A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Khemia contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

Things have changed quite a bit on Adastra. The Human's arrival has altered the political course of the entire galaxy. After his departure, the friends he knew on the wolven moon are left guessing as to what needs to be done next. The Parents, the supposedly all-knowing, all-powerful beings controlling the Galaxias, have a plan, but it's not like they're being upfront about it. They never are, and Scipio, a young wolf on a diplomatic mission, starts to wonder if these Parents really do hold all the answers. He starts to wonder if there are Others.

Update Schedule 

Currently on hiatus.


Sprite art is by HAPS.

Background art is by Stranj.

Additional art is by Karadamon.

Music is composed by Moe.

Update Schedule

The game is updated within the first two weeks of every month. You can also get updates and access builds up to two weeks early on our Patreon which you can find  HERE!


Khemia-2-win.zip 191 MB
Khemia-2-mac.zip 190 MB
Khemia-2-linux.tar.bz2 196 MB
Khemia 2 -release.apk 199 MB

Development log


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I'm a little slow but is this a sequel to adastra?


It is and it isn't. It's a sequel because the events that take place in this game happen about 2 years after Adastra, and it's not a sequel because you don't play as the human but as a wolf named Scipio. I think this game is more of a Scipio x Neferu type thing, plus a Khemian adventure.


how log willl we have to wait for an update? qwq


This project is currently on hold (the author was having some writers block) and instead they are working on Interea. Interea take place sometime during the last 9 months the MC from Adastra was on the moon before returning to Earth. The Asastra story briefly touches on the tour of the Adastran moon's cities by the MC and Amicus but Interea goes into detail about that trip (They also help setting some of the background details that will probably become important in Khemia).

Once Interea is done the author plans to return to work on Khemia (which takes place around 2.5 year after the MC returned to Earth).


ohhh, I understand the artistic blocks, the truth is I only mentioned it as a joke, I understand that this type of thing is not done from day to morning, hopefully soon we will have an update

Can't install the android version, just getting the error at the end of installation, pls help:(

If the next update comes how do you replace it with your current file in pc?

just move in the same folder and replace duplicate files


It should automatically sync your save files. It is all done in the %appdata% renpy file. You can also delete saves from there if you need to, such as in the case of organizing or wanting to completely get rid of a VN.

Other than that, just feel free to delete your old game and download the new one without worry.


when is this going to be updated i like waht i have played and want to see waht happens


i hope they will update soon or that they will make adastra 2

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Adastra 2 is a far cry. Events leading up to (8 years worth) need to occur first. Khemia is the closest thing to Adastra 2 we can ever get as of now. Someone said the author might focus more on Interea over Khemia, so don't get your hopes and expectations up too high.

whats the order to play these game in?


Adastra, Khemia, Interea, then the rest of khemia when interea ends and work on khemia recommences



Hm, shouldn't it be: Adastra>Interea>Khemia? Interea is latin for "meanwhile" as in "meanwhile in Adastra" considering it encompasses untold events leading up to the end of Adastra.

yes, but i've listed them in writing order, which is liable to provide a better sense of flow

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Hi everyone, how are u guys? 


Doing good and I got my second vaccine phizer shot so now I am fully vaccinated 😊


as you should <3

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I just got here after finishing Adastra and crying thang god there's more

Ill add more when i finish what there is UwU

edit: ok i finished what there was, it wasn't quite what i expected but i believe it can be really good (even if im really just wanting more Amicus)

I wonder what happens next as soon as Khemia resumes after the hiatus is over? I know only time will tell

Quick question, I haven't downloaded it yet for MacOs, when there are updates does it automatically update for me, or do I need to do that mysef. And if so, how do I do that?

you need only download the new file from above, the saves go over automatically because they're stored outside the game itself

Anyone know when's the next update release?


The hiatus is hoped to end "by the end of summer"


Let's hope so and keep having faith in Amicus, Scipio, Neferu, Virginia, Amicus's human and the others too


Loving Khemia so far! Scipio is really interesting. Just a small detail. ¿Can you add the human/Amicus wedding ring on Amicus sprite? It will be so cute if he got it on (Like the Ending picture of Adastra).


OMG, you're right! Strange how Adastra never directly mentioned Amicus having one. Either that, or I completely missed the dialogue (which I highly doubt that). I agree, he MUST have the ring on to remind us of the future despite the near decade-long struggle in the present.

Deleted 8 days ago

Yes Amicus needs to have his ring on

Russian version please......


Hello, I just entered the world of adastra, can someone tell me if we will play with the human again? is that the story seemed very good and I would be bad if I did not return

there is Interea, the human is MC as well :)

But Interea IS now under developpement and to be continued, isn't it?

yea, but hey! creators are working on it and we will see more our beloved characters :)

I can ask? , where I can find out if his game is updated version of him or something

R.I.P English:)

For now only pateron

uh....it just says it was made compatible for macOS....not sure anything was added content-wise


What was added in this update?

The macOS version, there's no new content

Oh, ok then.

did this just get an update...?

Yeah, but only to add macOS version

Hey Sato1066 how are you doing? 

