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The app keeps kicking me out every 10 seconds after I press any button, does anyone have an idea of how to fix this? I need to know.

Have you tried to re-install it? I had that happen once and after re-installing it worked. 


If the visual novel genre had its own Oscars, this work would undoubtedly deserve a major award. To date, I have not encountered a visual novel that can compare to the excellence of this piece. The writers and scriptwriters of this VN are truly remarkable; if they decide to pen anything else as the main contributors, I will certainly continue to follow their work. Of course, the artists and composers are also exceptionally talented. Thank you all for bringing us such an astounding piece.

The Echo Project stands out as unparalleled in the FURRY VN domain. From crafting the romantic FVN Adastra to the serious and suspenseful FVN The Echo, and now venturing into the realm of adult suspense with The Smoke Room, the versatility of this group is truly impressive. I find it hard to imagine what surprises this team will bring us in other genres in the future.

I have a question on Leo's way (Possible spoilers)

In the bathroom scene between Leo and Chase, Leo stops Suddenly the moment because he saw some things in the mirror but he doesn't say what he saw just say that he sees things before checking that the bathroom was closed, even close to see made the way to Leo a second time I think Leo or Chase doesn't tell anyone moment

You can explore the Jenna route, where you'll find out what Leo actually saw. Of course, in the later stages of both Leo's and Flynn's routes, you'll also get some hints. Although Leo may appear a bit crazy in his own route, to some extent, he isn't insane; he simply noticed things that others overlooked. You can go back and revisit those seemingly nonsensical scenes in the later part of his route. In Jenna's route, everyone will discover a fact that should have been very noticeable.

Is  this NSFW or not? I dont really mind if it is. I just like to take a break from that stuff.


Isn't nsfw


Technically there *are* NSFW sex scenes, but there's (almost) no CGs associated with them, so it's mostly just words that you can gloss through if you need. 

Though tbh with all the gut punches this game will give you, NSFW is the least of your worries. Enjoy!  

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you can skip a majority of them by, telling jenna you're gay before the pre route split, and telling flynn that "this is fucked" on thursday night in his route. the only one that is still in the game is going to be during leos route, and a few instances in flynns route. 


11/10 very much would recommend 🥰


Absolutely incredible VN.

Watched “The Shining” in my film analysis class, and realized some striking similarities. 
*Spoilers for Echo and The Shining*

1:  The main plot taking over the course of the week, some allusions to something more sinister going on throughout.

2:  A curse on the town/hotel that causes people to go mad.

3: A voice with a protagonist, prophet or warning of doom; Tony in The Shining, and (I think) Sam in Echo.

4: The Protagonists escape, leaving the madness and danger behind.

5: A cyclical theme. Echo has had its hysteria happen in the 1879’s, and the Overlook Hotel had Jack murder his wife and kids in the 20’s (or whenever his reincarnation had a family), a repeat of events seeming to doom both locations forever.

Was The Shining a source of inspiration for Echo? Or am I just tweaking and it’s a coincidence?

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Complex, gritty, thought provoking, and eerily human.

I thought I'd be prepared for this VN, but even then, I finish the game having experienced all routes with a rather heavy heart and a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Between the genuinely unnerving horror/mystery elements constantly present and the character writing/situations that might hit just a little too close to home, this is truly a one of a kind experience.

Echo is not afraid to pull any punches whatsoever, and does not shy away at all from uncomfortable and taboo topics. It's all real. It's the truth.

This is also the beauty of Echo, however. I really did appreciate the game showing just how dirty adolescence and growing up can be, and coming to terms with it.

One of the finest pieces of media I've experienced, and definitely one I'll look back on fondly even if there wasn't much to go for in terms of sunshine and rainbows.


Ah! echo a story of madness that made me feel all kinds of emotions and made me fall in love before breaking my heart, a love story that ends so badly it was too much, although I know there is a less horrible ending but I would have liked things to go well for them, I haven't done the itineraries yet but given everything that happened in Leo's the others don'tdoesn't encourage me too much 😒and even if I chose between Jenna,Tj,carl and flynn since it took me more than a month to finish Leo's itinerary which was very painful I don't think I'll go back to reading for at least a few days so if someone can help me choose a route except Tj's because they say it's finally I'm not going for spoilers but you know what I meanApart from that I really like this vn because it makes me aware of life and that everything never goes the way we want it to and our life can change very quickly so just for that and much more echo is for me the best vn I have ever read even if I would have liked to have more scene between Leo and Chase

I highly recommend you to finish Flynn's route before TJ's because it'll completely change your perception of Flynn's character . Anyways you can start with Carl because his route has it's own lore apart from the other routes. Jenna's,however, has the best ending possible out of all.

