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If theres ANY way to see the progress on the updates, it would make so many people's day. We LOVE this series, Echo Project!!

aquatic theme music is so good. when I heard it i was like stop playing and just listened to it. amazing music the game has

What's the name of the song that plays in the main menu?


Khemia Main Menu Theme it is in the folder \game\music

You right 😂


It feels like this is going to be a solid exploration of toxic masculinity and developing into a new, softer but far more structurally stable form of masculine strength. What's written so far is great but I'm probably not gonna return to this until its done, don't want to ruin the experience for myself by rereading it four times before its fully out.


Also it seems a little strange that it goes from great art flat to "more coming later", feels like that might be putting the cart right next to the horse but I don't know that much about visual novel creation.


I've been waiting for a year.🥺🥺🥺

also abandoned, last update june last year

Is there a sequel to this game, or is the author stuck in a writing bottleneck🥺🥺🥺?

He's working on the final build of Arches before devoting more time to Khemia and Interia in 2023



I'm looking forward to this continuing in 2023.

А есть Chemia на русском?



I really like how this started and I am very hopeful to see this continued.

I like the update on earth at the beginning,  This lead me into thinking that the virus issue could be Alex (having stowed away on the shuttle) still doing his work to destabilize things.  That the MC could catch him in disguise with vials of the virus, then use them to build a human vaccine the the virus.


marco had super small pox that killed him and went to a place with no natural resistance


still very hopeful for this project


can anybody please tell me the order of this?? is 1 adastra 2 interia and 3 khemia or 1adastra  2 khemia  3 interia???????

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This is sequel and Interea is a filler to Adastra ( Interea is about the events during the Tour Amicus mentioned to us on the Lover's Day )


Adastra is basically the start of the story, Interia (as far as we know) Is about the more political and relational side of amicus and marco after cato dies and amicus becomes emperor. Khemia is what happens on adastra politics after marco is gone. as far as we know other than more romance.


What do ya know. roman romance


Is your name Marco 💀

Ion know mane 💀


Y'all made a new one but why haven't y'all finished these

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Howly is suffering from writer's block. That's why they decided to do Interea, to write something lighter and what still has the old MC. That was the plan anyway before returning to this.


Interea is also helping to fill out character pasts and background history for Khemia as well.


So this is part 2 out of 3? I feel like that makes sense. 1 = Adastra and Amicus, 2 = Khemia and Neferu, 3 = Climax (and more crying)


Well Amicus's Parent mission is to unite the 16 Sibling races, so potentially 14 more stories depending on the authors' intents. 


Yeah I know about that, but I think some can be skipped/abridged and combined into one. I mean, that's a lot. But if they really want to do all of them and then an epilogue (Amicus and his human lover retiring in old age) that would really be something special to see. And a huge project. So that's why I'm ok if it does end up being 3 big parts with a few smaller ones on the side (like Interea) for more lore and more Amicus. I find the world they made pretty interesting overall so I'm all for seeing it all if they want to.


I really hope that Khemia it's only on a temporary hiatus right now and not just permanently put on hold or even dropped completely because even though this might not be starting out as well as Adastra did it still is a continuation of that and I would love to see where it all goes if there's ever a chance for it to start up again on the creator's own time of course (?).

hey, why does amicus look different? The original was so good and on par with his personality:(


it's been a year daddy..


Why was this abandoned? 😭 🥺🥺🥺


He switched to Interea since it's a story he's wanted to do for a while and is using it to help better set the historical background for the Khemia story and some of the characters. This is currently on hiatus, but not abandoned.


I know it sounds kind of silly but I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT DID NEFERU AND SCIPIO HAD SEX OR NOT!!! Did they just touch, kiss, hug? Or did the team left out the details on purpose? Can someone illuminate it for me please?


They just had some intimate cuddles, nothing more if I remember correctly


i like to think they had sex in my head cannon they did


i need more ;w;

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I have a question for all the people
I just finished Adastra ( and it was... AMAZING).

But .... Now i dunno where to begin next.
Do i read the beginning of Khemia or Adastra-Interia next ?
Tell me what you think is the best ;)


Well, for what i know, Interea is just a explanation of some events during Adastra. While i like to think that Interea takes place 8 years later (presumably when they get back together), Khemia takes place after Interea (since in Interea, Marco still hasn't started his mission). I just hope theres a Real sequel after Adastra/Interea, where Marco and Amicus get to be together again.

