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(Adastra contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

Adastra is a romance visual novel with a whole bunch of sci-fi and political intrigue mixed in. You'll experience the perils of navigating an empire in turmoil while deciding who you should and who you definitely shouldn't trust.

It all starts while you're having the time of your life in Rome on a study abroad program. Just as you're settling in, you're suddenly abducted by an alien. What does he want from you? Well, he doesn't seem to want to tell you, and before you know it, you're millions of miles away from Earth on your way to an empire you know nothing about.

It's a climate of turncoats and backstabbers, and you start to wonder if the alien that abducted you is the one person you can trust the most.

Our wonderful sprite art is by the artist HAPS, who you can find on his twitter.

The background art is by the also wonderful Blacksun who you can find on her furaffinity.

If you'd like to keep up with all things Adastra, you can do so on our Patreon which you can find  HERE!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(3,169 total ratings)
AuthorEcho Project
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsadastra, Bara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


Adastra-17-win.zip 261 MB
Adastra-17-mac.zip 259 MB
Adastra-17-linux.tar.bz2 257 MB
Adastra 17-release.apk 279 MB

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Anyone know of any ways to force the new version of Adastra to install onto my phone? Keeps telling me it isn't compatible with my phone and I really wanna see the new content :<

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The method I know how to force apps to ignore outdated SDK on Android is to install Android Platform tools and write "adb  install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block app.apk" in your Terminal on the PC, alternatively you could try using adb in Termux, but I am not sure how to set that up. Edit; Alternatively you could try to run the Windows version of the game via JoiPlay and a RenPy plugin from the Creator's Patreon page, the game is a VN and probably should work fine, that would ignore the whole process of using Terminal commands and bypassing SDK


I really want to play this but it dont work on newer androids :(


man i cant belive i cried over average love story that implicates Stockholm syndrome💀💀💀💀


Why I can't download it my phone it keeps saying not suitable 

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I encountered this issue, too. The short answer is that the version of the game engine Adastra uses is old enough (circa 2018) that recent versions of Android and Android devices don't support the files it builds.

The long answer is that recent versions of Android require developers to target new versions of the Android SDK for security permissions purposes. Also, recent Android devices are 64-bit using the ARM v8 instruction set. I think the Adastra 17 APK targets an SDK for Android 5 or 6 and is building for 32-bit ARM v7.

I had to use the Windows zip version of Adastra with Ren'Py's 8.2 SDK to recompile the code and build a new Android APK targeting a much newer version of the Android SDK. I have no idea if it's 100% compatible where it's moving from RenPy 6.99 to 8.2.1 and thus Python from 2 to 3, but playing through the recompiled APK, I didn't encounter any crashes or significant jank, so it seemed reasonable enough as a stopgap.


i fuckign love everysingle thing in this game and i wish everyone else could play it iu love it i just finished it i was almost in tears at that fuckgis ending i will pay my entire life savings for the chance of knowing a sequel is coming out but no pressure to yall but also that would be heaven on earth and i want to see amicus again ands also thank you and i love you and please enjoy yourselcews. i love you

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my review on this great game [spoilers slightly]

Its great and there is no denying that, but I don't like how things turn perfect, that when you die you lose yourself and a choice you made like 30 mins ago is now IMMENSLEY important to what route you are going down. for me I chose to not sacrifice myself at the archive and now I'm not getting a good ending, I love this game but its, again the fact that 1-choices from LONG ago MAJORLY affect the story, 2-everything would be planned out when throughout the whole game when there was no message of that aside from a couple mentions and, 3-while you will forever be with your wolf, your sense of self gets lost and you are not yourself, so are YOU with AMICUS or are you just both the parent now?

My friend says its "Ok umm meow ok"


Adastra was my first FVN. I played this game in 2020. I remember the scene where Amicus was fighting in the arena and I was playing it before evening study. I cried my eyes out in the corner of the class. One game that has stuck with me to this day, and I really hope to see the follow-up of Amicus and humanity. May their love be together forever across the universe, across the end of time.

Dios que obra llore a la mitad, llore al final, llore casi toda la novela me pase toda la noche leyendo me encanto 10000000/10
musica 10/10

Historia 10000000/10

muchas gracias por esta obra me voy directo al Patreon.

