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Ok I ended up re-reading this after 2 years and I think I like it more than I used to. I'm gonna show it to my husband.

The happiest thing is that after playing this work, I learned that the team has plans to do 2 other works related to ADASTRA, which is so exciting and looking forward to it!It also fills my life with anticipation!


This story struck me in ways I never been struck before, and honestly I don't know if I was better off before-or now after reading. I am full of both deep sadness and longing for something that obviously will never be and it makes my insides hurt because I got so attached. At the same time-I experienced a happiness I haven't felt for years and in the deep and depressive spell I been lost in for the past few years, I feel like for a few very emotional days it was completely unearthed and I forgot all about the things life has thrown at me lately. The experience had me feeling numb, but charged. I was smiling, I was laughing, and my chest was making me well to just yell out and squee like a child every time I saw that wolf. Now that things are looking like they have slown down-I am just hoping with every fiber of my being that this story is going to continue because the void it leaves right now, unfinished leaves worries in me that I would rather never go through again with other unfinished visual novels. Whatever Howly, my old friend Moe, and HAPs did here-it was chemistry. Delicate and volatile if-mishandled incorrectly energy that I wont ever forget or let the fandom forget. I legit feel glad that I was born in a timespan that this story was written-I would have missed out greatly.

I adore everything about this works, I love everything about all these characters, and I fell for this world. I feel like myself have been uplifted. Ad Astra, or as it means:

to the stars through hardships. I feel like that has been my journey all my life, and Adastra is where I touched the stars. Never again will I be so moved than how I been now <3 


I think it's about time for a 1.0 final version like with Echo since it's completed.


I have to get you and the team props. This is an amazing VN and very well written. It gives me inspiration and I thank you and the team for that. 

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This one is just wow, like my heart fells amazing then torn then amazing, just being ripped to spreads then put back together with amazing love and care and I'm not even done with it yet, I love it so much but ya my heart is having a ride of a life time. Only on second incounter with the og in the mind if you know what I mean. God just love this one, but man not sure how much my heart can take hehe.

keep up the amazing work, and try to easy back on the emotional heart string pulling hehe.

Ps.i don't want to leave him he's just perfect in every way, I would just stay, don't need to go back to earth. Making me cry so dam hard man!!! I can fell my heart aking and my chest fells so tight. 😭😭😭

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yes, there are. pretty evenly spaced tho, if that's your concern.

Omg I still play it for 2 years but still waiting for adastra 18 update ,I really want to continue the story between amicus and my character

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It's technically the end of the Amicus/Marco plotline for a moment as they're working on:

Interia, Adastra's companion visual novel; intended to fill in the gaps in Adastra's events with a couple of new cast members;

The Smoke Room, a prequel visual novel set in the 90's of the Echo visual novel universe;

Khemia, a sequel of Adastra set in the planet Khemia which tells the perspective of a wolf named Scipio and his experience with Khemia's flower prince Neferu;

Arches, a sequel of Echo based on the two characters you see in the epilogue of the Leo route and - most recently - ;

Glory Hounds, an episodic visual novel of superheroes and such. I haven't played it yet so I don't have a formative synopsis that'd've sufficed.

Please play anything other than Adastra. It will drain the enjoyment out of you if you keep on pursuing something that isn't possible just yet.

played this game almost a YEAR ago and still crying abt and i mean this in the best possible way like actually wtf never knew smth could hit me so fuckin hard



I read the rumors, comment and review about this game. is really Can give people sadness. I knew it, I'm not ready to take the feeling yet. But finally I did play it to give it a try after 2 year holding back not to play this game.

When I saw Duel, and The ending.
I cry twice.. dmnit! even tho I never cry to any game. WHY. This probably will mark my heart in my entire life.

Now I understand why this game Best VN game for me. and that will not change anytime soon

Thank you for making this beautiful game. and make me cry. Hope they will together again..  no matter how long, no matter how many sequels it takes! 


Adastra is the proof that the Furry Community is not just about "sex" like many think it is.

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I agree with my whole heart the Furry Community is not just about "sex..." It is about passionate gay sex.
*Clarification: specifically the majority of echo project games not the entire community. Passionate isn't even true in their games 100% of the time

I was referring to the Community in general and not just to the projects of these authors, or similars. There is too much hatred around anything, it seems that the human species constantly needs conflict to fill all its inner emptiness. Fortunately, there are people who also thinks about living their own passions in choerent silence and never break the balls to anyone.


holy fucking shit. tolkein would be proud. 10/10, some of the best writing and world-building i have ever seen in a video game. i will keep it brief, but my thoughts on this game are endless. color me impressed. made an account just to post this comment.

excuse me echo project may I have a moment of your time 


here on recommendation from Patricia Taxxon's video for the illustrated dog d*** and transcendental writing in that order


Is it just me that i can't enter my name after filling the question of the name?


I've read novels, and occasionally visual novels my entire life, and this is the first story to make me cry since I was ten. And it managed to do that not once, not twice, but three separate times. Can't wait for the sequels. I know now why this VN is so highly rated. I expected porn but had my heart torn apart by these gay wolfish space romans and goddamnit I loved every second of it.

This is fully one of the best games I have ever played. This was recommended on the Dawn Chorus page, so I assumed it was a dating sim with roman emperor furries and uhhhh that was not it at all lmao. I played for 11 hours straight yesterday but it did not feel that way at all.


Will there be a second installation where you meet the other siblings?

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There are already 2 new stories:

Interea - this is a story about the moon tour mentioned in Adastra, so after Amicus become emperor and before the MC needs to return home . It fleshes out what happened on the tour and we have had 4 chapters of this story released so far. Please note that the releases are not happening as fast as in the past, but they are coming.

