A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


(Adastra contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play)

Adastra is a romance visual novel with a whole bunch of sci-fi and political intrigue mixed in. You'll experience the perils of navigating an empire in turmoil while deciding who you should and who you definitely shouldn't trust.

It all starts while you're having the time of your life in Rome on a study abroad program. Just as you're settling in, you're suddenly abducted by an alien. What does he want from you? Well, he doesn't seem to want to tell you, and before you know it, you're millions of miles away from Earth on your way to an empire you know nothing about.

It's a climate of turncoats and backstabbers, and you start to wonder if the alien that abducted you is the one person you can trust the most.

Our wonderful sprite art is by the artist HAPS, who you can find on his twitter.

The background art is by the also wonderful Blacksun who you can find on her furaffinity.

Update Schedule

The game is updated within the first two weeks of every month. You can also get updates and access builds up to two weeks early on our Patreon which you can find  HERE!


Adastra-17-win.zip 261 MB
Adastra-17-mac.zip 259 MB
Adastra-17-linux.tar.bz2 257 MB
Adastra 17-release.apk 279 MB

Development log


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So, I've never written one of these before, and I've never gone into playing one of these VN's with any intention of writing one. However, it would be an injustice to not sing this story its praises. Sorry for the wall of text that may follow.

I remember seeing Adastra pop up quite a while ago, likely when it was still in its infancy. I remember I recognized that it had all of the chemistry to be a great fit for me, but I never picked Adastra up. I forgot all about this gem until I feel the itch to find and read a decent VN. 

I immediately stumbled back onto Adastra and recognized the handsome wolf in the icon, before downloading Adastra. I stepped into this thinking I'd have a cute and campy experience with maybe a bit of smut thrown in. What I got out of Adastra still has me reeling. 

I try to distance myself from the MC in these VN's, because it's their story and not mine(As much as I may wish it was). For the first time I've read a VN... It didn't work. 

I had my heart flutter in excitement and arousal, and I had it broken and pieced back together, before being completely shattered all over again. I felt the adrenaline spikes, the creeping dread, and sheer emotional torment as I read. 

Immediately, the MC is shown to pragmatic, level-headed, and best of all relatable. Our handsome wolf is shown to be the same in some respects, but hes still a unique and lovable character. I don't really know when I fell for that wolf, but oh boy did I. 

I loved the fact that in the beginning, the MC and the wolf are pretty unsure of the other. It's not one of those dump two randos together and they're instantly soulmates type of thing. The interactions between the two as they stumble and trip their way along fit the tale perfectly. Two people from two completely different worlds, no matter the compatibility, are going to have some rough spots. 

The plot and drama had my mind constantly twisting and on edge, unsure of who stood where. The only safety net being my wolf. I had suspicions of everyone. I would race to connect the dots in my head of who could be trying to hurt my wolf and what their next move might be. I recognized about a quarter of the way through that Adastra had completely drawn me in. I was invested, and I friggin loved it. I was also a sniffling mess several times thanks to Adastra. The first time I've EVER had that type of emotional resonance with any form of art. 

As my time on Adastra began to come to an end I was genuinely morose and afraid. I don't want to put any details regarding the ending besides the fact I got the "good" ending. That final scene tore me apart though. I was already sad that my experience with Adastra had come to an end, but to end in such a way hurt that much more. 

After it was over, I just sat there teary eyed and empty. I wanted to see and read so much more. I wanted to see more of my wolf. I was so jealous of that bond and that place I could never really be. I pouted for a bit, before I realized I was being silly. I love Adastra for everything that it is and I am blessed to have found it again. However, I wont be truly satisfied until I see the true happy ending for my wolf and his human!

I don't know if the publishers will see this, or if they check this page, but I do hope they know what an amazing experience they made. 

Now I'm probably gonna go and play through things again, and savor the details a bit more if not just to see more of my wolf for a bit. The catharsis Adastra gifted me has left me feeling better than I have in quite a while. Irrespective of my own post "book" depression and pouting. I pray the developers never drop this storyline, as its one I'm very keen to follow. 

Again, Sorry for the wall of text, but honestly... Adastra deserves its praises sung. 


i walk in this already expecting it to be a pretty decent experinet due to it being a furry title and thus being of passion but this certain has far out reached even that expectation.

though i did have a few times where i did not agree with the person that i was playing a role as , it was very minor things and was to be expect even in the best.

