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Can't open the files, error report says:

Exit code 0xc0000005 (-1073741819) for (TSRhalloweenAU-32.exe)


I simply love  Sam. He deserved so much better T-T

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Didn't got to play on time but  i still loved it❤



There was alot of corn.





Let me tell you when scrolling through the options for Sam’s costume and seeing the clothes Sydney wore from Echo…

I screamed. Couldn’t hold it in. I was so shocked and I loved the tie in. Then the conversation they have afterwords…? Goosebumps.

Thank you for the Special. Makes me hope we get a christmas one too. Oh to kiss boys under the mistletoe. 

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Normally i find Cliff annoying  in the main Vn but in this shorts, his a true man of culture! Nichijou is soo underrated that seeing it being mencioned  in this short makes me very happy. Also Bluey, ma man scoring extra credit with me lol.


i dont see any diff tbh, he's a nerd in both vn's, i prefer the main cliff, but both are still good n cute

On that note, Keiichi Arawi has a YouTube channel with a few more recent animation shorts, for those who haven't seen those yet.

Can we talk about the lore drops?! Like there's a fire that burns half the town at the time of TSR like what

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it was mentioned in echo on carl's route, its not surprising

Oh lol my bad


Love the X Files references!! :D


 genuinely one of the funniest things i have ever read 😻🥰


I had such a fun time reading this. I loved all of the video game and anime references and reading all of the interactions with all of the costumes were really fun to read. I laughed many times and I just love the banter and interactions they have with each other.




Seems like I can't download the game, it keeps getting blocked at 130/138MB no matter how many times I try (and I already tried a dozen of times)


That's weird. Apparently itch seems to be having a lot of issues as of late. At least that's what folks have been telling me for downloads with other games as well.

I'd delete any current builds you have from your machine and keep trying, but that's all I can think of.



I loved the outfits and I loved the references. Thank you so much!

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this feeds my craving for specifically gay spooks. i dont care that october was last month, halloween never truly ends and spooky season is all year round

edit: how could i be betrayed like this

Please release this for mobile


The android maker is currently on vacation. Happy Thanksgiving!


god I love cliff, I'd love  to sit down and have a 20 hour long discussion with him



I love that Yao was in this  also I love how Will and Sam are canonically boyfriends


Woohoo! Happy thanksgiving!! :)