Hey, Wolfman58! Sorry for not replying earlier. School finals and everything  ;w;

Anyways, I doing alright. How about you? I hope you share my excitement for a new update soon.

That's alright but I'm doing good


im i the only one that lets the game stay on at the point when Scipio is looking out at  khemians planet just listing to the music while enjoying the art or is that just me 


Nope, i did it too xD.


same, he was so cute XD


to me it seems like the art got better but thats just for me i dont know about anyone else


Ye, Haps has greatly improved since the early Adastra art


Hey guys how is everything with all of you?

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Pretty good, pretty good. Do you know when will the author begin to work on Khemia again? 

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Maybe by summer and sato1066 which character do you love the most?

Also sato1066 do you want Amicus and Marco to reunite? 

My favorite character must be Neferu but I also like Virginia. Its maybe because we know little about them (mostly Virginia) and I just wish for more interactions with these characters.

And, as much as I want to see them together again, I think its better that Amicus and Marco are away from each other for a while. To keep us excited for the moment to come when they reunite. I would enjoy that but things must happen slowly, for the story to be well developed. But these are just my thoughts. What do you think? 

I understand that you think Amicus and Marco should be away from each other for a while but I still think Marco and Amicus should reunite and get married


Yeah! That would be amazing  ^^ Ugh, I can’t wait for a new update.


Hey... heeeey... the human is back to Adastra? (I haven't downloaded yet 'cause I want to donate something before) I'm willing to see the story after the 8 years

It's not after 8 years but rather a couple. I'm not sure

No they're not, still apart, only three years  passed.

played it and i like what i saw the story looks to be very interesting and i look forward to where it goes


cool i loved Adastra 


So do I and everybody else too 🙂


I really hope the delay and writer's block wasn't caused by pressure and impatient demand. Stuff like that can really destroy someone's creativity and writing tact like there's no tomorrow. It's worrying. 


Everything related to the universe of Adastra Is special to me and make me feel home, I Hope they will not abbandon this project.

Please say it will be on Mac!!

it is on mac its just the second download 


When will Khemia be continued, i really enjoy this vn so far!!


"hopefully by the end of summer" I think is what they said

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Sure, they are working on other projects too, so they have slowed down Khemia


Hey guys how are you all doing? I hope Interea comes to the public soon


Holding up well, if antsy to see himbo emperor fiance again~


I hear ya same here


i cant wait for it but a the time being im playind adastra on a piano


I have Patron access and already downloaded it. Played through it 3 time already. I believe you will love it as much as I do.  As a non-spoiler I will say it helps set the ground work better for Khemia and some background info on the characters and the history involved. And that's just the first chapter! 

Also, love seeing Amicus and the MC together again (even if it is technically in the past). I really need that.


i'm rereading Adastra. I want to see Interea, BUT also i want to see the story after 8 years. i want to see Amicus and human together again...


Yes I want to see Amicus and his human together again same here

the interea is before or after the history of the adastra?

Well ContreDame, Interea shows Amicus giving Marco a tour along with Cassius, Neferu & Virginia 


I NEED Neferu and Skip to become a couple omg


Although currently on hiatus, the story is heading in a very interesting place and I'm enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work


is this project alive, dead or on break ?

Its only on hiatus right now, the team is on a writers block, they're working on another project Interea for the time being, but it should be resumed after a bit.


K thx for the reply ^^


neferu hot

he is tho


Quite funny

I know but I still couldn't stop thinking about Amicus

Deleted 114 days ago

It's vary good can wait

Cuando lo sacarán en español??? No se me da bien el inglés o alimentos leerlo

No creo que lo saquen en español si ni siquiera sacaron en español Adastra que son los acontecimientos previos a esta historia, vas a tener que aprender a base de ir leyendo y utilizando el traductor o la página de "WordReference".


Adastra no salió en Español pero la comunidad ha creado una traducción, no es perfecta pero está bastante bien. Te lo dejo por aquí por si lo quieres. Cuando salga la versión final de Khemia seguramente la comunidad hará lo mismo. https://www.mediafire.com/file/nsiw9g1yuriw6ee/Adastra-17.0-esp-pc.zip/file

Yo entiendo perfectamete el inglés pero me has dado una razón para volver a leer adastra por... Creo que está sería la 6ta vez... Lo sé estoy mal de la cabeza pero me encanta esta historia... Y Amicus también 😏😏

Yo también me he visto el juego varias veces y tengo ganas de que digan algo mas de Adastra: Cities que se supone que sacarán este mes. Espero que la comunidad lo traduzca también aunque no sea una traducción perfecta, me quedé con ganas de más después de que Amicus se convirtiera en emperador

Sale este mes? Pensaba que salía dentro de bastante, que ganas 😱

Eh pure io mi chiedo se lo tradurranno nella mia lingua. Studia l'inglese cretén


I'm really looking forward to the continuation ... This visual novel, gave me a reason to live, she is interesting to me!

really looking forward to continuing!) Thank you for being!

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I read khemia was going into an hiatus. Was it just updated? 

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