserve so much more praise etc. for this. If you ever get it up on steam and it goes up for sale. I will be one of the first to make that purchase. 

    Also thanks, reading VN's is my new hobby and this one has really touched me so far. 

Anyone else having trouble updating the android version?

Yes do u know how to fix it by any chance

Nope but I keep trying if not I'll just delete and restart unfortunately 


Also while reading Nikolai newest update I noticed that Nikolai is the only one that has a proper image of someone kissing Samuel I'm just wondering is that intentional I would like to see one for William but I understand that it might not ever happen lol

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Well, I might be wrong but from what I see I probably am right.


The relationship that Sam has with the cast is not on romantic level, we don't choose our route partner like in ANY other VNs: I like him so I will jerk off thinking about him / I like him so I will pair up with him doing activities etc.

Look at how Sam is choosing his "route partner":

Cliff- I need easy money bc I have none

Murdoch- I lost a lot of money so I need A LOT OF money and I am willing to do anything to get this, even gamble 

Nik- I need money... but he is my dear friend and I want to see him (look at his emotions, he knows that he is paying the least but he still is choosing him. That s true that at the very beginning he says that he doesn't love him at all, but at this point we know better :) )

Will- I can't live with this burden, I want justice... even if this means my death (he doesn't choose coyote because he likes him, he chooses him as a source of justice meant to punish him) 

That being said, Samuel loves / likes only two characters (at the beginning of the story): Nik and Will.

The former also loves him thus the only true kiss scene. However even though Will loves Sam he has too many problems with himself to show his true side (he tries and he actually did, but you've read this so I don't need to summarize those scenes)

We know that Cliff likes Samuel with reciprocity, but their relationship is too fresh to really name it "love". They know each other for too short period of time or the circumstances were unfavorable to expand their feeling beside smuts, idk rly :)

I am honestly have to disagree with you on the point that you said that we don't who we want Samuel 2 l i k e I mean at first with William it is indeed guilt that is hanging over his head but I honestly believe he grows to love all choosable people and for what I've seen throughout each route Nikolai is a little over protective of Samuel and as for Murdoch I don't like the fact that there relationship would start off with a bet Cliff I can understand a little bit but anyway back to my other point I just really want a proper kissing scene from William and again I know that May never happened and I thank you for your opinion none the less

Quick question after Nikolai who is next on the Block I know it will be a while after Nikolai while I read everyone's routes my Canon route is William

William route is up next, judging from the route update rotation.

Deleted 56 days ago

probably not……saaad

Deleted 56 days ago
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Morning to previous update readers will have to delete previous version 2 install I had to find that out the hard way at least for the Android version

eyy finally android version is out~

Anyone know how I can update the game and have all my saves carry over on android..?


no android update? qwq

Or it'll be out later


Read the dev log. 


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Already did after postin' that-- xD i always forget to read devlogs

Is. This game finished

If no then when is it gonna finish?

The original Echo took 5 years.. So this could take that amount of time, or longer..


Android ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ


With the appearance of Cordelia and her Tarot card readings to Samuel in Nikolais new update, I think it’s only fair to discuss the implications they may have for the story in general. 

Now, Tarot cards aren’t necessarily “good or bad” but finding the decisions to get the most “favorable” cards for Samuel based on his situation would be nice (considering this is a horror game made by Echo Project).

I have done a few runs myself and the most “favorable” cards I have gotten were the high priestess (past), the devil (present), and judgment (future), all being upright. 

To get this you need to select these choices:

“Maybe not. He seems helpful.”


Get the locker combination right (8 turning left, 16 turning right, 3 turning left).

Make it through the mines without dying (straight, right, left, maps right).


And finally “I’m good.”

The “least favorable” cards I have gotten were the high priestess (past, reversed), the devil and lovers (present, both reversed), and the tower (future, upright). 

To get this you need to select these choices:

 “This is all way too suspicious.” 


Get the locker combination right.

Make it through the mines without dying

“I need to think on it.”

And finally “Yeah!”

Keep in mind that I do not know jack shit about tarot cards and am going off of what I have googled about them. That means I can’t really make any bold claims about the cards impact on the future of Nik’s route other than “this card may be bad” and “this card may be good”. So please provide any input if you think there are other ways the cards could affect the future. 

