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As someone who doesn't play VN's, I couldn't have predicted at all just how thoroughly this game gripped me and how invested I would become in these characters and their stories. Coming fresh from their other game Adastra; I found my expectations subverted at every turn, the layered narrative giving every route value and providing context and another piece of the puzzle to an overarching story, a far cry from the relatively straightforward and comfortable (by comparison) plot of Adastra.

I must stress that comfort isn't the kind of feeling you'll find with this story. Echo absolutely leans more on the physiological horror aspects rather than romance, I expected as much from what little I'd read about it, I didn't expect however how genuinely uncomfortable it would make me. Playing at night, alone and in the dark obviously helped greatly with immersion, but it's a testament to the writing how deeply it affected me with words and tension building alone when compared to most modern horror games. It wasn't as much in the way of expecting say, a monster to pop out for under my bed, but an overbearing sense of anxiety and uneasiness, that would often climax with distress, anger, and of course; sadness.

Speaking of, one route's ending hit me in a way few other fictional works have, leaving me so distraught I felt legitimately sick and had trouble sleeping that night. The other character routes aren't emotional cakewalks by any means, but those who have played the game likely know which one I'm referring to, with the information revealed therein recontextualising much of the story and greatly shifting your perspective on certain characters. I think it's a major achievement that depending on when you go through this route the kind of narrative you'll be getting can change significantly, though I personally see it as ideally being run through after a couple of the other ones.

Regarding other elements, from my limited exposure to VN's I think it is about what you can expect in regard to visuals, the character art is good and distinctive and the full illustrations, while sparse, are beautiful and accentuate important scenes. The music is also quite good and helps with building the atmosphere, I was actually surprised by the number of tracks in the game.

As far as criticisms go, apart from some minor typos sprinkled throughout the routes, I found certain parts of one route to be quite dragging and repetitive, and for one of the decisions that could lock you into a bad end to be essentially an arbitrary coin toss kinda sucked. The same route narratively is also probably the weakest, as it deals with a background plot to the town that while interesting, is much less emotionally involved for the characters than the other routes. There is good character development in this one though. The next problem I have I admit is quite subjective and some may even see it as a strength, but I personally found the lack of closure in most of the routes to be quite disheartening. I thankfully finished the game (at least until Jenna's route finishes development) on the one route I found provided a real satisfactory conclusion, though maybe I was just desperate for a happy ending and what I got was as close to that as I could get. I do hope the devs consider creating a final route after they complete Jenna's, perhaps unlocked after you finish each route, if not for closure, but just so I can spend more time with these characters I've become ever so invested in.

Echo was an absolutely fantastic experience and I would totally recommend it, I'm very excited to check out this team's other work, and whatever they'll be creating down the line, they've definitely made my quarantine a little less dismal!


I love this VN so much! Now going through Jenna’s route and I really like where it’s going so far, can’t wait for the next update!

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This game will haunt me forever if he doesn't confess in at least one ending.
But I feel that's what you were aiming at weren't you?

Im unable to download the game on my Android device, is there a special app I need?

You normally just need to go in your download folder. Thats on your phone.


Welp! Finished two character routes. Thanks for the post traumatic stress disorder! I can never sleep in the dark ever again. ;w;

Hello while reading the story I got, "Image 'bg black' does not accept attributes 'fade'. Does anyone know what this means?


its an issue with a transition and cant be fixed by you - only the devs.


Play only if you like to have your expectations failed in worst ways possible. I'll explain what's wrong.

First of, the game starts as your typical romance game where you pick the character you like and start dating them. You will of course get attached to the character and want a happy ending with them. You probably assume that good choices on your end means good ending for you too right? Nope.

Now to the problems..

The game at some point stops the romance because the developers felt like it, and transform the game into a mainly horror game. This means crappy and cheap writing, everything being black (dark) to not have to use any money on backgrounds etc. All the supposed scary monsters are off screen in the dark.

At a certain time they decided it was a good time to make you hate the character you picked. They of course completely fail at this. Probably because they projected their own feelings too much into the game and fail to realize that lying about 1 thing doesn't completely break all relationships.

Then to make it worse, they force a new relationship on your character, with a Mary Sue character. Now if you're wondering what's a perfect character doing in a dark and gritty game where everyone is a hatable bastard.. It's a patreon supporter character! 

In short, when you pick X, let's hope you're happy with ending up with Y.

And when you get through all the horrors hoping to be embraced happily ever after with your big wolf, game says no and gives you a twinky raccoon or something. 

Next would be their communities. Super elitist isolated fan groups that shame anyone that didn't like the sudden turn to horror in the game. 

All in all, it's the ONLY ever furry visual novel that I wish I could UN-PLAY. Every other game even though it wasn't that good, was a good time waster at least. But this one managed to make me feel worse after playing to the point of being pissed off about it.