Khemia - this is the next main story in the series and takes place ~2.5 years after the MC returned to Earth. This story has had 2 chapters released but the author put it on hiatus and switched to Interea. This allowed him to handle a lot of backstory and character history for Khemia. Once Interea is done (10 chapters in all I believe), the author will be coming back to Khemia.



I want a part too this game is soooo soooo good😩😭. It put me in the feels when i noticed it ended🥲.

is there any guide on this


I don't think you need it, Adastra has almost a straight route 

Yeah, i just finished it and i thought theres a lot of routes. 

Is this the real download


Yes, this is the official page.


After a long time, I still find it pleasant to re-read the story and feel the same feelings as my first time. Adastra is a universe unto itself and it really remains into your heart.


Do you have a plan on releasing the soundtracks of Adastra (and possibly Echo’s, too)? It would be a great way to fund the project other than Patreon. I will definitely buy it if you release one.


most of the music used in adastra is royalty free, but you can find the original soundtracks for khemia and echo on bandcamp!


Installed. Played for 10 hours straight

Falls asleep with an idea to continue playing tommorow. 

O jogo terá uma continuação no futuro ♥️♥️


Aww meeeeenn is this the complete game???? If it is plsssss make a chapter 2 i wanna see what happens next, i just finished this days ago and it was sooooo good i cried on some parts thats why i recommend this game to people who likes playing romance or drama games!

Thats all i have to comment. Thank you for making this super duper awesome amazing game! Hope you make more of these 😊😊

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omg thanksss imma download it (〜^∇^)〜(ノ^o^)ノ


What did they give you? Their post has been deleted and I am interested in a sequel for Adastra.


They probably sent the link to Interea which is considered the sequel to the game. It’s mainly a game to bridge the gap and to show us the cities of Adastra, the latest update came out like 2 weeks ago and it’s pretty good.

So i was just finished Adastra but when i check the gallery I miss an image, I don't know what did I do wrong or it's have multiple endings. Can anyone tell me how do I get it?

When the final picture of Amicus sitting on the throne appears, with the inscription "The End".  Just wait a little longer and you'll get a post-credits scene referring to another game, "Khemia".


is this the complete version of adastra or do i have to buy it from patreon or something?

This is the complete version!


thank you kindly

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 Man I've just finished reading this VN for the 2nd time and I feel again that sentimental void from the first time I read it while crying the same amount of tears, really, this one hits hard and I now can confirm that Stockholm syndrome hits HARD 😔

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I am shocked at how hard this hit me emotionally. This is some of the best writing I've seen in my entire life. It helps that I perfectly fit the MCs' personality, and I know I would've acted the same way. I love the resemblance of the ring, and I just want to know how the story continues after the ending. Stockholm syndrome definitely got the better of me. I love this with every ounce in my body. I wish it took me longer than two days to finish it.



Guys, I'm shattered. That was something. I have just finished the novelle. I- cannot take it 🥺 Even Amicus is the best wolf ever existed, omg how I hated MC))) He was kinda, idk, simple, not talkable, egoistic. Maybe it is a lot to take on being grabbed by alien hunk or it's just the character or even the certain idea of having a powerful, kind, thoughtful and responsible lover... and "me" being me...

I just have found out about novelle on some meme with furry (I'm not a fan of furry... or maybe I'm in a denial, but) I have downloaded it. Thought this will be 1-2 hours fun, sexy fanfiction with explecit arts, but... omg, this is a game if thrones in fanfiction (excuse me) novelle, writing field. it took me 2 days (20-25 hours at all) to read it. I was crying, sobbing, horny)0)0)) I was speechless after death of Marco, after sex with Jackal, after Cato being Jerk... Alex being a spy (actually, hate this character mostly 🗿🗿🗿). Beautiful, heartbreaking story and a unforgettable memory to me and my music player (listening to OST on repeat with huge "wound" in my belly.

Also I want to admit, that I didn't know the length of Novelle. Every page, every pic, every sad music was like an end to me. I was afraid that we would stop on trials, stop on duties, stop on MC's death (mygod poor Amicus) and the finale is... Great of course, I love it! One of the human's creations that I will never forget! I promise, Amicus..



In 2004 I had to leave my partner and move 3000 miles away to the opposite coast. We both thought that would end up being the end of things, that we would just drift apart. It wasn’t. We just couldn’t let each other go. Three years later, he joined me here. We’ve been together 22 years now, married for nine of those.

“Ugly cry” doesn’t begin to describe me by the end of this.


hey idk if you read these and you get a lot of really nice comments anyway but i really did want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. i've read a lot of mlm media in my time that has made love feel possible. but this is the first thing i've ever seen that makes love feel worthwhile, like it's actively worth chasing, like the potential for failure and the sacrifices you make on the way are actually worth the joy, even if that joy is fleeting. i've been too afraid to look for a boyfriend for a good 6 or 7 years now, just stuck waiting for it all to somehow get better. and you took everything that's stopped me from taking that first step away from me over, like, 250 text boxes during the third act of this.

i think you changed my life, man. i can't thank you enough


This was the best VN that I have ever played. It hooked me and it was the only thing I could think about for days. The writing and story was great. Thank you for this story that I’ll never forget.

Man. good for you only took you days. It took me 3 months! QwQ


played 2 years ago.played again. very good feel. very good story


Can't believe how much this story got to me. Best VN I've ever played, even though player input/amount of choices is quite low.


Thank you very much for this beautiful story :)

I just finished it and it's been emotional.

Great writing, characters and art too

I'll be checking your other projects !

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