Also, if you want to try out different choice combinations for yourself, here is a short little guide of what influences your cards/combinations (it’s not that in depth so what you get may vary). For example, the first choice of Nik’s route when you choose if Yao seems suspicious or not influences the past and present, allowing you to get the high priestess (reversed/upright) for the past and the devil (reversed/upright) for the present. The next choice lets you choose a name to tell Porter, which influences the future. Giving either judgment (reversed/upright) or tower (reversed/upright). Getting the locker combo wrong changes whatever your past card is to death. And dying in the mines doesn't do anything (I think). Finally, the two newest decisions influence whether the future card will be upright or reversed. Please correct me if any of this is wrong.


Update for folks: I am still waiting on a cg I do not have. I will update the game without it tomorrow if I do not have it.

I lev willia.m

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Y'all are so impatient,they just released a new game:-| if you can't afford,then wait.

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Hey, Echo Project! I don't want this to sound rude at all and I seriously hope it doesn't sound rude, that's the very last thing I want.

I'm a huge fan of your VNs, this one being my favourite, and I look forward to each new one and their updates. It's amazing how you're creating such a intense world with such a deep, even sometimes relatable story. 
especially when most vns are just haha horny go brr

I just want to kindly let you know that me, along with a lot of other people, would really appreciate if you had a consistent public update schedule for your VNs, instead of keeping us guessing when the next update will come out.

It doesn't matter how long it takes, or even if it's not a schedule.
Seriously, if you just tweeted a schedule for when the public build of one of your VNs is coming out and informed us if there was a problem with the schedule, that would be completely fine! All I'm asking is that you please treat your growing fanbase with a little more decency. There's always room for more content in the next update, y'know?

If you read through all of this, thank you so much, and please keep up the heavenly work all of you are doing here.

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I feel you I absolutely love their work, honestly probably the best visual novels I ever read. The only ones I can say can compete is Wolfstar Paradise and Sin, Nekojishi and Extracurricular Activities, but to be honest the writing they put in their visual novels is good better in Echo Projects by a bit. 

But they are super inconsistent on their upload schedule. Which is a bummer they absolutely are good at what they do and I don't mind waiting. But their updates are super inconsistent. And waiting is so painful sometimes.

I honestly wish they'd release on steam too. I would wishlist them, nothing again patreon or anything I just feel safer on steam, I know steam is well trusted so I don't have to worry, and I'd rather just make one big early access payment rather then a bunch of small patreon payments. 

Also steam is more well known they'd be able to access a bigger audience, this would sell like hot cakes on steam.

But just my two cents on the topic.


Those are some great two cents, mate!

I'd honestly enjoy the games better if they were on Steam.
Not having to deal with moving all my screenshots over each update, and not having to manually download each update. Having better access to the Echo Project community. And especially the remark you made about about "one big early access payment". I would love all of that, and I'm sure more would too!

And it's not like it's impossible. Amorous is on Steam after all, and it's running off the same engine as all of Echo Project's VNs are. They just got to go through the process and they're good to go!


Just for some transparency: most of our writing devs are not the artists for these games. So generally we have to wait for assets before we can post or compile what we need to have. 

We try to put out something at least once a month on patreon and if we don't, payments get paused. 

The updates here are free, so they do not adhere to a schedule as consistent on patreon. Though we still try to release within 2 weeks when possible. 

I am aware it has been a month, but for artists writers and coders, sometimes life happens. 


Is there an update yet


Where the fuck is the latest update?


Still no update--


Gotta say something, that Murdoch update..... WOW. I didn't think it would go that far.

No spoilers, but if you've seen the update, I think you know what scene I'm talking about. Yikes it was gut wrenching. 

Is that the update coming out tomorrow?

The new update is abt Nik's



May i ask if this Visual Novel has any social media...maybe discord?


When is the new update being uploaded to itch?

A few days ago George said they will be aiming for the 30th. So it will likely be up next Saturday or at least around the weekend.

FINALLY!! who's route will it be?

The updates rotate in a set order for which route is focused on. The order is Cliff, Murdoch, Nik, and then William. The next update should be Nik.

From what the creator said its The 30th

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