I also have to thank you greatly for making it available on linux.


I'm going to eat my words here, I had first seen this game and the art style looked too cartoony or different and it made me uninterested to play it. I finally played it for the first time 3 days ago and I could not put it down. The writing was amazing, the art and music just flowed with the story so well. So my dumb ass made off like a bandit bc I got to enjoy the story to completion in one go. End comments, I feel bad by judging a book by its cover but. God. Damn. This has an amazing story.


Thank you. Just thank you for making such beautiful games and with lovable and memorable characters


love this VN. the story, the characters, the soundtrack, everything. Will there be a Adastra 2? Or a continuation to this story? I'm way too invested now and want more! I'm even willing to read a BOOK without any illustration



Agree Amicus and his human should always be together and I can tell Amicus really missed him very much so did the Wolves of Adastra even Virginia and Neferu too

Found Khemia in the ECHO page! Its a continuation following a wolf called Scipio, 3 years after the end of adastra. Its interesting although i wanted Amicus and his human to reunite. Its still incomplete though.

I agree with you Darkk wolf, Amicus must reunite with his human 

Which is the True ending

Pain AKA 8 years on earth for us

the death one? 

the "go to earth for 8 years" ending

does anyone know how to get it on iPhone?


Not possible, sorry dude

could we have a map for the moon?


Khemia, the sequel to this great VN was just released! https://echoproject.itch.io/khemia


Hey guys the public release of Khemia is out now

Does anyone know if there's a guide on how to get both endings?


Ad Astra is Latin for "To the Stars" and this story and its writer have totally sent me into the stars with this story. IT was Epic. Can not wait to see what else is in-store in its sequel. 


Created an account JUST so I could comment. Going into this, I was not expecting to end up literally sobbing in bed for two hours at the ending (I wish I was joking). I never thought I'd be thanking someone for making me bawl my eyes out, but here I am. Easily the best visual novel I've ever played. Can't wait to see how much I'll cry at your other games. <3


I cannot put into words how the ending I got made me feel

Which ending was it? The good ending?

The bad one

Does anyone know how much time goes from the history of adastra to the history of khemia? 

3 years, if i don't remember it wrong.

Ok thanks


i just finished and.. i bawled like a child, this was.. it was something spectacular. somehow profoundly sad, and joyous at the same time, beautiful.

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I just finished adastra and it was an awesome experience the story is beautifull i cry at the end I hope we can see more of amicus and the human

Keep the hard work i will be waiting impatiently for your next work, good job keep the hard work

Thanks for making this awesome experience

Good luck in the future


finished it in one sitting and cried when i finished. great story.

I just downloaded build 17 and it wont let me go past the name stage after I type in a name. Does any1 know a solution?

are you playing on android? I've read before that renpy doesn't recognize the google keyboard, so probably you'll need to download another one to your phone

worked fine for me

Anybody know if khemia is avaliable in android ? I was searching but i dont find anything ;-;

It's available on their Patreon.

Since Nekojishi had a nintendo game called Lin & Partners, I wonder if Adastra and Khemia would ever make a nintendo game as well and it would be called Amicus & Partners


when will the next update comes in. im excited.


For Adastra ?

Adastra is completed. The sequel, Khemia, should be out to the public very soon!

I hope so and in Khemia the sequel I noticed that Amicus missed his human though


this is by far one of the best vn i played 10/10

In the second release of Khemia what happens then? And same goes for the third, fourth and fifth releases? In the fifth release I think the alliance between Khemia and Adastra comes together perfectly and Amicus promises to reunite with Marco right?

Well so far only two chapters had been released so I truly don't know what happens in the 5th :).

Two things are certains.

Neferu has the knack to get himself into troubles and Virginia sure know how to rule above her bros...;)

Who knows they'll even possibly make a 6th story for Khemia and I think Scipio and Neferu have a relationship with each other plus Amicus missed his human though


The best visual novel I have ever play I'm waiting despairingly khemia!! :3


Uh... im playing on android and i cant go past the "whats your name?" Thing...

this game is not complete yet right? It cant end on the first day back right? please telll me there will be more!

Adastra is complete unfortunately.

Hopefully, the sequel is out on Patreon. Khemia just began and Neferu is already into troubles (as well as dudes but we all know that already...)

