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ABS dont exist,  ABS dont exist, there is only Amicus belly

i religiously replay this vn every december 1st and it's almost time!!!

This visual novel makes me want more 😭😭😭😭😭


why the end touched me so bad? when i think about it im almost cry all the timeeee.


My whole entire fucking HEART!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

I cried so hard from this, it was absolutely breathtakingly stunning the whole way through. The plot twists, the romance, the drama, EVERYTHING!!! I literally cannot cope with this being the end of this story. Excuse me while I go continue crying. 😭😭😭😭😭


I gave in my review many praises to this VN and if you who is reading this feel any doubts i plead you to cast them aside and not miss one of the best works of arts, you are missing out on good quality work here.


I've never been a fan of visual novels but I have to say this one has won me over. There's not much player choice but that's fine; a well-crafted guided narrative is easily worth the tradeoff of having dozens of meaningless choice prompts. 

I do wish the main character was a little less of a cipher; you don't get to be a very active participant in the relationship with Amicus, so a few scenes of preparing some romantic gestures for Amicus instead of solely being on the receiving end of them (which, to be fair, is still nice) would flesh it out nicely. 

The writing is a little inconsistent chapter to chapter; some chapters are very well written and proofread while others are scattered with typos and clumsy granmar; a symptom of the episodic release structure, I suppose. 

All in all, I highly recommend it as a story that incites such a wide range of emotion with some excellent art and characters. 

im in love with this story, the writing is amazing and all the characters are complex and really interesting. great world building, art, and music. im looking forward to reading future installments!!

Acho que você vai adorar este vídeo!

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Damn. Came here with plenty of experience. Echo is among many (which I looooove so fricking much) , but damn. I really didn't like this one for sure. Player is unable to act almost at all due to the lack of choice moments and the way he acts on his own is like an amoeba. You are designed to fell for the wolf but what if I don't? The fact that I can't act and just blindly suck for him is annoying 😁. Feels like Life is Strange 1 where people expect you to love Chloe but she is just unlikable character. At least there you have a choice. Yeah. Sorry for my rumbling but I guess this is what comment section is for. Hopefully no one is offended. Again. Echo was a blast, that made me feel whole spectrum of emotion at their peak. I should also mentioned that I haven't finished Adastra yet, but I think I am somewhat far enough in the story to get an essence. Still gonna finish it I suppose, to be more objective. So, might delete my comment if it crushes my pretty bad expectations. 

Update: Nah. It's unbearable. Not my cup of tea. 


I love this VN. It left a hole in my heart and I don't even care, I hope to never forget it. I would die for this dumb wolf <3

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Loved this story so much that it inspired me to read it, out loud, on the internet for others to listen to. I'm not the first and won't be the last person to do a reading of this visual novel, but here are some links:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Why do you keep saying about wolf tails "thrashing back and forth" when they are anxious or irritated? It's feline body language! An anxious canine would pace around the room, slouch, lower their ears and possibly wag the tip of their tail if asks for something.


I've come across this game so many times in the past, all acclaiming that this would bring me to tears, so I decided to give it a shot...

Holy shit I didn't expect this to break me on so many levels that I almost feel like something's wrong with me. For the past few days I've spent playing this I've been full of melancholy. Hence, I swear it was a mistake immersing myself in the whole setting but I do not regret that choice at all. No piece of fiction has ever made me go through the same emotions that I did during this; there's only a handful of moments IRL that have done the same.

This sure deserves a spot in my heart even after practically obliterating it. I love this so much that I really can't describe it. <3


I didn't play this game, I succumbed to it.  o_o


Okay, silly little question and also spoiler's Ig








So you know after we kinda get our throat's slit and it get's replaced by parent tech? Well does that mean we have a higher vocal range? Like I think it would be pretty cool to be finally able to sing those stupid whistle note's, and if we do, do you think we sound like a vocaloid or something? Like, I would love to make a banger cover of "Hello World" if I could make my voice sound like BMO.

Oh fuck! I made an oop's already when I came up with my first character's name. You see, when I was downloading the game, I did a little research on what the game was like. I heard that the game might have different ending's so I decided that I would make three character's (I would make more if there were more than three ending's). Those characters names would be Roux (good ending if there was one), Alex (neutral ending if there was one), and Milo (bad ending if there was one). I decided I would start with Alex (the neutral ending) that way I understood what the game was like. Not wanting to spoil too much I decided to not look into the character's, so I didn't know that Alexios/Alex existed. So I  load up the game and everything was going fine, I choose my character name and continue on with the story, but of course Alexios had to show up throwing off my balance. And I know the game wasn't expecting to have someone accidently choose one of the character's names, but the fact that no one acknowledges it is almost unnerving. Of course, I still love the game, but oh my god is it weird! 


.emo white wolf sitting sad meme" Poster for Sale by crabwon | Redbubble



This how mfs feel after finishing the game (im one of them)


Absolutely loved adastra. 

One of the greats! Still lives in my memory vividly I got a bit too attached to this world which rarely happens . 


i got too attached to amicus, and i was so fucking sad for an entire week cause the game had ended

Hey just wanted to know can I romance more people?


No, this is a single character reverse romance type of story.

lguém sabe o que aconteceu com esse jogo Rainoff Camp

Does this build still have the ending where you end up meeting someone else in void when try to talk to the monitor before the MC return to earth. The reason why i am asking because they appear again in khemia.

