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A companion visual novel to Adastra...

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(528 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, Gay, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


Interea-0.4-win.zip 305 MB
Interea-0.4-mac.zip 288 MB
Interea-0.4-linux.tar.bz2 290 MB
Interea 0.4 .apk 307 MB

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an update is BOUND to happen this christ-mass. I'm sure of it.... (Im dying no lack of amicus

Is there a possibility that this vn will ever continue? Because i already gave up for this one :(


I remember seeing a comment from december of 2022 saying that they were taking a break from Interea and Khemia to work on other things and that they would focus on them during 2023... well that was a load of bullshit huh


Not my fault Howly's super insecure about his writing.
And since that's the case, he should hand these projects to someone who he thinks will write them properly (aka not someone who's gonna insert their own 5000+ fetishes into the plot all of a sudden and change characters to be who they're not). You know, someone he can trust, give basic guidelines to, and make things happen.
But of course, every time he does write something, he gets super insecure because one or two assholes go like "Durrr your writing stinks, I could do better".


I think you highly overlook how time consuming and heavy writing these projects are. They have plans to start development back up once there finished with their current trajectory, whether it be full or partial.

They have also already released build 5 on Patreon as of now, for people who actively pay for a product that's eventually going to be free for everyone anyway, which is most likely the reason we haven't seen anything as of recently come to public (yet we're still getting merch thanks to our boi's at Pawprint Press). Also, if you don't want to pay, you don't have to. You're getting a free product anyway so why complain about an unfinished product that holds no financial weight to you at all (unless you're a Patreon sub)?

They've got plenty of other content for you to play, and if you're only here for the Adastra stuff, well I guess you'll have to wait like the rest of us for a full game, which at that point it's free to critique.

It's not how I do game development, but I'm not them nor do I work with them so it doesn't matter anyway.

TL;DR if you're too impatient to wait for the game, maybe try playing other games.

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That's where you're wrong. I know. That's exactly why I feel like Howly should get a grip on himself. He feels down about his own writing because a few people criticize it. That's not a good look. Want my source? Howly himself and how he ranted on the Echo twitter account. He needs to stick with it. I can wait years, but when he promises something and then goes off to do that and then not deliver even a SINGLE update in a promised "Year of Adastra", that's not a good look for him. He needs help with these projects, and HAPS working on 5 projects and unwilling to say no to any of them is also not a good look for an artist that's helping you. They need to reorganize their stuff and get it together. I think it's them who still don't realize just how taxing the commitment to your projects really is. It's like, they get confident, they start something, and a month later it's too much for them because other projects, other things, etc. Just say no to other offers and focus on one thing at a time.

Really looking forward to the continuation of this, great job so far ^^


I am still waiting for continuation of Khemia and Interea. Hope it will release soon


When it got to the scene in the hot springs I was like "Magis you cock-blocker."

Idk why this keeps happening, whenever I open the game it allows me to start a new file but after a few dialogue boxes come out it crashes and exits the game, how do I fix this😭😭

Pls help, I'm in desperate need I wanna play the game😭😭

try re-downloading it

If you're on Windows 10, try renaming this folder(C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy) or move it somewhere else and retry the game. Renpy may has some residue files that are not compatible between versions.

Currently i am puzzled, the information for this project state that it is "released" but is contradicted by the fact you are met with a "to be continued" screen without any warning and with them working on Khemia and arches more i am losing hope that this project will be completed. Does anyone know how they are going about completing Interea as i am more excited for the full version of this one (mostly for the human and amicus interactions)

Yes they're working on it but it will be sporadic. I assume this is merely a side project.


Hopefully it becomes more of a priority as i am very deprived of my wolf rn.

I still doesnt undertand what is the order to play those games? Adastra, khemia and then interea?


Adastra - > Interea - > Khemia

Is this the sequel for Adastra or is it Khemia?


Yes, it´s a sequel, but it takes place a little before the end of Adastra.


if adastra is the lion king, khemia is the lion king 2 and interea is lion king 1 1/2

lion king 1 1/2 is the only midquel i know

ty for explaining


Which is a DIRECT sequel to Adastra?



please finish this


They will. Khemia is the main focus now. Updates for this will be slow.


oh okay, thanks for telling


Really hoping this hasn't been abandoned.


Nope, just on hiatus


Nice 👍

when is next update


i am just waiting on them to get finished up where i can play all of it at ones

Amicus has a nice chest by the way. Props to whoever came up with that design. I hope that even when he's 1000 years old his chest is still good.


If I remember right they live up to like 330 years with their vitamins.

