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When is the next updates coming up for the game????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I love this so much.! though I have to wonder why Amicus's eyes are so much smaller..

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Pupil size represent age, larger pupils represent how young a character is while smaller pupils represent how old the character is.

ohhh I see.. that makes sense


I can wait it update "Interea" 🙂

It keep crashing in android ver pls fix 🥲🥲

When I play on Android it keep exiting the game 😭😭😭


Do you think we will have the continuation of the human with Amicus?

I can't play at android it keep exit the app i want to play so badly because it's similar in adastra 😔

So would this be considered the third or second In the adastra series?

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The in-between part. 1.5 if you will. It happens while the human is still with Amicus, but after a certain major event in the  story takes place.
So, chronologically: Adastra until that point > Interea > The rest of Adastra > Khemia

Ohhh ok thank u

Pretty sure Khemia is before Intera since the human MC is still on Earth negotiating communication and peace arrangements between Earth and Adastra while Intera is clearly after the human MC gets back from his return mission to Earth

No. The full name of this one is Adastra: Interea. It's a companion piece to Adastra, happening during the three months where Amicus and the human are touring the moon. Read Adastra again and you'll see what I mean. Khemia happens three years after Adastra while this happens during the last three months the human has with Amicus on Adastra (the moon).

Oh? I guess I forgot about that. I'll take your word for it then since you clearly have a better grasp of the story than I do


I want to play the game but idk how to download it on my Android 😔


I'm glad you guys decided to make this. I always wanted this period of time to be explored since it was skipped and this feels like a really nice add on to Adastra. Good stuff overall and it's making me appreciate Amicus more.


I like the point of contention between Amicus feeling embarrassed after the match and Marco wanting him to be safe. While Amicus seems to have a good intent in wanting Marco to be honest in saying that he should feel embarrassed by Amicus' defeat, I cannot help but interpret that Amicus wants Marco to feel embarrassed for him so that he does not need to ask himself why he's embarrassed. To distract himself from confronting his own feelings alone and instead blame Marco for having similar feelings in the future. 

It's likely that the loss, coming at the expense of his pride and ego, makes him feel like he is unworthy of being an emperor or that he cannot protect Marco sufficiently. 


hey, why does amicus look different? The original was so good :(


time has passed

I think it's because the old sprites didn't really match Amicus's appearance in the CGs as well as the new sprites do.

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It's just new sprites to make it consistent with Khemia and CGs. I would honestly prefer if they just made one tiny change: Make Amicus' head like a bit wider. His eyes are too close together imo.

right? his eyes are my main issue as well. it's visually unsettling to see his facial features somewhat scrunched together.. ;-;


I wish Interea update frequently like Adastra once per month or two in the past patreon.
I know there is many CG need it for Interea. but we came here for the story and Amicus.

You guys don't have to push the limit and forcing every update to be better than before.
On average we definitely choose to update frequently rather than every 5 months
if so sacrifice some CG for the faster update
Maybe, every update do not have CG, maybe 2-3 update ? it's fine guys.
I really scare this game take 3-4 year to complete, if you still use the previous update schedule

I saw a screenshot and it was 1.0 version in main menu


I agree. Many visual novels may leave some BG's blank until the end of development. While, that may not be a very immersive choice, we could also settle on "placeholder" BG's, another common choice for VN's. Even after reading a little bit, I become reimmersed into the story, I cannot say the same for other VN's.

You have to realize that the devs and the artists are now older with a lot more stuff to do. Jobs and lives. I'm pretty happy with 2-3 months updates. I'm willing to see this project until its end, and yes, that includes Khemia and whatever the inevitable part 3 finale will be after that as well. The quality these guys put up is very good so it's always worth it.

Does this game have a discord server?



Wish u could get with neferu😏

Amicus : "Marco, I thought you said doing these kinds of things with someone other than your lover was looked down upon on your planet?? you are such an indecisive lover.."

I finished reading Astra and went straight to Interea, I imagine this story happens after the return of the human, but it is my speculation. I must say that I liked the situation, and I am finding it very interesting to observe and learn from the political situations of this Moon. Please keep up the good work by adding more to this rich and amazing story.


