A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Khemia contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

Things have changed quite a bit on Adastra. The Human's arrival has altered the political course of the entire galaxy. After his departure, the friends he knew on the wolven moon are left guessing as to what needs to be done next. The Parents, the supposedly all-knowing, all-powerful beings controlling the Galaxias, have a plan, but it's not like they're being upfront about it. They never are, and Scipio, a young wolf on a diplomatic mission, starts to wonder if these Parents really do hold all the answers. He starts to wonder if there are Others.

Update Schedule 

We are hoping to release an update every other month. This visual novel is currently under development.


Sprite art is by HAPS.

Background art is by Stranj.

Additional art is by Karadamon.

Music is composed by Moe.

Update Schedule

The game is updated within the first two weeks of every month. You can also get updates and access builds up to two weeks early on our Patreon which you can find  HERE!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(523 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Furry, Gay, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


Khemia-2-win.zip 191 MB
Khemia-2-mac.zip 190 MB
Khemia-2-linux.tar.bz2 196 MB
Khemia 2 -release.apk 199 MB

Development log


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Just a message I'd like passed on to Haps, please. You do good!


I'm really excited for updates


yes this and any adastra content will be abandoned for while from sources that I some acquaintance with the developers 


From what Haps posted, and the Echo Project Twitter reposting it, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere


No, you read an old post from before Arches was complete. Arches is complete and has been since May. They're working on this and Intera (HAPS confirmed several times he's drawing art for it). Shit just happened. HAPS had death in the family, Howly's going through one of his usual insecurity phases where he saw one or two people saying Adastra's writing sucks (which it doesn't) and got super discouraged. He should hand the projects to a competent writer if he thinks he's so bad (again, he's not, he's just insecure about it) so yeah. It's taking a while. Probably gonna be next year or something when things get rolling out, and this gets reworked as promised. Probably gonna rush out Adastra 2 after (because by the time this stuff is done it'll be 8 years IRL since Adastra soo lmao iykyk).

Wait, one person says it sucks and it torpedoes his confidence? I mean it's a pretty good VN, it doesn't have to be perfect for it to be enjoyable for lots of people.

someone on the internet said that my writing sucks :ccc

Not necessarily literally one, but a very small number of people, a few of which are the likes of a really bitter individual working on a certain other VN. He really shouldn't let it get to him, but it does. He posted about it a few times how it affects him and how insecure he feels about his writing. Which, yeah, really shouldn't be the case. Nothing is perfect in the end, but as long as the full package is enjoyable, that's all that should matter, and his projects so far are just that. I'm not really trying to be rude, more like wishing the best for these projects when I say he should hand it to someone (and give guidance to them as to how he wants things and characters to be) if he feels that bad about himself. Like, if I can't, maybe someone else can, you know. It's better than false promises, then stuff happens, and you fail to deliver what you promised. He said 2023 will be "Year of Adastra" at some point, and well, it looks like that's gonna be 2024-2030.

si ahí pone que la version a descargar es la 2, ¿porque se me instala la 1? 


I cant wait for upgrades, can u tell when we can get an upgrade?


HAPS is gonna destroy this one with forced Amicus bottom 5 way anyway.

(1 edit) (+2)

hope its not gonna be abondend


"The game is updated within the first two weeks of every month."

*Last updated 99 days ago*

(This is just a joke take your time IK the story will be great)

Just finished adastra and now I can't wait to read this one, altho I don't know what I should do if this gets an update, am I supposed to just reinstall it?


yea you need to reinstall it unless you have the itch io launcher than there is usually an update button


any updates so far? 

no but as far as i heard they are working on it

how much after the first game is this set on? I want to see if I do continue with it to satisfy my amicus urge

Is over 2 years , and interea is like a cuple of months

Well interea is in the middle of adastrea's story

is it worth playing? the ending of adastra really made me feel bad for the characters, so any aftermath for it i would appreciate it lmao.


well interea is very interesting , there's a part of adastrea when Marco says that He and the imperial family go to visiting the others provincies of that moon so adastrea skyp that part to show the final part , well hehe interea shows you that part and is very hot hahahahahaha if you want to read it , enjoy then hahahaha 


Honestly I've just entered into the world of Adastra and the other stories, and i'll say, it's just amazing. I can't believe the nights that I spent reading until my brain felt like mushy dirt because of the sleepiness, but it was worth every last second and I don't regret nothing. Just keep doing what you do best because you're doing excellent work already.

By the way, why did y'all make Amicus so darn adorable, my heart it's to weak for this.

To the dev by in no means are you a bad writer don't force it and let yourself create another masterpiece most of the time we are worst critique, and we love your other work and will continue to support so take your time and have fun doing it. 