That's why it says it's a "horror visual novel" mate, don't know exactly why you're surprised. I agree with you it seems odd that the Leo "good" route forces you to stay with Kudzu, and I understand why that was upsetting.  Luckily for me, Leo wasn't my favorite so i wasn't too bothered. 

I feel like this game is supposed to draw those emotions out of you. It should leave you feeling upset. It's not just a typical feel-good romance vn. 

My problem is that it actually started as a romance vn and I got that confirmed by the creator himself. The first few days where the romance starts seem to be made at that time and not reworked to fit the new only horror vn type so everyone who starts playing without knowing it's supposed to be a full on horror vn will be fooled.

Interesting that I got 8 downvotes without anyone giving a concrete example of where i'm wrong.

Another thing, horror doesn't mean no romance. There's password and blackgate out there. And that's what i expected, and I WAS right until they suddenly switched their tune and went full horror.

And no, a game that is supposed to make me feel like shit is a shit game. That's why i'm warning people not to play this game if they don't want to feel like shit and have their expectations of happy romance ruined. 

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This game totally blindsided me, its amazingly good. The characters are well written, the twists and turns in the plot and development. Experience wise its on par with some of the best books, movies and story driven games I've ever played. 

The Leo route also touched a nerve regarding my own ex, so kinda got extra emotional there, but damn....hats of to the creators, gonna check your other games next. :)


This game is so emotionally cruel and that is the reason of why it is so amazing. Seriously, I've never been so depressed that much for some fictional characters, specialy with Leo, I even fell in love with him but  it hurted me a lot seeing how Echo literally fucked his mind to the point where his relationship with Chase went to shit.

I think I need some phsycological help or a talk with a friend since I am feeling as shit and also because I have the feeling that the game made me realize something about myself but unfortunately i am in quarantine because of the damn virus. Wish you could make more VNs like this.

Love for you and the Echo main characters!


So i choose Carl route. Hoped that Chase gonna help him become better and they gonna be like happily together, but then blah blah blah happened: blood, death, fire... Chase ended up alone; end game. Is there a some kind of good ending if so, please tell. Thank!!!

a good ending? in the town of echo? that's a tall order my friend :p


Yeah there is! 

If you choose right, of course

You just have to tell him to fight James influence over him, and then other little choose and it's done.

Be careful because its really long (like all paths) and we should be saving all the time in different slots. Well, I think its better that way

Hope it helps :3

there's been a few of those white-screen 'an exception has occurred' screensafter player choices this build, just fyi for the devs! the 'ignore' option seems to let it continue but just thought yall should know :)

I just clicked on "More info" and found the game was only a few seconds per session. Seeing that this is currently build 45, either there are a LOT of instant ending routes. Or there was a typo lol

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It has a very interesting story, with a very tragic ending.

Leo's route




No, why? You're breaking my heart with Leo's ending AGAIN it could've just ended like Leo and Chase being happy together, I tried "it's over" option and it breaks my heart seeing him hurted like that

Either one is absolutely ridiculous, it's desperate and I couldn't imagine Leo's mental breakdown after seeing Chase died like that, please make them happy together, I beg you.🙏

Stories are thrilled! I really loved it, thanks for your good work!

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[>] This Lingering Hope (TJ's Route)

I love this soundtrack. Been playing this on loop. Just gonna open ECHO sometimes to listen to it. Like everything is so fucked up yet this moment of Chase and TJ is so freaking comforting~

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hi echo

The experience was really great.I like Leo,but his ending wasn't as perfect as I thought.I hope he has a happy ending with chase.No matter which ending makes me feel desperate and sad in the end.So I hope they have a happy ending.

Finally, I wish the author better and better.


Best spring break ever


For real though this game is fucking enthralling, definitely one of the best story-driven games I've ever played 


Echo is a really heart melting story. 

I got a little confused about the scene at last when Leo pull Chase down from the train and I really don't get that ending and what happen to Chase, Leo and their friends😥. 

But the other ending in which Chase broke up with Leo is really shocked me. My heart does pain a lot thinking myself in the place of Chase and at the ending when they are saying goodbye to each other after all this, literally tears fells down from my eye automatically😭😭😭😭😭😭. I've never cried before playing a game and my heart still hurts and pain when I saw it over and over again😢😢😢. I don't understand why Leo didn't leave Echo and go with Chase, I am sure that they should have live together.

I can't get enough word to sharing and showing my pain and sorrow after playing last two scene. Thank you the creator, it's a really nice story. I hope that soon this game will have good ending where Leo and Chase living together away from ECHO and I will play it and relive my pain😢.


Leo stayed because he was under the influence of the hysteria that was going on. That could be explained by the fact that Leo was sure that Chase was with him in his room when in reality, Chase was taken to the mines by Brian. The "Chase" that Leo was talking to told him that they were gonna be together, that he would stay with him in Echo, but it was all in Leo's mind.