 TJ indeed should be the last, but many ppl did him first, including myself. 

Since you've already finished Leo's route, it's best to start with Carl, then Flynn, then TJ and then Jenna because you should leave the best ending for last.

Thanks, I'll do that

Thanks, I'll do that


 Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles, Your always moving in circles.


I love this more than I can express. And it makes me so sad that it's so horrible. We are what we think, what we feel. The real world is only as real as we perceive it to be. The good news then, is that imagined worlds are more important than they seem. The bad news, is that the depths of insanity are without a bottom.


It keeps kicking me out on the android version anybody know why?

Deleted 35 days ago

Maybe its my phone because im using a Samsung? I dont really know


Spoilers!! For TSR and Arches too

I played The Smoke Room and Arches first before this. I just finished Leo's Route. My god I bawled when  when the TSR characters were getting named dropped, and I freaked out when the Arches protags were referenced. The amount of visceral panic I had when Brian showed up shook me to my soul. Honestly, this is one of the most horrific visual novels I have read thus far, and I mean that in the best way possible. The tension, the build up, kept me hooked on every word. I look forward to playing through the other routes.



Wow. Just wow. What an amazing VN. After reading all the routes I can confidently say this is one of the best stories I've ever read. I wish there was a book version, but that'd be hard to do. I have never hated and loved all the characters at the same time before. Except Flynn. Honestly probably the most sensible one of the group, and did not deserve to die in his and TJ's routes. I went Flynn > Leo > Jenna > Carl > TJ and I am so happy I ended with TJ. I don't believe I'd be able to continue and look at Chase the same way throughout the whole VN if I had done him sooner. And having the previous context of Flynn's route and finding out that Chase actually did that and TJ wasn't just saying the wrong thing. This whole story has stuck with me since I finished it and I can't imagine it won't continue too. 9.7/10



Damn, it's just awful... Thanks to the developers for making more content for third-party Patreon characters, for which they were paid, and the main ones were flushed down the toilet ... (with the exception of Carl and Leo). The content for such characters as T.J., Flynn and Jenna is half the size of the rest. It seems that after Karl, developers wanted to quit the project as soon as possible. I am especially offended by the lynx, I really liked him, and compared to Karl and Leo, his content is very meager, and there is only one ending with him. - What the hell!? I thought there would be at least some romantic line with T.J., but in the end, Chase remains just a friend to him.

I give this novel 5/10 for destroying expectations...



Amazing game, I loved it all the way through, but I have one complaint. I did the Carl route first, and there was a lot of nice character development and storytelling, but at the end of it you're still just friends with him, after several kisses and an almost-sex scene. Seriously, what the hell!? It just throws everything from that route out the window and has you as his wingman for a date with a girl.



First time playing through and I start with tg and I just wanna say where I think the stories going from the part I'm on where the MC is saying they should stop the scavenger hunt and I think the twist is the MC ended up bullying the dude in drowning himself and is getting haunted by him for it I'll update if I'm wrong or right, I like guessing storylines.

SPOILER maybe?

Jenna route I think it's the best ending (where no one dies and, u actually have a future with her?)  u can get although the game tbh, and Tj it's the bad ending was sooo hard lol but epic at the same way, I don't understand pretty well Flynn's route at the end, Carl's route was like barely apart aide story, and Leo was hard ending too 😳, still the best VN fur novel I had play 

what engine does this run on?


RenPy im pretty sure

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//Leo route spoilers everywhere in this comment
Here click here to see a cursed image my friend made while we played Echo.

I played Leo's route last night and cried today. Leo's route made me realize that I have trauma that I couldn't solve for the longest time and didn't know the route for. I think I've solved it today and I never realized it was so simple. I don't know if I'm healing yet but thank you Echo Project. I can't wait to finish Echo and play Adastra, Route 65, Smoke Room, Arches, etc.

I did TJ's and Jenna's route and currently doing Carl's route. Easy to say that some moments in Jenna's route almost made me shit my pants but thank god I got a good ending. I started with TJ first because I had no idea that this vn had a chronological order and it was pretty confusing at first. Hopefully it wont ruin the experience


I'm Japanese furry fan and always play various furry VNs. I had recently seen lots of fan arts for Echo Project's games on social media and I'm curious. I had never played an American furry VN, so I just  decided to play Echo first. I played Flynn's route first because I love his look and character. In the prologue, where the protagonist returns to hometown after a long time and reunites with his childhood friends, so I imagined cheerful story like a “Morenatsu” Japanese furry VN. But I very devastated by Flynn's last. Next, I played Leo's route and was heart-struck again. Now I playing Carl's route. It takes time to read as I translate it into Japanese little by little, but it's a good way to learn English. And I've introduced Echo and TSR to my friend. I'm hooked every day on the great stories, music, and characters. Thank you!