So no more about our wolf? aww that makes me so sad, i hope to see a part 2 of that story

Don't worry. Our loving emperor is one of the main character of Khemia, the sequel.


Hosting a giveaway of this custom Adastra-Sign for all fans of this absolutely great visual novel ❤️  https://twitter.com/Tronnic92/status/1300110935747702786?s=19

did you made it with bronze and steel ? i work metal so i'm kinda interested in your art piece

It is 3D Printed. =)

Good Job I followed you on twitter :)

Why can't I find this when i search for it on itch.io?

Good question. Back then I found it trough twitter or google.

Had to check a box in my settings. All is well now.

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Me too, i dont know why, i cannot find any 18+ vn even if i made an account, maybe you have to take a look in the settings or people just have to fix their site 

Edit: oh nevermind, i just saw you changed something in the settings

And also, the mobile version of the site (mine at least) doesnt have a search bar, so i have to switch to the desktop version

It does, but it's hard to find

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Going to be honest, downloaded it for wank material, didn't find much, but OMG, I was enthralled by the story. For a story to make you feel such attachment to the characters makes this absolutely beautiful. 10/10 Great story, fuck Cato


I loved and LIVED for the game, it made me cry, it made me laught and it make me feel love for every character. I would love  to become a patron but im not working at the moment. As soon as I get money ill try to support this piece of ART!!!! (P.s cant wait for the sequel!!)❤❤

Totally agree with everything you just said

God(Parents) I hope there is more! I loved it and hated that it ends without the happy ending....assuming its really the end.

It was the end for Adastra. The sequel Khemia started last month for Patreons first.

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To everyone that finished Adastra, the sequel "Khemia" is available trough early access patreon (3$). Public releases are usually published to itch 2 weeks later. More info here: 


Can highly recommend it! <3 

I am definitely looking forward to it.

Hey, do you know if sometime they will release it free?

September 7ish, according to the tweet from the twitter link I posted above <3 

Deleted 24 days ago

Why would you post this? Do you think the creators of something this great don't deserve the 3$ if you want to see it 2 weeks ahead? They even release it for free after said time. People like you are the reason creators get frustrated. 

Report the comment if it's something bad

I did. But itch mods are slow. 

woah, calm down, i just wanted to let everyone knows that there is a second part of this game, because there is some people that doesn't knows about this

See my above comment. This is how your post could have looked like. As you still didn't edit your original post, you are probably well aware that your link leads to an unofficial mirror or something that shouldn't be public yet. Thus pirated. 

So you want me to delete my comment? Because i though it was going to be cool if i let the others about this

(1 edit)

Yes, the link you provided leads to pirated material. This is disrespect to the creators of this wonderful VN. They put their heart and soul into it. Posting the link you posted is just a big f*ck you to the creators. 


Yes, do not post links to pirated content on our site or you will get banned. Thanks for understanding

Sequel Here I Come!

Sequel : Khemian (on going/not finish)

Wait wut? There is a sequel ?? 

yes, and its fantastic! I think it's only for patrons so far. Public releases are 2 weeks or a month late.


Well that settles it. Im becoming a patreon 

I think that's 3$ well spent to support something this good <3 

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I finally got the good ending. Im absolutley heartbroken that they wont see each other for so long. I just want my amicus. But iam curious. Will it be update soon? 

No, the story ends here. Fortunately, the sequel is out now at least for Patreons.

I think they Will tie it togheter nicely. Hopefully it enda well with them being back togheter 

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I guess I got the good ending straight off the bat. I don't want to see a bad ending, it hurts me that there is a bad ending.



i would 1000000000000% recommend 

made me cry 17 times (even when i finish it) just by thinking about it made me cry.

the studio did an amazing job and im proud of yall



Absolutely agree


Stockholm Syndrome: The Game

Mmm not really, it doesnt fit all the criteria, you can look it up. And many people believe its not even real. 

Amicus POV: Lima Syndrome


Just have to comment and say this has taken over my life. I absolutely adored this VN and I'm so happy that it exists. It was a roller-coaster of emotions, and I'm forever grateful for having experienced it. 

As I could remember from the prolouge of Khemia, Amicus said that he's really beginning to think that he wanted to bring his human (the MC/Marco) back to him of course since he deeply cared for him though

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