This is before the human departs from Adastra, before he goes back to earth

anyone know when the update is being released?

Id expect another month or so


Finished Ad Astra recently and I'm so tempted to dive into this, but I really want to wait until it's finished. Just have no idea how long that'll take. (the parents really weren't joking about that eight years)


Honestly It would be better to read now. They probably wont finish this for a loooong time


I m just one can't step in the beatiful love between human and Amicus... 😍


Magis maybe want threesome .... :D


I don't think Amicus would comfortable doing that and usually when he wants to make love, he would only do that with Marco, but hey maybe. But what I said right now is facts

Pretty sure neither Marco OR Amicus would agree to it. I mean remember how it went in Adastra during the "deal" Amicus made with Neferu

Well, that was because it was behind Marco's back. While, it was for Marco's safety, it almost seemed... primal... feral. I'd imagine that'd be quite hurtful to see compared to a mutually agreed upon threesome


In the natural springs, i thought that they were gonna make love and I was so exited for that. Then Magis came and ruined everything. Why Magis? WHY?!


He was planning to taking advantage and meet with Amicus and the MC privately for a little bit. I'm sure he never expected Amicus and the MC to have sex. Seeing that it was about to happen, Magis had 2 choices, interrupt them before or after sex. I think he made the right call interrupting them before anything happened.

Queria saber se ojogo interea e a continuação do jogo Adastra

Não é uma continuação como tal, vamos chamá-lo de intermediário. Interea narra a jornada de Amicus e Marco (o personagem principal) através de Adastra antes que o humano retorne à terra.


I may have forgotten but, who do we play as in interia? do we play as the human form Adastra or

I think it is the human we play as in adastra.

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Oki doki! well, i hope the same thing wont happen with magis that happened with neferu.. it was heartbreaking when the human saw first it could be understood but the human and amicus are now in a relationship so..i really hope it wont happen lolo XD :w:

it s so funny Amicus is shy among Mangus but it s ok when he f*ck

Its unallowing me to open the files for the new update for Interea on Android. I'm unsure what to do since I had deleted it and downloaded it over and over again.


Love the new part! But . . . I wasn't a fan of Amicus's facial expressions when Mangus appears at the hot baths 

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Just played it,  I'm excited to see where it goes!


Finally a new update, and I love It!


omg this caught me off guard 

OMG...downloading it now

I realize this is not done yet, but if I wanted to start playing this chronologically with the first game, where would I begin?


Adastra, then this game.

Is this game dead??  This game is so amazing


No it's not dead. Patrons, like myself, get early access to the release before it goes public. Not sure if the public release is the first or 15th of the month, maybe someone else remembers.  

You should be getting it soon. There is also a lot of new background artwork and CGs made for this build, so it took a while to get it done.


Yes!, the patron version for build 4 came out this morning. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but of course I wish there had been even more. To avoid spoilers, I won't say any more.


So... any news about Interea?

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In Patreon on May 3rd, they provided 3 GC's (not colored in yet) of Amicus at the hot springs. So work is still being done, just too bad it's not faster. But I appreciate that the story is still advancing. 


I appreciate that too. After all, waiting means something.  This serie is really something else compared to other VNs.


Does anyone have the same problem as me? When I go for the fourth dialogue, the game suddenly crashed! And the game seems a little laggy. I download the game on an android phone called Samsung Galaxy A12 btw. Help me fix pls, I want to read it so bad!


Maybe the files are corrupt. Have you tried deleting and redownloading? The A12 should be able to run this game just fine.


I've tried, but it does not work! It happens with the Echo and TSR as well. But I can play Adastra, how weird. 

Will this ever be released to iOS?


probably not


Doubt it, you can't officially run files not from the App Store on iPhone.

They could use TestFlight

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I’m happy to see them together again, although it is not fully finished I have enjoyed the new change between both of them. Maybe we will see a full wedding?

So far the story is intriguing and finally the challenge I had on the previous Adastra story line. Revealing against the redacted is a welcome change to finally see who are redacted.

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enjoy this while we wait for the update 


Im crying right now😭😭


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