A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Contains themes of an adult nature - You must be 18 or older to play)

Originally posted on Patreon as "Bonus Story #5 - Benefits". This is a short VN centered around the characters Flynn and Carl from Echo. It is recommended that you play Echo first before experiencing this VN.

Art by Scratch

Music by Abyuse and Kevin Macleod

Port by BurlapJoe

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, echo, Furry, Gay, One-shot, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds


Benefits-0.1-win.zip 78 MB
Benefits-0.1-linux.tar.bz2 67 MB
Benefits-0.1-mac.zip 61 MB
echoproject.benefits-1-universal-release.apk 77 MB

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Wait...so your saying AFTER Echo? Didn't Ch do something to F though?

So this is where all the art that I oh so desperately craved in Echo went, and honestly, thank god it was with Flynn he's my fav. It was a fun, wholesome experience tho, and I enjoyed it a lot.


   I just read this story a few days ago. I wanted to think before i wrote.

   The story between Carl and Flynn tied in nicely with Echo and explained a lot of the backstory between these two characters.

   However, the ending and it's happiness only made their two routes seem even more sad to me. This coming from the experience of having read their routes already. 

   Thank you, Creators, for sharing this experience with us. It meant a lot to me.

   Thank you.

Im using Android and the game crashes as soon as I open it. Any help please? I really love those 2 characters that's why i to play this one

ugh carl and flynns relationship is just sooo interesting to me, this story was so lovely, very intimate and sweet

That was quick! Or, quickie~ ;p

Deleted 2 years ago

Your sentence structure (...) and word choice (willing) perturbs me...but go ahead, ask away.

Deleted 2 years ago

NSFW of Carl AND Flynn? He'll yeah


It was awesome. Would be great to have one like this showing Chase and Leo's first time (or the one time they did it during Echo's VN, without the cut).


That would be totally awesome!


Although I think it would make the Leo endings even sadder... 

Deleted post

Although I would still be happy if they did make it!


I really really love this. It's exactly what I want as a FVN

is this canon to the echo story? Because if so then it clears up a lot

Yes, it is canon!

At least I think so.

When are we getting an Android version? Btw love all of your content XD.

cries  in bad internet


Cries in Android




laughs in multiple devices

I like it, it's a neat and hot little story!


It has been passed April. Where is our Android version, Echo project?


Is an android version planned at all or not decided yet?


Is Android version planned too? 😇

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Rio de Janeiro, April 22nd 2020

I wish it too.

Still playing Echo anyway. Finish Carl's route after Flynn.

Deleted 1 year ago

It's been like ages, but because it's halloween (for most anyway...) I'm going to tell you a furry VN that will unnerve you *more*! Second Chance is rather early in development, but that one scene they put in........ It's just really, really sad. Be warned.

This one scene excluded from the game, the game is actually good.


ooooh *downloads*