P.S. Now I dream traveling to Utah...

I am curious if there will be a release of this on iOS? But given Apple's paranoia about "adult" things, probably not?

Most likely not. Although side loading apps onto iPhone doesn’t check for explicit content, it requires a specific file type that the creators might not be able to make. It also might just be an extra export from RenPy but who knows. I’ve only seen Sileo done for iOS so will have to wait and see.

Haaad to redownload the game because downloaded old versiooon that crashed, but the story is so saad


My first route was with everyone's favorite adorable Lynx TJ and was not expecting to run into an ending so fucking morbid, I know this is horror but holy fuck dude that shit was morbid, I was just hoping that we'd be on a lighter path first, but what the fuck I got a very violent ending, RIP Flynn I didn't really give a fuck cause he was a dick to TJ but RIP in that path


please add a spoiler warning <3 but kind of agree with u that the ending is.. yeah, but i don't believe Flynn really deserved it imo

I just started playing it and im liking it so far, but a lot of the setting imagery and historic and geographical details feels EXTREMELY familiar. Is the setting inspired by the town of Ash Fork?

Im pretty sure the inspiration is a bit of a mix of Echo Utah and Nothing Arizona.

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Each route is amazing to play through and does an excellent job at making you feel calm, then spooking the shit out of you, only to bring you from that fear into either amazing bouts of character growth or unparalleled tragedy (sometimes even both) that just breaks your heart to read.


(+1 for getting me into furry visual novels as a whole, plenty others are also amazingly well written or just plain fun)


Everyone in town is gay. Is the hum telling everyone to like dick as well?



On the android download you only can go though 2 text boxes and then it crashes I have no clue why

It runs perfect on my device ( isn't a pretty good one)

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It say's  it's a virus lol...


If it is, it's the best virus I've ever read.



I JUST FINISHED IT! NOOO! MY HEART! I sided with TJ route for the first time. I think it's the most heartbreaking way to the play the game.  The way...Chase descended into...darkness.  The way TJ rejected Chase...And the way my heart broke in the ending. NOT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM AFTER TALKING TO THE POLICE AND IF THEY GENUINELY LOVED EACHOTHER. Another thing that left me in mystery is if they both killed Sydney of just Chase did. I have so many unanswered questions. I haven't cried in well over 2 years. THIS brought me to my knees.  I hope there might be a follow up story on those two. I had genuine hope that this might end beautifully with Chase and TJ kissing.  Then I remembered I'm playing Echo. What a fu-reaking whirlwind of sentiments and emotions is this beautifully written visual novel. I'll forever keep it close to my heart as it deeply touched me. All I can say is thank you for the mental problems (a compliment since nothing really gets to me that easily) and I hope I can see a follow up on TJ and Chase.

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I think we are not going to see more about tj or chase story, but totally agree with u TJ route was my last play and omg the hardest one to take imo, my thoughts are that chase was the one that kill sidney an tj was so afraid about what he saw, and traumatized as well, I really hope Tj has a normal life, after the end, and Chase well... What he deserve 


Ya I need a Psych eval now lmao , great game tho and the writing was AMAZING !~

Im sad really sad i went the Leo path and lost ma legs and died i think >..> i need a RX now.....

J'adore ce jeu je me suis vraiment amusez à jouer même si le fait que je ne comprends pas trop l'anglais m'a un peut pénalisé au début mais si non j'ai vraiment apprécié le jeu, personnellement j'ai commencé par la route de Léo



tu pourrais me dire si il aurait des versions françaises s'il vous plaît : could you tell me if there are french versions please

Je crois pas nan

Peut être des traduction fan made

d'accord merci 

I can only go through a couple of text boxes before the game crashes.


did tjs, then flynn, then leo just now. safe to say flynn is my favorite


I did TJ's first. Flynn's is excellent tho I think If I had to recommend it to a new player I think Flynn's should go last. 


definitely agree


Why oh why did I decide I was strong enough for this game. Just finished leos route and I feel like my heart has been ripped from my body 😭

fr, same thing with me

Help I'm like that rn too

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