Interea tmakes place before Marco returns to earth. Khemia takes place 2.5 years after the return


Wait, doesnt Khemia takes place 2.5 years before Marco's return to Adastra?


Yes it does, but some people are still confused. So here's a timeline:

- Adastra first

(DURING Adastra, Interea,  focusing on some events happening in Adastra)

and 2.5 years AFTER the end of Adastra and BEFORE the 8 years, Khemia

Not exactly,  Khemia takes place ~2.5 years after Marco return to Earth to do his 8 year mission.

Interea is very useful in that as well as telling the story of the wolven moon tour, it's providing historical background to the Khemia story and it's characters (Brunis for example).


I'd say Interea takes place after the whole Cato situation until Marco leaves Adastra for Earth to fulfill his embassador stuff 


I haven't played this one yet (I just barely started interea) but are we gonna be able to see Amicus and the MC reconnect? I really, really, really hope that we can see their story (well.. continuation of story I guess), was very heart broken, but hopeful at the end of Adastra. But honestly great VN you guys, glad I got to read it!

....again... please... Amicus....

No, a reconnection between Amicus and Marco is not likely, at least not in this game. Maybe in the future

hmmm maybe in a sequel of a sequel sad face


This is a wonderful world and have loved the story from Adastra, for now I can say I can relate to the character Scipio I… I-I had that self-doubt like him before… so it is great to see it been addressed in a game with lovable characters.

sidenote: Scipio is kinda goofy looking with the glasses, je~


Can the Echo Project or anyone else provide me with a gallery of every Neferu pose? From Adastra, Khemia, Interea...

I like the sprite designs even if Khemia is different from Adastra but more importantly I would just like one of every Neferu pose/scene if anyone can help with that. Thanks :)


You can easily find these in the game files (at least on PC)
Go to the game files (here I'm guessing it's Khemia?)
And there you will find all the poses
Hope I was able to help!


thank you

Is this Visual Novel on hold indefinitely, or temporarily? I can't remember if this hiatus was suppose to be permanent or not.


I'm in the middle of playing Khemia and I can't help but-

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Of course, this is just a personal preference, not to mean criticizing the latest sprite design. please don't get mad ~

this looks WILD


Let's be real. This vn probably not going to be updated for YEAR (until Interea is finish) and it sad because this one is my favorite :)


I recall reading someplace (not sure if it was Patron or Twitter) but Interea is only supposed to have 10 chapters and we already got the third one. So later this year perhaps, but we likely will not have to wait for next year. Interea is important because is setting the background for a number of things in the Khemia story and so should reduce the number of flashbacks/rehash of things that would otherwise slow the Khemia story down.

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Yup, definitely wait for next year.


i have several question rn about the history, i love the history, but maybe i miss some scene about adastra (ik i can play interia and see some of that missing scenes but im not complety sure about knowing the story well) but im gonna play this sequel and hopefully get a liitle more informed abou the history of course enjoy this beautifull story with his chars. Do ur best writer :D!!!!!


Will that be NSFW scenes?

when the next update? is there daily update set?


The game is not going to be updated for a little while. The project is currently on hold due to a lack of inspiration (so I've heard).

The writer is writing another game happening in the Adastra universe:

Adastra "Interea" (receives monthly updates)

Interea focuses on events that are only summed up in Adastra. Therefore, you'll have to play Adastra before playing Interea, or Khemia (Since Khemia's a sequel to Adastra).


Think I will wait for it to be finished As not to do the wash rinse repeat thing for every update I truly enjoyed Adastra and can't wait to see how the humans story continues in the future

Is this an official sequel to Adastra?

Does is follow up with Adastra as the main character???

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It is official, yes, but no, it does not follow up with the Human. Here, you play 2.5 years after Adastra as a Wolf named Scipio, going to Khemia for... well, you gotta play the game ;P
This story will focus mainly on Neferu and his family/backstory.

I say "will' because the game's dev is currently on hold. The actual gameplay's 30min long.

The writers are focusing on another game that takes place during Adastra: "Interea" 


A new year, a new era of waiting. One where we remain patient for the return of Scipio and Neferu and their journey to the homeworld of the Jackals. I honestly check this VN every day for a new update or anything, even though I know it won't happen anytime soon... Still, I'm hopeful as we enter another year that it will be worth it in the end. Happy New Year's, everyone! And stay safe out there, we're all in this together. And a wish of luck to Echo for their projects this year.