Oh, I know. It's an exaggeration. But what I mean is that I want his chest to stay good always.


I love Adastra and Interea .. but finishing them or more so getting to the point where we have to wait for updates is painful. It's so enjoyable to become lost in these stories.


I'd like to see stories about the other members of the Galaxias. I'd also like to get more of Neferu's backstory, mainly to find out why his family doesn't seem to like him that much. 


Echo why'd you cancel this it would've been so good!!


Not cancelled, just put on hold for a bit.



It's on hold until Arches is done. Then it'll pick back up.


Bro we need another update


Man i miss so much Interea hope another build is being prepared no matter how time i have to wait..

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I really hope you guys inted to keep this amazing series going. This story and all other Adastra stories are masterpieces.


ah not finished.... 


judging by how they abandoned adastra's sequels i think they just gave up entirely... I remember that it became popular in s. korea around 21/early22 so that might be the reason they popped out 2 sequels that are just... abandoned... Maybe they thought they will make big $ out of it but i guess not...


they haven't abandoned adastra they said that 2023 will be focused on adastra and the sequels


Its almost q2 of 2023...


its february lol, give them a bit




This IS true... These VNs are just the BES


will there be an update soon? It has been quiet awhile.

updates will be starting again once arches is finished, so probably some time in the next couple months


Wait, arches isnt finished? I thought it was. Are there multible endings you can get

there's one more build expected, it's the epilogue. should likely come some time in the next month

Okay, thanks.


is it finished yet ? bcs in the information said it released..


Is this the continuation of Adastra?




It's not really the continuation, Khemia is. Interea takes place at that little 1 week vacation (?) That MC and Amicus took.


It's a "What happened during Marco's last few months on Adastra" thing. The time period that was mentioned (taking tour of the moon), but we didn't see what actually happened. Now we do with Interea.

i love the increased amount of detail and am glad to see even though there are locations that are reused from adastra that the background have been updated to a higher quality.

now with the real review out of the way.

please give us more i emotional rely on this game series.

its quite some time for the last update but overall kinda short tbh im hoping for more update ofcourseee and also exited anyways i will be sure  waiting for it so yup thanks again

i really like the body shape and stuff idk any thing of Amicus he is just so gorgeous and cute haha but dealt to the problem for now im really scared wut will happend to the main chac hope its good  ending again ..... 

lastly waiting for update

Amicus face looks weird, the eyes. Just looks off, well the sprite does.


This is the best work I have ever played. When will it be update?,If you don't update it, commit suicide directly.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

(I'm from China. I'm not that good at English. Never mind👉👈.)


bruh chill dude

Dude, I'm just kidding😂


Ive noticed a pattern with echoproject games and thats making me want to laugh then cry


Wait, so Interea and Khemia are both canon right? Also, which comes first?

Just finished Adrastra and im a little confused :P

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In order: Adastra > Interea (happens during the last few months) > Khemia (which isn't the 8 years later sequel but rather a few years later and focuses on Scipio, a new wolf MC)

When is there going to be a new updateee??


N e v e r 😈


from their latest patreon post, howly (the author) is focusing on finishing up arches, so interea will resume once that's complete



Are they going to stop with Interea-

my life depends on this-

Hopefully not

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I prefer to wait and receive a well-made product.

It's a bridge story.
Adastra > Interea > Khemia > Who Knows What
There will be more.


At this point ill be in my 70s when all the echo project vns get finished lmao


For real lol. The quality of echo project vns are some of the best out there and we are getting access to them for free though, so I definitely won't complain! Hope they keep up the great work they're doing

Any update on the next build? It has been 4 months lol.

Jul 3 21 was build 2 Jan 24 22 was build 3 and build 4 was Jun 18 we have to wait a lil


I know someone mentioned a while back that they're having writers block... It really stinks as it's as great story and deserves to be continued, but at the same time progress can't be forced no matter how much anyone desires that possibility. Just need to patiently wait as best we can. 


The writers block was for Khemia, not Interea. I believe someone once mentioned that a new Interea chapter seems to come out about a month after an Echo release.

However I do wish they would put some more man power on this so we could have updates more often. 

Ah yeah that actually sounds right... It does seem they also have some writers block though for Interea as they used to say they would upload monthly on the page and now they don't even bother to try to keep up that appearance anymore. 

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It's because they're working on finishing up Arches and then they'll get back to Interea

Ah I see... I really hope they can get back to Khemia soon. I thought it was very interesting creating a new main character from Adastra and having the underlying social commentary on psychoactive substances playing into what was going on.

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