He didn't want chase to leave, so he pulled him off the train. But if you pick "It's over", Leo stays in Echo, heartbroken. 

I know, that was my first ending, so I cried a lot after. And it also brings a weird feeling in my chest when I remember it. Like Leo said in Flynn's route when in Chase's old house: "I get this feeling in my chest, like a dread, you know?" 

Thank you for the support. I've already started Flynn's route.



good luck with that man. I started with Leo Route [ended with bad ending first which i knew it was coming from my hunch and left me unsettling for a 10 mins and hit me right after with less"bad/sad" ending made me depressed for weeks. then i went opposited to the most asshole person in the group which is flynn. after that i decided to play Route65 [additional story/prequel] and learned more about chase and leo relationship which made me wanna hug leo more than anything since we shared a lot of similarities 😭.


:^) I sure do understand that how u feeled after Leo story.

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i have cried from both horror suspense and heartbreak aaand now im forever emotionally attached to these fictional characters :'''))))))) 

ive also played adastria to the same effect, this studio really seems to have their stuff on lockdown. art, character development, story design, they got it in spades imo. phenomenal job!!

i didnt discover that clicking on the lake in the title screen brought up all the artwork, music, and alternate paths until a month after i first got it lmao, i had so many save files at various moments because i thought i would never see them again😭😭 whoever decided to create that is the real mvp

This game is really something.... The story, characters, visuals .... They are amazing! All the game is so well arranged that it's hard to stop playing it 😂 at least for me!

Why is it that you can't download it on the app but you can on there patreon?

Patrons receive a new version for their support every month. I don't use the app, instead chrome. If you have problems try the same.

This is my apeolute favourite VN I have ever experienced, I'm so glad i found this and i can't wait for more adastra, smoke room and Echo 

Thank you

[contains some spoilers!]

Hello, Echo!! I really loved this VN. This was a really unique experience for me. I also really loved Leo! His character was honestly my type; a big soft boi boi, with a big heart. Even though Echo messed him up, I honestly wished that Chase ccould stay with him. Although his route's true ending really hurt me like a knife was stabbed and twisted onto my chest just as Chase said. It really made me happy and sad to see Leo move on as well. Anyway, I really appreciate your work. I look forward to Adastra and new VNs! Keep up the good work.

Thank you for Echo. Kudos to all of you. 💕

ps. I'd probably be up at night thinking of Leo now. Haha.

Absolutely incredible, I am beyond speechless. You guys really did a magical thing here.

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Hi Echo.

Thank you guys  for creating games like this. I really like this VN. The VN that you make makes my feelings go with the story as if I were the main character.

Like when I was playing adastra, I felt happy to be with Amicus, very confused when he confessed, worried about him after being caught in the dungeon (Actually, I almost lost sleep for 3 nights until there was a new update because I worried about him, hoping that the future VN will be like that but less heart attack) , very relieved to see him safe and quite upset about the decision of the parents in the recent update. I really love it nd hope to have a good ending for them.

Like when I played Adastra, I completely immersed myself into the character Chase. All of his feelings of confusion, anxiety, fear, confusion, despair and a bit of joy at the start of it all spread to me (I'm quite scared, but fortunately I didn't lose sleep after those feelings) The plot is very dramatic, charismatic, suspenseful and makes me feel happy and happy before the different ends except Leo. His ending was very good but I still felt very sad. He is very caring, worried, loving and gentle with Chase in every situation but the endings that I have come made me feel like I was caused loss and sadness on him.  He is a good guy like Amicus (I hope to have a boyfriend who cares about me like the two of them :) ) I may not have found it yet, but I hope there will be a nice ending for Chase and Leo to be together (not that Chase died in the previous choice). 

 Your games have a lot of different emotions, but most of them revolve around loss and sadness (I can't stop cry no matter how much I play again :)) I hope you can make more VN like this. 

Again, thank you guys for creating games like this. I will support you after I get my Visa card.

Note : Sorry if I wrote too much and too many errors in spelling (My English is quite bad:( )

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I've finished Carl's route. Man, the overall story was amazing and I love it! Not sure if his route is completely finished, haven't seen many thought/discussion about Carl though.

Sadly, his route doesn't really related to primary issues like Sydney's death and the group like other routes do.

But the best part I like was how his character's developed during hallucination scenerio where Carl was being brave and supportive when Chase really needed him. The kissing and cuddling parts were my favorite too. lol 

However, I felt like I was betrayed and lost at the end. It's kinda sad as their relationship were nothing in real life, which mean they're just stay BFF (aka Friend Zone), aren't they? 

Would be the best if their relationship continues, or give Chase's another chance to start over with Carl. Giving slightly closure to other friends would make his route more perfect imo.