Adastra is a very special visual novel to me because it is one that I got into because of my brother. This game grew on me as I played, and I got emotional by the end. The fight scene is especially well-written, something Howly (the writer) is especially good at. It lead me into Echo and the rest of the series. I appreciate it deeply. The characters are great and I love the story. Check it out if you are interested.


Acabo de terminarlo hace como 10 minutos, y Dios, estoy llorando demasiado


Out of every game I've ever played. I don't think any compare to the emotional roller-coaster that Adastra put me through. A game that I downloaded almost as a joke, because I'd heard it had a good story. Broke me apart, put me back together, and broke me again. I completed it in one day and it's had a bigger impact on me than maybe even Undertale did. It might be because the themes of this game are fucking real. Especially right now. But funny enough, I think I actually gained something from it. Whether that be an acceptance of people, even if you don't know everything about them. Knowing that even if someone hides things from you, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're evil.


I've just finished it's a rollercoaster of emotion also deception of course, (amicus lied to me somewhat a lot)

Anyways it was a good vn 😭 kill me

I Can't wait long 8years of reunion?

as a person I would probably forget...

The a subtle feeling that the mc might regard it as dream that just happened since their back but unless they don't ignore the rod thingy (mission)

They will not forget but forget what they are doing it for...

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Эта игра прекрасна. Я никогда так много не проливал слёз в своей жизни. Я никогда до этого не играл в визуальные новелы, поэтому могу описать свой опыт как очень резко эмоциональный. И да, у меня теперь депрессия из-за этой игры 😭. Планирую дальше исследовать игры проекта Echo. Не могу просто описать полный опыт словами, поэтому закончу своё сообщение пожеланием автору(-ам) продолжать делать такие же прекрасные игры, которые будут приносить в мою жизнь и жизнь других людей больше эмоциональности, а также пожеланием игрокам этой игры найти своё место в мире и что, может быть, в один прекрасный день их жизнь может сильно, но положительно, измениться...


Депрессия после Адастры - обычное дело, и мне кажется, каждый с ней сталкивался. Поскорее тебе от неё оправиться!

У меня тоже первая серьёзная визуальная новелла, которую я прочёл, была Адастра. И она пробудила во мне целую гамму чувств - и не только пробудила, но и действительно изменила мою жизнь, разделила её на "до" и "после".

Если захочешь обсудить Адастру или поговорить о других новеллах, напиши в Дискорд: snappy_love.


Чувак, я до сих пор не могу пройти дальше 96% игры, хоть мне уже все сказали что там больше ничего не будет - но я до сих пор не могу притронуться к Адастре. Полгода между прочим прошло после прошлого запуска после того годового перерыва. Никакой депры у меня нет, я в ахуе и опустошении.

Целый год? Ну ничего себе. Но я тебя понимаю. После такого опыта лучше дальше не продолжать - себе же хуже. К Echo я вообще советовал бы не притрагиваться: она просто высосет из тебя душу.


Just finished reading Adastra, And well that makes my heart break.. i never thought that would be the end, Good story.. tears rolling down to my cheeks :')



well there are 3 endings, which one did you get? 


It's just 1 with 2 minor lore implications that may or may not matter in the end but might be taken further because gotta go the edgy route always in every story that has some implications like that.


Simply don't have words to express how it messed me up. I want more and more and more... 


Please, for the next release, turn down the "EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT" knob. I've been crying for a month.

Honestly such a great game but I may or may not have gotten a little too emotionally attached to the characters and world. I'd fully recommend just keep in mind that it's more of a novel than a game because there's very little choices. Still a great game I love Amicu


Alexios my beloved


I love Alexios sm i actually wanna cry

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As my first visual novel, i thought a furry novel Will be a cheap bait but ouh boy i was so wrong

Adastra is really a wonderfull story. Never thought i am gonna hook up to story for this long

Visual novel that worth your time, glad this is my first novel

10/10 Amicus my beloved

Hey, Do you think there will be a French version of the game?


Hey echo, I'd love to read this but for the android version it says I can't downloaded it cause of the the phone version, maybe cause adastra was meant for earlier android phones? Was wondering if you was gonna update the Novel, would love it guys!