Well Interea has started up again. The third installment was made available (Patrons only though right now) so things are moving along again. Hopefully things will keep moving along smoothly.

I would suggest reading Interea since it's setting up the background for things and people later in Khemia.

is this VN before or after adastra I would like to know so I can go in order, please and thank you.


Adastra is the first game you should play of the three games available.

Interea is a side-story (some sort of spin-off) happening during Adastra (in the Adastra, what's happening in Interea is briefly summed up, in a few lines).

Once you played Adastra, you can either choose to play Interea, or Khemia, a sequel to Adastra happening 2.5 years after the events of the main game. Keep in mind however that Interea and Khemia are still under heavy development, therefore you'll face a "To Be Continued..." 20min after you started playing.

Thank you! :D



Deleted 1 year ago

No cap ya'll


The hiatus is still in effect but I want to say this is a great sequel to Adastra. We'll be looking forward to an announcement to the continuation of Khemia. Scipio is one of my favorite MCs, Neferu as a love interest would be a great excuse to hangout more with our favorite jackal and a look at a different setting


I know this is on hiatus, but I wanted to just leave a note to say I really enjoyed this build and I'm eager to see where the story goes when you are able to continue it. Scipio is adorable. I really empathized with him when he was able to get his first in person look at Khemia, and like him, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the surface.

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I've made a post a millennia ago regarding my/our desire to experience more of Khemia over Interea.  Surprised to see a large majority agrees. Honestly bummed out about the hiatus but understandable whether there was writer's block, priority restructuring, whatever the case may be (not to mention settling drama with another dev...) as long as EchoProject remain transparent and communicate openly with us.

I too really want to see what natural settings Khemia has in store for us. Bewildered to learn that Egypt once had lush forests! 

Deleted post

That or marco is going back to adastra and since the stretch drive marco could also visit his family now and again but God I would wanna see when marco and amicus reunite

Deleted post
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I would not agree to extraterrestrials migrating to Earth. Our planet is unreasonably overpopulated, mankind is sinful, destructive, and disease-ridden, not to mention that resources have been exploited exponentially ever since the inception of the Industrial Revolution. You can only dream, though.

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You forget something  though, if humans get the stretch/warp drive you can bet there would be a mass exodus from Earth to the rest of the Galaxia. Humans were uplifted and abandoned by all the current Sibling races and as such humans would have the right to go anywhere in the Galaxia for having once been their "children".

Humanity my very well be the mortar to bind all the Galaxia races together (I'm pretty sure that's part of the Parents plans since our race could never resist going out and exploring). So if we are out there, you can bet they would want to come to Earth, if only to visit. But plenty would stay simply because our planet has things that remind them of their own homes (ie. the Sahara desert is just like the entire planet of Khemia).

As for all your negativity, well that's your issue. But on the point of resources, once humans can reliably get into space and back we would mine asteriods and other space bodies and get more from them then we would ever get from Earth. Our solar system has millions of floating space bodies that could be mined, not even counting the existing known planets and their moons.

Of course the whole Avia Pox thing would need to be solved first.

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Negativity, my issue?😆Sin, destruction, and disease of mankind are REAL! They are everyone's issue! Your soliloquy is cute though, I'll be honest with you.😆Which begs the question: why did the sibling races abandon mankind, I do wonder~? Whatever the case may be, I stand firm on my conviction. I also disagree on the notion that mankind expand into the cosmos because what we do here, we will do elsewhere and everywhere. Satellites having been lost and discarded in space are but the first of many ways in sullying the already perfect universe the Parents created for those being worthy of humanity (do not confuse with mankind). It is not a matter of being negative, it is a matter of being realistic.

We don't see the world the way IT IS, we see it the way WE ARE.

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There are two worlds based upon your premise - the objective material world and the subjective human world. There is nothing inherently flawed or wrong regarding the world outside the human experience. Consider a rock, branch, and vine. Then comes the monkey who had the grand idea of making a tool with said rock, wood, and vine and going apeshit on a fellow simian because they acquired the mate they wanted. The tool and its natural components are not the issue. Who we are and what we do are consequence of our existence and choices. Remove the human element, the world would be peaceful. 


After human left Neferu feels lonely until Scipio come. Neferu feels like he's with a friend again. i felt its gonna be more than friends 🤣. 

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