Anyways, keep up on good works ;)

Does anyone know when Jenna's route will be finished? I loved the other routes and I'm really looking forward to it <3

I've gotta say, I like the cast quite a bit, and I'm somewhat sad about the whole "no happily ever after" endings, but I actually kind of like it too. I've become so interested in this story that I've even replayed routes multiple times, trying to connect dots, such as the thing about the fire pokers, and the poem, although I'm not too sure if there's a deeper meaning than what I think. I VERY much look forward to the rest of this story. Tragic endings and all. 

Deleted 12 days ago

Blackgate is the one with Jack right? I don't remember anything about fire pokers from that. I just know that dead friend from Flynn's route said something about fire pokers and that Chase found some in the office building and there were the same number of pokers as cast members. I made that connection a while back tho, so I don't remember how accurate this statement is.

Deleted 12 days ago

Found what I was looking for. In Flynn and "Sydney"'s talk, "Sydney" takes his fire poker and stabs it into the table, saying "There were six and now there's five.". Shortly before this he says, "A simulation. In here I become 'we' with you". Once Flynn asks if he's refering to him, "Sydney" responds with, "Podpalacz, no.". I looked up what Podpalacz was, and it kept popping up as "arsonist" or "Incediary". Considering the person he's talking about is likely the player, he's likely refering to us as an arsonist. If I'm right in assuming that each fire poker represents a cast member that isn't Chase, or more specifically their routes, then that would add up with the "there were 6, now there's 5". There were once 6 characters, but Sydney died, so now there's only 5, just like the fire pokers. Later in this scene, Flynn asks if everything he's seeing with Syd is real, and they respond with, "It could be. Somewhere in here.", while refering to the firepoker. If the firepoker he has is representative of Syd's route, then Syd would have probably have had to not have died. But yes it could be refering to Blackgate on top, which would make sense considering they're both horror themed.

Firepokers are also from a folklore standpoint the onlything that can hurt a monster, and all thing fae.

I think that could play in with how things went in Blackgate actually. Firepokers are never used as weapons in Echo though from what I remember.

Amazing VN just like Adastr.  Do anybody know how to get LEO' happy ending. Always get  "I don't feel anymore" or stay with Kudzu....  ..   _(:з」∠)_


That's the point.


Poor Leo ... Remind me Torahiko.....

Wait for more Morenatsu Homecoming, if you want a happy ending for Tora.

Is it correct that TJ only gets one ending? It was heart wrenching to me and I would really like to see an alternative one.

If anybody knows if there is a different ending please reply, I will try to get it.


It seems like everyone only has one ending and there all just as bad probably. I never played any other route and until I get a good ending for Flynn I don't plan on playing again. So I'm holding out until then. I do wonder if the others suffer as much as my poor Flynn. I hope not I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


I am hooked with this VN! Intense and suspenseful as a horror story and lots of world building and all! :D

PS. Am I the only one who noticed how that CG scene of Flynn yelling at TJ looks a lot like the meme of woman yelling at the cat? Was this like long before the real meme came around?

Hi , when i am having sexual intercourse with Flynn the screen is black , do i have to disable any filters or settings in order for it to show ? 

Hi, I'm just starting the game but every now and then this message keeps popping up

I have not been able to reed much, because all the error messages. I think the error messages appears when I should choose a reply or something. 

I have a Huawei P30 with Android 10.

Not shure but, It seems to be the same error each time. 

Hope this is OK contact you here. 

Error code:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
TypeError: 'RevertableDict' object is not callable

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "Saturday.rpyc", line 390, in script
  File "/data/user/0/", line 1337, in execute
    renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 1413, in with_statement
    return, paired, clear=clear)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2193, in do_with
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2635, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2972, in interact_core
TypeError: 'RevertableDict' object is not callable


Loved Adastra, Would love to try echo but having issues with the android download. takes me to a mediafire link that i can download, but cant do anything with. Every other game on here just stages the app itself.  I could just be doing it wrong though. Any help is appreciated!


OK so now I have played through TJ's route, some of Leo's ( I had only been able to get so far in his route many years ago because his route was still under construction), and most of Flynn's route and I have to say, I need to know if there's multiple endings for each route? Are there "good" or "bad ones planned or do some characters get one ending and others get multiple? 

Aside from that, I am absolutely floored by the incredible work being done by EchoVN, I adore Adastra with my heart and soul and am heavily anticipating more for Echo. I'm so ready to check out the other two games soon, but I really hope there's some good ending for the Echo kids, I genuinely can't sleep from the adrenaline.

Fantastic work!


GUUURL, YOU GOT ME CRYING IN THE CLUB T~T, Leo's route made me tear up at the end :(, still loved it though!


This game fucked me up hard I i liked it.

It will certainly stay with me for long time 

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