Khemia is getting re-written so it might actually make MORE sense to exclude them from this one. But yes, it's still there.

Oh ok. So how do i end up getting the scene.

Basically, you have to make Marco be cynical. Just pick the more negative responses when given the chance.

Im playing on linux and the game won't load no matter how long I keep the tab open. can someone tell me what is going on


im having a similar issue using linux too. im using a low-end laptop so it may just be a hardware issue on my end lol. but im able to run "remember the flowers" why wont adastra work!!1!

I think it may be because adastra is finished

The other vn that Im having an issue playing is nekojishi and its also is finished

are you getting the hardware warning? some ren'py games act weird when not launched in fullscreen, such as not using hardware acceleration.

it does not give me a fullscreen button but it replaces it with a "float" button


I wish I could escape into this story again


This game is simply amazing, i came in straight, came out a mess that doesn't know if he's bi, gay or straight. My expectations were too low, this is THE BEST VN i have read so far. No others quite made me cry like this one. I removed the porn so i was a bit spoiled of the end but still surprised me, and even with NO PORN this masterpiece turned me bi or something i still don't know. I have read some other NSFW VN's before, they felt soulless the main character just coming across a beautiful woman or man and then dating them with no effort and boom went straight to fucking like rabbits, this one you gotta read to get to the juicy parts, this VN is so immaculate that i couldn't tell its true rating through words.

TL;DR : Go read this VN its exquisite and rich of story.

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Holy crap! If this VN can make a man question his sexuality than you know it has to be good! But now I'm also kind of invested in figuring out the outcome of your strange questioning debacle. Have you had any luck with that whole thing or?

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I read the comment below and am gonna try this for the first time. Played FBTW hope this ones good

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FBTW was based off this so yeah. It's better than that one.

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this game is currently destroying me. i'm almost done and ugh. i might update this comment when i finally finish the game but just trust me. this game is so good.

upd: just finished the game and got one of the good endings. i cried, i laughed, i got hurt but in the end i feel... good? i feel relief. everything will be okay. everything will go as planned.

this is the best visual novel i have ever experienced.


Im still waiting to this day for a second arc 😅


i bawled my eyes out and cried myself to sleep after finishing this vn, very touching story.


I went through 5 stages of grief like 5 times AT LEAST in one particular moment and after that I couldn't finish it. Had to watch the rest on YouTube. Holy shit, does it make you fucking cry. Indescribable experience 


you are not immune. don't make the same mistake I did. this visual novel will break you.

It was the first one I read and don't want to read any more haha. I'm afraid to read Interea and Khemia cuz I don't my hear ripped apart again.

If echo couldn't break me, then nothing will


This novel is a combination of very strong emotions. I'm a bit old in the furry community and I've always been curious about amicus but since I read this novel I haven't stopped crying in 2 days but i love it anyways


lol i just started reading this a 2nd time....aaaand is that Cass's booty sticking out with his tail??? :3

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Me after downloading Adastra: "It Can't be that good... Right?"

Also me 4 days later: Que hours of ugly crying

No piece of media has ever made me Ugly cry this much, not even Titanic or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.


Being new to the furry community and seeing all the Amicus posts I wanted to learn about him. I didn't know the effect of reading this would have on me. So many emotions I just want to dream of Amicus and hope to see him just like he said they would see each other again in dreams. ugh so sad I didn't want it to end. I don't want to read another one and be left so emotionally drained.


Oh friend , i fell the same dont worry , buuuuuut you have another vn that continues adastra's history, if you want to read it the names are Interea and Khemia 


Actually, Interea takes place during Adastra.

yeah yeah

Omg thank you so much for this piece of information !!! You made my day better, and my next weeks even !!! I'm downloading them RIGHT NOW. <3


i really loved this game, it was so unexpected yet heartbreaking. the ending of it was horrible and i honestly teared up. 10/10 and i hope to see more of it


There are more than one ending. So you can find out more, I think if you don't blindly follow the parents plan.  I don't remember where in the story the choice matters, haven't played it in years.


literally just opening the game and seeing the start menu makes me ugly sob... by far the best vn I have ever read


In my entire life I never cried as much as I did with this Visual Novel, and I never thought I would reach a point where I would feel as low about the end of something as this VN made me feel. It has great writing, story, charismatic characters and many other things I could spend days writing about. I'm Brazilian and after a while I perfected my English and I could finally appreciate this masterpiece and I even thought of trying to get in contact with the creators of this VN so that I could translate it into Brazilian Portuguese myself and give the opportunity to more and more people can know this Visual novel. I wasn't ready for the ending and I'm definitely still not accepting that it's over. I hope I'm alive to maybe see a part two of this game in the future, with much more content than the first (which is already huge). I just have to thank everyone involved in this work that managed to make me cry my eyes out for hours. I know it's probably going to be difficult for the game to have a part two, but that's really all I want the most and to be able to see this story through to the end and Amicus's reunion with our character.

I just hate stories even more with characters that manage to make me get so attached to them because I hate story endings. they always manage to leave a huge void in me and I really hope to see the continuation of this game. all art, all text, all music, just everything is beautiful. Thank you all so much for this incredible experience that marked my heart and soul in an incredible way. ;) i waiting for you adastra 2. (Amicus: "I love you.")

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