Yeah, unfortunately it's 32-bit, and most of not all current androids are 64-bit, and ONLY 64-bit. I recommend using "JoiPlay", it's a visual novel emulator, and isn't too hard to set up.

I cryed a lot, and i loved that history 🥲❤️

I know you guys hear this a lot but I just want to let you guys know, Adastra changed my life, It's a really good vn, in my opinion the best one, It made me cry, it made me happy, thanks Echo Project for making one of the best games in the whole world
Amicus And Neferu Best boys!


I have to rate this a 10/10 this was such good story although I didn't understand the story but yes it was good, the plot twist is good, actually everything is really good, I was so shocked the first ending that i got but I did redo it just to unlock some scenes and other routes, i expected this was a long story but it's kinda short tbh but ngl it did well


Я думаю что я уже осень близко к концу , но я могу заявить что на данный момент игра мне очень нравиться вся эта история , персонажи , музыка и т.д. Передаю низкий поклон создателям после  Адастры хочу попробовать другие ваши проекты например Эхо


I finished Adastra maybe 20 minutes ago, and I fucking loved everything about it.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this, the art was wonderful, the story was amazing, and I was invested for nearly 3 days straight.Everything hit me right after, I listened to music and bawled my eyes out. I think this game helped me think about myself too, so thank you to everyone who worked on this, I'll try see if I can find a way to give any of you anything in return eventually.

also thanks Patty you basically were the reason why I got so invested!!! love your music!!!! :3333

yall gotta stop requesting vns that'd make me wanna tear up... I dont think I can explain how good Adastra is... (I havent finish completely, but I'm close to the end... I think)

Just finished Adastra today and I'm absolutely shaken. Tears are flowing, and I'm lost for words. This experience is beyond incredible; everyone needs to have it. Such a powerful journey of emotions, I'm overwhelmed with happiness. Highly recommend it to all!

When i download it, i don't see the app i saw allot of photos of the vn  in my gallery i think its a bug

I cried playing this, this is so good!


I cannot begin to fully describe how AMAZING this story is, and the amount of emotions it's made flutter through my mind while reading (playing?) this amazing story. From beginning to end, I was enthralled by the storytelling, both visual and non. And though there are adult-themes/scenes - plenty, in fact - it isn't about them, it's about the vivid and lively characters that are masterfully written and portrayed. If you had any doubts of whether or not you want to read this... you should squash those doubts, and read it. This story is too good for one to NOT read it, so please do. Have a good day, and thanks for reading :3

Incredible and moving story, glad this was the first VN that I played


I love the little cat man he has a variation of my name and its so aaaaaaa


It's a visual novel that leaves you with an intense longing. For more story, for it to never end.♥️😪


I'm back once again to say I finally finished this masterpiece. this absolute work of art. My favorite story I ever had the pleasure of reading. I ugly cried twice and got choked up with a few scenes multiple times. But I just wanted to say. Thank you for making this story and making it make me realize who I truly am as a person with the help of my very best friend Theo. I can't honestly thank him enough and thank you enough for this story I will now cherish with all my heart. And I hope me and my friend enjoy the sequels either after they finally finished or what we got so far. Please don't rush yourselves and take your time. Another thing this story made me want to do is start my own visual novel. anyways I give this story a 10/10 for making me feel so many emotions.


I relate so much with this, especially with wanting to make a visual novel of your own. I was more thinking for myself to just write a story that is able to encapsulate others the way Adastra did me. Perhaps not actually making a visual novel, though that may change lol.


One of the most beautiful stories I have and think will ever read. Never fails to make me cry. From start to finish this game is amazing

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I never cried so fucking hard. I didn't finish it yet but It just makes me want someone a man like Amicus to come out of no where to just sweep me from under my feet and tell me everything is alright. I hate that I felt this way but I thank my friend Theo for introducing this to me. I will now make this my favorite story I ever read. I never thought I would cry over a visual novel, Hell I thought it was just gonna be as bad as Amorus... But I was wrong. Thank you Echo Project and if I had so much money I'd donate it to you but I can't so all I can do is spread the word of this masterpeice

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