About the Patreon post from a couple months back (I only recently learned about it 😅). I hope that when the dev comes back to this story they won't change it too much because I honestly enjoy the part's where Scipio and Neferu talk to each other about their pain. I know that the premise was mostly explored with different characters in Arches but in a different universe but I still enjoy it despite that, to be able to see that they both have their own struggles. But that's just my opinion. Either way I can't wait to see this story return again after so long. I love Neferu and I can't wait to learn more about him and Khemia in this interesting world. ❤




DEADASSSSSSSSSS if i dont get more time with my pretend wolf boyfriend i might die.....


never related to something more

I didn't understand anything, was the project abandoned? April, May, June have already passed, but there is no news.


im pretty sure theyre focusing to finish the smoke room and/or arches, so updates may be slower, you can check their patreon for update news

(1 edit) (+1)

Arches is complete. Has been since May. They're literally just working on this. TSR is done by some other people, not the same as this. This is done by the same one that was doing Arches. He also rewrote it so there's that too. And he thinks he's a bad writer and whatever, lots of weird problems. Big shoes to fill after all.

They wanted to finish Arches first. So in this month or august, the project Khemia should restart

aint complaining tbh, the smoke room has been getting some majorly goodshit updates


I love this so far! Really hoping you add in save file compatibility with Adastra (or a name screen) since I find people referring to who  you played in in the last game as "The Human" a bit jarring


I know things may be changing for this but I was actually satisfied with how this novel started and it would be nice if skip and Neferu maybe became love interests don't get me wrong the trauma bonding was a touching moment but there needs to be more than that to make it work keep up the awesome work.


i agree, skip and nef are so good together!!!! :3


Finally after 3 years we'll experience the technological pride of Khemia AND the one true love in the universe for us Jackal lovers, Neferu. 

Whereas Amicus is the "Biggus Dickus" of the franchise, Neferu is our Incontinentia Buttocks...


Being 3 am and woozy as all hell made reading this twenty times more hilarious

I live to entertain, brother.


The game received an update 3 days ago. Does anyone know what this is?


Page was updated with new schedule.


Alright, for everyone here who's unaware, this project is getting a relaunch. The story will be mostly unchanged, but some themes and lines of dialogue will change. They said they wanted to explore certain themes, but they did that in Arches, so Scipio's story will be more interesting. Now Arches is complete and they're moving onto working on this one fully. They're aiming to re-release it in May with all the changes, and then focus on it as the main project going forward while working on Interea on the side.

Deleted 205 days ago



When it's ready.

Thanks for the information. Even though the game is a few years old, Adastra is still receiving new players and it's difficult to stay caught up so your comment is very useful! :D



The fact that some people still hope to have an update after two years of hiatus shows how hard they really hope to see something happen with this game

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He said on Patreon that Khemia is being worked on again.


i get that it's been on hiatus but it's been two years since the last update the least you could do is give us some type of developers log letting us know what's going on


He said about eight days ago or so on Patreon that Khemia will resume being worked on. Well, more specifically it's being re-released.

Here's what he said:

"Hey everyone, this is Howly. Sorry for the long silence from a couple EP projects these past few months. Quite a bit has happened involving a family member of mine, and I am currently in the process of helping them through it. I will likely go into more depth in the post for the final Arches build, as the concluding build has been very much impacted by this experience. Look for it to release this weekend. We're aiming for the 15th.

Now, as for Adastra news. Me and Haps are currently working on Khemia again. While Interea will continue to have sporadic releases, Khemia will be the main focus. I am eager to get back into the main story line and I always felt Scipio has a really interesting story to tell. Shortly after Arches is released, I will re-release Khemia with story alterations. It turns out a lot of themes I wanted to explore  in Khemia ended up getting explored in Arches. I'll likely end up incorporating new themes that I find interesting, however, the main story beats, will stay the same. Hoping to have the re-release out in May"


I hope we get an update soon since it's 2023!!!

Jest to bardzo fajne tylko kiedy aktualizacja

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so- when will this get updated again?


I like how the game size is already roughly a third of the adastra download size and there's only a single part.


Ok so I finished adastra, and now this. I think that this has a lot of potential, somehow, you people always find the perfect way to make a story just... so addictive? its entertaining. Its immersive. Even if it takes another 5 years, I wouldn't mind waiting. Seriously this could be a very fun ride if anyone here is willing to wait. Excited for the next update!

I just finished Adastra a moth or so ago, love this so far keep up the amazing work.

it been 3 years since last update this is like not a good sign 

I heard they're supposed to come back this year. They stopped in 2021, and are continuing in 2023. Creator was just having some SERIOUS Writers Block.

Why was this VN put on hold? Man.....


Multiple projects, people not feeling well, writers block, need to take a look at the plot, need to establish characters, etc. It will resume updates after it's all settled.

If theres ANY way to see the progress on the updates, it would make so many people's day. We LOVE this series, Echo Project!!


aquatic theme music is so good. when I heard it i was like stop playing and just listened to it. amazing music the game has

What's the name of the song that plays in the main menu?


Khemia Main Menu Theme it is in the folder \game\music

You right 😂

Deleted 289 days ago
Deleted 289 days ago

I've been waiting for a year.🥺🥺🥺

also abandoned, last update june last year

Is there a sequel to this game, or is the author stuck in a writing bottleneck🥺🥺🥺?

He's working on the final build of Arches before devoting more time to Khemia and Interia in 2023



I'm looking forward to this continuing in 2023.

А есть Chemia на русском?


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